What Should I Do with My 2005 Honda Accord Euro?

Need some advice from the OZB community.

I have a 2005 Honda Accord Euro and it is perfectly drivable (170k km). But I have been advised but the service mechanic that it is better to trade-in this car for a newer one, as it is getting old and needs more and more repair/parts replacements.

After current service they advised it now needs at least another $1500 to do the repair and replacement, which I haven't done them yet as the car only worth say ~$4000.

I am concerned about future repair/replacement bill. But also I feel car is a depreciating asset and try to defer the purchase as much as I can.

What would you advise?

Thank you.

PS, these are reported issues to be fixed:

1/ Oil leak present - suspect timing case/rocker cover gasket oil leak. Right drive shaft weeping. Lower sump leaking minor.
2/ Front lower control ARM bushes starting to crack
3/ Vehicle pulling left - require wheel alignment
4/ Brake fluid flush and bleed required
5/ Tyres worn out
6/ Rear brake pads and rotors worn out - require replacing. 260mm DIA and handbrake on calliper.

Poll Options

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    Repaire all and keep driving
  • 45
    Repaire some and keep driving
  • 12
    Trade-in and buy a newer car


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    Do all besides 1 & 2 and then keep driving. Just make sure you check the oil regularly

  • No 5- wtf man, there’s 4 hands worth of tyre in contact with road at any one time…. You should address this asap as far as your own safety.

    Also with the market atm buying another decent car for <$5k is prob not going to happen.

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    When's rego due? If soon sell, if 10+ months get replacement tyres and wheel alignment at the same time and keep it until closer to rego time.

  • In Vic just drive it til she dies.

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    7/ Change mechanic

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      This service mechanic works at the dealer or independant? I have a feeling they are just tying to drum-up sales.

      Items 3-6 are common servicing works.

      2 is real easy, order new lower control arm with bushings pressed in replace whole set. Get 3. wheel alignment done while your at it.

      1 is your problem here, depending on your engine it can be hard to access right drive shaft seal so it will need some $$$.
      Rocker cover and lower sump seals are easy, very easy.

      If you get it fixed it will roll for many more KMs.

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    Repair and keep driving..

    Now is a terrible time to be buying a car, whether new or used. They're all hideously overpriced.

  • How often do you service the car? There's a few things in there happening at the same time… Tyres are obviosus things you should sorta see coming. Control arm bushes would be noticeable under certain conditions as would vehicle pulling to one side. Did you see any of this coming? Brake stuff is not something you can delay so start there. You can save a bit if money if you buy parts and find a mechanic willing to install them. I got civic rotors and pads front and back a few years ago for a family member for around $500.

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    Your trade in value will be no more that $1000

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    Spend $1500(ish) now and have a car that will lose very little in depreciation. It’s a common car, you can pen any luck up a set of second hand tyres with decent tread to save a Few $.

    Or buy new(er) car now - but spend extra in loans repayments and pay a lot more in depreciation.

    I’d fix what is essential and keep driving while saving for an upgrade if it blow up and needs more than $3k in repairs.

  • Is this quote from a Honda dealer…? dealer work should be much more than $1500 with parts. Rocker cover is a $50~ and easy diy job. If the timing chain tensioner is the issue, that's around $700 - $1000 with labour (net prices) and best left to mechanics. Common k24 issue with this mileage and you only have to do it once. Not sure how they will fix the "driveshaft weeping" unless they know a way to reseat it. If it's a replace, then it should be another $300 - $400, more if both are being replaced. I would check if it's actually leaking transmission fluid by putting down white paper after driving over night. Or looking the red fluid near the driveshaft. If the first part can be fixed easily and cheaply, then it's an expensive quote for the rest.

    • $700 for timing chain tensioner seems high? For a Peugeot, the part cost $95 and fitting time is less than one hour.

      • The chain stretches around this mileage, so probably replacing both with a $250 kit and the vct gear as well. It is also in a cramped space and needs a few things taken off. Not an hour job unless working fast.

  • repair essentials and drive till it dies

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    I advise that when you do get a replacement vehicle that you get it serviced every 6 months.

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    Thanks for all your reply this is a great community and great help.

    With the current price, is there a likelihood that price will drop with back to normal with covid?

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      You have an Accord Euro Cl9. This car's engine makes it sorta desirable in the car community.
      Be honest with your ad and I think you can easily fetch about 3.5-5.5k.

      Assuming your car has 16-18" tires, can get used tyres with 80%+ tread for 100 and another 50 for balancing and get the wheel alignment from the same shop to save you a bit.
      Buy your brakes and rotors off eBay and take it to a local mechanic who can do the bleed for you. - All this may cost you $200-$300 in parts and another $100-$200 in labour. Ask multiple mechanics in your local area.

      2) can be DIY but I don't know how much you know about cars. After this, you will need a wheel alignment though.

      • Thanks. I have zero knowledge with the car and any mechnics… where should I look for tyres and wheel alignment? I will get that done first.

        • Many tyre shops have cheap secondhand tyres with heaps of tread left lying around as people upgrade to better / performance tyres. They can also do the wheel alignment.

        • JAX Auto does wheel alignments for $55. They'll inspect the car and provide you with a report as well.

          Do not get wheels fro JAX though, find out the number on your tyres and either look for a set of 4 rims on fb/gumtree suitable for your stud pattern (5x114.3) since it is a Honda or go to a tyre shop and ask for used tyres which should not be more than $25-$45 per tyre. With another $10-$20 for fitting.

          If you get the rims off FB markerplace, can either take them to the tyre shop or diy.

          • @thriftysach: its undoubtedly and automatic CL9 which is nothing special

            be that as it may, there's nothing here too out of the ordinary for a car that's 15+ yrs old

            hell i have a car that is a mere 7-8yrs old that is showing similar things because its been driven day to day

  • You should probably address the key safety issues there being the tyres, alignment and brakes. You could do all of them at the one place like a bridgestone service centre or MyCar since you mentioned you have zero mechanical knowledge. It'll cost you, but the safety of yourself as well as other patrons on the road should be above all else.

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    Drive it into the ground, save up some money and then get a better car a few years down the road.

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    1/ Oil leak present - suspect timing case/rocker cover gasket oil leak. Right drive shaft weeping. Lower sump leaking minor.

    no idea how much, i would save maybe $500-700?

    2/ Front lower control ARM bushes starting to crack

    i was quoted $380 to replace both front LCA bushes on my SUV

    3/ Vehicle pulling left - require wheel alignment

    probably $50-60 to align a FWD car?

    4/ Brake fluid flush and bleed required -

    $60-90? supply your own favourite brake fluid to save a bit on costs

    5/ Tyres worn out

    $400/set of 4. get the cheapest chinese tyres (you dont drive like a maniac right? take it easy and any tyre will do - maybe go middle spec $120-150 if you do lots of highway driving?)

    6/ Rear brake pads and rotors worn out - require replacing. 260mm DIA and handbrake on calliper.

    2x rear brake pads should be $60-80? dunno about rotots, maybe $100 each rotor, probs take a shop 1-2hours?)

    OP, if the car holds sentimental value i would keep it and keep it going forever :)

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    I've got the same car, 2005 Accord Euro, up to 220,000km, I'm just going to keep it going as long as it's economical to do so. It's a good car, last thing I want is to change it.

  • Option 4 - Convert it to an EV?


    Doesn't automatically solve your fundamental issues (except the engine issues), and would presumably cost a bit, but better than chucking it out! :-)

    Actually… the site says conversions start around $50k HAHAHA! Buy a brand new EV at that price, so unless you love the car body, that'd be ridiculous :-D

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    Simples - top up oil and spray a tonne of degreaser around the oil leaks so it's good as new :P

    I'd fix the brakes/brakes flush, get the LCA bushes/alignment/tyres and drive it into the ground. You should be able to get that done under $1k dependent on how much you splurge on the tyres. Since you're in Melb, these items can fail an RWC so you either get them done now or sell it without RWC and get haggled down in price anyway.

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    Thanks everyone. I will keep driving unitl it dies.

    I managed to get 3/4/5/6 fixed / replaced first.

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