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80% off Cast Iron Skillet (Black) with Silicone Handle, 8"/20cm $6 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Brain Rim via Amazon AU


Cast Iron Skillet, 8-inch, (20 cm), Black, Multi Functional. Plus Silicone Handle Holder

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About this item:

20 cm ( about 8 inch) cast iron skillet, you can used cast iron skillet fry pan in many kitchen techniques, stove top and in the oven, not to mentions, searing, baking, braising, broiling, roasting.
Cast Iron black skillet, gets extremely hot and stays extremely hot, keep good heat distribution during food preparation.
To get better result it's highly advised to re-season the cast iron skillet. Seasoned frying pan has a stick-resistant coating created by polymerized oils and and or animal fats. Seasoning is a procedure by which a layer of animal fat or vegetable oil is used and cooked onto black cast-iron or carbon steel pots and skillet.
Due to the fact that other cookware cleaning techniques like scouring or washing in a dishwasher can eliminate or damage the seasoning on a cast-iron frying pan skillet, these pans must not be cleaned up like much other cooking equipment. Some cooks advocate merely wiping them out after usage or washing them with hot water as well as a tight brush. Others support cleaning with mild soap and water, then afterwards re-applying a slim layer of fat or oil.
An American Dietetic Association study discovered that cast-iron cooking equipment can leach significant amounts of dietary iron into food. The quantities of iron taken in differed substantially depending upon the food, its acidity, its water content, how much time it was cooked, and how old the pots and pans is

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  • Trying to figure out why someone wouldn't try this at $6. Could be utter crap to begin with, but in the end its just a lump of cast iron… Just season it

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      Did you click the check box to apply the coupon?

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        thanks I'd been adding the code in my cart. Sorted. Will change to a +ve

        • Yeah, the code is to be used once, not that the code is called 'single use' haha.

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      Did you apply the 80% checkbox coupon (might have to refresh a few times for it to show up)?

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      Worked for me just now. Did you forget to click the coupon (right under the price in the middle?)

  • Not working

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    • Need to proceed to checkout for it to work.

    • Yep didn’t see that 🤦‍♂️

      • Dont do the instant check out, coupons never get applied this way. Click the 'add to cart'

        • Oh no

        • Thank you

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    worked for me

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    Worked no problem. Thank you

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    Nice timing, I don't think this will last long!

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    Worked for me too. Thanks OP!

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    "An unknown error has occurred. Please try again later." when ticking the box

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    Out of stock. Damn so quick. Tried to find something for free shipping but knew it would probably expire on me. Oh well. Don't really need one anyway!

  • Wow that was fast!

  • Cheers. Got one

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    Picked similar for 10$ at kmart and going strong

    • With the silicone handle?

  • Missed :(

  • 6 bucks is about right anyway

  • Anyone who snaps this up, these things don't make a half bad pizza and also a mega cookie. (pizookie, google it)

    • Are you sure thats not just a giant cookie?

      • It pretty much is, it's great.

  • shipped for me

  • arrived, this is not 20cm, more like 15cm…

    • Cooking surface is 16cm. Outer rim diameter is 20cm.

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