Help Me Find an Amp for My Existing Components

Hello I currently have a Sony TV (KDX9500H), Yamaha sound bar (YAS-108), 2 x Bowers Wilkins speakers and a subwoofer (Mirage Omni S10). A bit of a mismatch of gear but they work well. I'm in need of a new amp to connect them all, ideally sending it all via eARC from the TV to the Amp and then out to the components. Having built in Apple Airplay 2 might also be nice but not a dealbreaker. Budget around $1000. Thanks in advance.


    • CM1

      • 2 way bookshelf - rec power 35w
        The above will be more than enough
        Just know when to stop driving them too hard.

        You will prob need to replace the sound bar with a centre channel.

        Are you wanting to go 5.1 or greater in a surround setup? or just use the CM1's in a 2.1 setup for music and the likes with the sub?

        • I ended up ordering a Yamaha R-N602 as I wanted it mainly for music and the streaming options are nice - seems to have good reviews, well regarded.

          • @mreddie: Pretty safe with any of the Yamaha gear!
            Good choice. Now you just need a new centre channel to match you B&W's .
            Try to stick with the same series and you will (should have) a seamless tone across the front audio presentation then. :)

            • @mickyb80: It doesn't have a centre channel option sadly, not from the rear panel. It's more of a music amp than home theatre, but I'm cool with that. I might try to run the sound bar via arc and the amp via optical from the TV, however may get some delay will just have to see.

              • @mreddie: Sorry - 2 CH. your right…

                "Minimum RMS Output Power 80W + 80W (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.04% THD)"

                Clear specs there for 80w/8ohm amp! Nice one! Congrats!

  • You wont be able to connect the Soundbar to the AMP..

    • Maybe I need to ditch the sound bar

  • What are you actually wanting to do with it. Use the speakers as front left and right speakers and the soundbar as a centre speaker?

  • Yes possibly, or perhaps they can't all work together. I like listening to music (spotify) with subwoofer and speakers mainly, but some integration with the TV would be great too for movies etc. I don't know maybe I need to start a fresh (except for the speakers).

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