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Myer: Up to 17% Cashback (Uncapped, 2-6pm AEDT) @ Cashrewards

  • Beauty 17%
  • Home 17%
  • Childrenswear 17%
  • Fashion & Accessories 17%
  • Lingerie, Sleepwear & Active 17%
  • Toys & Games 10%
  • Entertainment & Electronics 10%

Please read store terms on Cashrewards for exclusions, including ineligibilty with use of gift cards.

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  • Sunglasses are they classified as fashion?

    • +20

      depends on the model.. some are out of fashion

      • +3

        please stop throwing shade

        • Hard not to look at such cash backs without rose-coloured glasses

  • +2

    Gah you cant use giftcards. Thanks anyways OP

  • I noticed that the cashback is tracked at an order amount. Does anyone know what happens when Myer cancel part of the order due to bad inventory management of clearance items? I hope I still get the partial cashback for items not cancelled. I should have placed individual orders instead of one big order just to be safe, although bad for environment with additional parcel packaging.

    • +2

      Good point. Same deal when having to exchange or return something. Best to do separate orders and pickup where possible to avoid the environmental impact (if you're travelling that direction anyway).

    • One return always invalidates the whole cart's cashback regardless of store and cashback company.

      It would be nice if they could work it out.

      PS: myer sends from the closest store with stock, so you're likely going to receive multiple packages anyway

      • Incorrect - Shopback / The Iconic tracks each item separately

    • +1

      If partial cancelled or returned the whole order is ineligible.
      If really concern about environment maybe not use cashback at all and buy in store, any extra seconds of using of computer is bad for environment:)

  • +1

    For anyone chasing the Pokemon TCG stuff, theres a Buy More & save promo going on where the 2nd item is discounted 40% off the original price.

    Couple this with the CR promo and the price of the TCG: Celebrations Premium Figure Collection - Pikachu Vmax comes down to $72.72 ea if buying 2 and click & collecting.

    This would make it the lowest price available.

    Could also apply the same principle to TCG: Celebrations Special Collection - Pikachu V-Union etc

  • Does anyone know what category Garmin watches would be in? Or are they ineligible? Thanks

  • Does anybody know if Home includes Outdoor? Furniture, BBQ's etc

    • I just bought a Weber BBQ and it only tracked 10%.

  • Will this apply to mattresses? I assume they fall under home

    • It tracked for the mattress but not the full mattress cost? Has anyone had this happen? Cost of mattress 565.95 but tracked at 514.50? I paid delivery on top of 565.95 which I understand is excluded.

      • The difference is probably GST. You get cash back on the pre-tax price

  • +6
  • I swear I just seen a Lego set get price jacked, sigh…

  • +4

    Usually the terms exclude Aesop products, but I haven't seen that wording this time around? Can anyone else confirm that (or if I've missed it somewhere)?

    edit: Gave it a crack anyways, and received the 17% tracking shortly after order submission

    • Aesop is never excluded from Myer boosted cashback

  • +1

    tracked instantly but only at 10% for me at the moment for a kettle and iron (both in the Home category)

    Edit: read the T&Cs, they are part of Entertainment & Electronics at 10%

    • Thanks. Helpful post.

  • Do christmas decorations/trees count as Home?

  • Dumb question here. Exclusion of gift card includes e-gift card??

  • Does this apply to already discounted items

  • Thanks - Bought a couple of Polos I don't need. :p

  • stupid time to have it on.

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