nbn FTTN VDSL2 Modem Suggestions

I am using Netgear Orbi mesh router at my place which luckily has NBN FTTP. But now I am going to move soon to a new house which is NBN FTTN. The house is big and the Orbi satellite will come handy.

This means I need a modem in bridge mode for connecting my Orbi.

My question is what is most cost effective modem that has bridge mode and supports high speed as well. I don't care about the WiFi routing capability. Should I buy second hand?


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    Second hand VDSL2 modems are suitable for bridging. Who is the ISP?

    FTTN speed estimate.

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    My suggestion would be a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (cheap on Facebook MP or Gumtree) or TP-Link TD-W9970.

    • Second the TD-W9970. Bulletproof Broadcom chipset, cheap and easy to bridge.

      • Thanks, got one used from eBay.

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    I use an iinet branded TG789vac v2… which are also highly rated apparently for this kind of use (in my case, in bridge mode to Aussie BB for FTTN). They also have the Broadcom chipset so they have a good reliable sync speed.

    Got it for $25 off gumtree years ago :)

  • I used to use the D-Link Python DSL-2888a when I was on FTTN in bridge mode behind my Netgear Orbi. Was able to max out a 100/40 connection.

    ACMA did a study on this, see: https://www.acma.gov.au/publications/2019-07/report/nbn-wi-f.... It's a little aged now but still covers a lot of in market models.

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    As above Telstra Smart Modems are plentiful and cheap.
    Perfect for Bridging.

  • I got a bunch of netgear dm200s second hand for my vdsl modem (including a couple spare for when they die). My connection is about 50mbits though.

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      Actually I withdraw this suggestion as I see NBN is adding some features to FTTN and FTTB which will break the Netgear Dm200 due to the Lantiq chipset - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/91mxm1yy . NBN will introduce two new functions to FTTN and FTTB services called Save Our Showtime (SOS) and Robust Overhead Channel (ROC). These new functions are designed to improve the stability of your connection and help prevent dropouts.

      I'm on the Transact VDSL network - which is not part of NBN so won't be impacted by that change.

      so definitely do not buy DM200s

      NBN is doing the code updates starting Jan 2022

  • I'm in the same situation, FTTN with Mates. I got a Telstra tg789vac from eBay for $35 and use it in bridge mode for Orbi RBK50 (1 router + 3 satellites), works great and has steady speed through the house. I got around 80Mbps from the router in this case, if I use tg789vac in normal mode, it's around 85Mbps.

  • Look for a second-hand TP-Link Archer VR1600v or similar DSL routers online as it doesn't matter as you have mesh. You can find heaps on FB Marketplace.

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