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[Klarna] Logitech MX Keys Keyboard $116.10, Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse $86.10 + Delivery ($0 with $200 Spend) @ Wireless 1


Happy Singles Day!

Received email from W1, currently they are running promo.

Make sure you register to use the discount code then pay using Klarna to get their offer (up to 50 bucks waived for the fourth and final instalment).


Edit: It's free to register, so make sure you do otherwise the discount code won't work.

Edit 2: Delivery cost applies if under $200

$4.70 parcel post or $5.76 express

Edit 3: for those of you saying Klarna is not showing zero for the final payment that’s because you will receive a separate email saying they have the last payment covered. Poor UX

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2021.

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  • $50 bucks waived for the last payment)
    last? not first?

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      edited final* payment

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    Just don't order anything marked backorder, they more than likely won't supply it and you will waste the discount.

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      That has been my experience with Wireless 1.

  • Might be targetted?

    "The coupon code "W1SD11" is not valid."

    • looks like that's for members. non members its W1SD8 but only 8% off

      • you will just need to register which is free. I will add this in my post.

        • I registered but Klarna doesn't work and can't seem to stack the coupon codes.

          • @parker2004au: Klarna will show full payments but you will receive an email almost immediately saying they have the final payment covered

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              @sauce2k: I can verify this is absolutely not the case for everyone. Still no email hours later…

              • @Megametro: Update from klarna:

                Your fourth instalment will be waived automatically after your first, second and third instalments have been paid as per the payment schedule. If you wish to pay for your first three instalments early, please let us know when you have done this so we can escalate this to our specialist department to have this waived manually for you.

  • Doesnt allow both to be added to cart

  • …plus delivery if under $200.

  • has anyone tried this successfully? i selected karna as payment but no mention of the $50 off

    • Did the same thing and couldn't get it to work.

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        Placed the order and received email confirmation from Klarna - "we've got your final payment covered".

        It's "up to" $50, so with $120.57 incl delivery, it's $30.14 off.

        You may be better off buying something else to get up to the $200 mark to get free shipping and the full $50 off.

        • weird, i ordered but didnt get an email from klarna about the $50 off

          • @other guy: My first time using Klarna so can't comment further. But more details should be on here -


            Afterpay user experience is much better, shame they don't do this much of discount anymore.

            • @zed264: I've downloaded the klarna app and it appears it is still "preparing" so I guess I'll wait some more.

          • @other guy: Same. Just a conformation of the full price spread over 4 payments. Is there a lag receiving this $50 off email???

    • It shows 4 payments then you will receive an email saying they will cover the final payment.

    • For this karna offer, is that for $50 off for each individual store or I can only get $50 off in one account across all participating stores.

      A bit confused with their wording.

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    Damn, no vertical mouse (I looked high and low)

  • So how is the mx key for $116?

    • 174x0.89-(174x0.89/4)

  • got one, thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. I didn’t know this Klarna deal was running, are there other stores offering this and can it be used multiple times?

  • +4

    Got one, if Klarna pulls through this would be the cheapest for MX Keys so far. Was waiting to get MX Keys for a long time. Thanks a ton for the post OP

    P.S: I got an option of free shipping, for just the keyboard (~$154). I used the Member code, not sure if it had anything to do with it.

    Edit: MX Keys is apparently marked as Free Delivery in the home page. The product page still shows as free delivery above $200.

  • Thanks OP! Can confirm that Klarna sends a separate email saying they will cover the final instalment : )

    • I don’t understand why I haven’t received this. How long from ordering did it take for you to get this email?

      • The email came a couple minutes after the order confirmation email for me.

        • Still nothing after a couple of hours. But my order is “processing”

      • I have the same problem. It's been an hour and no email about the 4th instalment being covered. I have received:

        1) Email confirming my order, in the email it says: We'll send you an email with your payment plan once Wireless 1 has shipped your order.

        2) Verification email.

        Will update as soon as I see anything :)

        • Thanks. Likewise. It makes me very nervous that others are reporting an immediate conformation of the discount. Also that there’s no mention of any discount following the above steps…

          • @Megametro: First payment released. No mention of any discount :(

            • @Megametro:

              Have you checked your spam/junk mail? I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about and Klarna will cover your 4th instalment
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    That was fast, MX Master now OOS

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    good deal for the mx master 3.
    just a reminder, bought one last time from Wireless 1, the mouse is an individual from bulk package like [this] (https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit...), not in normal retail package like [this] (https://uploads.ifdesign.de/award_img_337/oex_large/283598_0...)

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    Mx master is out of stock 😞

    • Dang it. Missed it by |———| this much.

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    MX Keys is free shipping

  • Any of those speakers good for TVs? Or are they only good for computers?

  • I need to upgrade my MX 2S (paid $55 2y ago) with MX Anywhere 3 (USB-C across all devices).

  • Sorry if this sounds stupid. Where can I apply the promo code? I only could apply at the payment method page and it didn’t work. I didn’t find anywhere to apply after selecting Klarna

  • +2

    I signed up and applied the code.

    Bought the MX Keys with free shipping and can confirm Klarna is covering the final payment(via email) after purchase.

    Thanks op!

    • Same here bought the MX Keys with free shipping and Klarna confirmed covering final payment via email. Thanks OP!

    • How long after you ordered did the email come in?

      • pretty much straight away

    • not sure why you got negged. The Blackwidow v3 wireless for less than 150 is worth a post on its on.

      However, completely different products, the Razer one is a RGB Mech gaming keyboard and Logitech towards productivity.

  • Australian's continue to purchase the money they spend even though buying money means you are losing it unless it's an investment.

  • +1

    Anyone using Klarna for the first time, don't forget to activate Klarna rewards before you buy - you get 5,000 flybuys ($25) with first purchase

    • Ffffkkkk I missed this lol

      • When you create your Klarna account, you get prompted to join the Rewards club.
        If you do so, you are automatically enrolled for this welcome reward.

    • yup. join the rewards club first.

      I did the opposite, so I'm hoping the Klarna rep can help me with it. lol.

      • How does it go?

    • Why is the following deal marked as expired then?


    • Where can you activate Klarna rewards?

    • How do I link the flybuy to reward, I went to the Klarna app reward page and I think I activated
      It now has a flybuy logo but keep saying "just a purchase away". My order went through and first instalment paid, still can't find anywhere to link my flybuy on though

      • Once the order is confirmed, you go check Klarna App, then rewards, Flybuys it should say now "Claim" button

  • Thanks OP!

  • Typical jacked up price - click frenzy 25% ebay plus item off was way better

  • Thanks op bought my 2nd MX keys

  • +3

    Seems like the site got OZBd

  • when do you get the email saying final payment free? bought 1hour ago still nothing

    • I haven't gotten mine yet either :( !!

      • still nothing

        • Me too, I ordered 4 hours ago..

          • @ryanzed: Still nothing, but chat confirmed it would be ok. Seems suss :/

            • @flylin: @flylin They initially told me that I would need to contact them once I had paid my first three payments so they can waive my fee. But once I paid and and recontacted them, they told me I would have to wait until when my last payment is due in order for it be to waived automatically. So now I’ve got to wait till end of December :)

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    W1 smashed right now. 502 Bad Gateway. OzBargained?

    • I think they are back now. Is W1SD11 working for anyone?

      • Now it's saying 503 Service Unavailable. W1 is under maintainance

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    aaaaand MX Master 3 is no longer appearing on the shop front.


  • +11

    You can get a similar deal for MX Master 3 at DigiDirect
    Original Price : $126
    Klarna : $31.5 x 4
    Klarna Final payment off: $31.5 x 3 = ~$94.5
    Can also stack a $10 signup coupon bringing the total to ~$87

    • nice one. wish I knew earlier, would have done this myself haha

    • Thanks for the heads up just purchased for $87.48 after the signup coupon and Klarna covered my last payment :-)

      Cheers H.

  • Would someone be able to screen shot the cost with discount of the mouse? I'm looking to claim on my price protection though cannot get access to the deal. 🙃

  • +3

    Use TOPBARGAINS10 for digidirect

  • Hey guys! Even after registering as a member, the W1SD11 code isn't working on a keyboard that I am trying to buy from W1.
    Is this code just for a limited number of products from W1?

  • Put in the order but didn't get the email about about 4 payment on us.

    Do get the Klarna confirmation about the purchase.

    • Takes a while, usually comes after order confirmation (after invoice generation)

    • Got the email after I post the above.

  • Anything on the Logitech Ergo Trackball mouse?

  • Is this Klarna offer based on per shop?

    I can see other online retailers also offering this 50 off.

    • Per shop

      • Yup I’ve bought from two shops with two 4th payment covered emails

  • Got a Razer Black Widow V3 Pro for about $133 so not bad, can't complain.

  • still havent got the Klarna email yet…. is that mean my purchase didnt get the promotion ?

    • did you use Klarna with Wireless1 already? It's one use/customer.

      If not, give them a call

      • did online chat this morning, and they confirmed my purchase is valid, never got an email nor it show up in the account

  • I already paid the 3rd installment.

    Is there a way to get the 4th waived earlier?

    • -1

      You need to pay the up to the third payment I think, not just the 3rd payment. Then the last payment will be paid by Klarna.

      • -1

        Then the last payment will be paid by Klarna.

        Not entirely true.
        If > $50, they will reduce the final payment value by $50 only.

  • I complete the 3rd payments.

    Just contact the customer services to ask it to escalate the process today.

    Let see how long it will take.

  • +1

    Get the confirmation today about the 4th payment done.

    • Nice!

  • Just FYI from Klarna live chat:

    Thank you for your patience, I can see you have just paid your 3rd instalment. As our system is automated it will waive the 4th instalment 3 days after the 3rd instalment has been successfully paid. If this does not occur by then feel free to chat back with us and we can escalate you to our specialist team to manually waive.

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