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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 11th Generation 8GB $169 (Was $239), Echo Dot 3rd Gen $19 @ Myer


Greetings everyone, Myer have released their Black Friday specials as part of their new catalogue and seems like some great prices.

Within the catalogue it seems like they have stuffed up a bit with the photo and direct link (to the 10th Gen), but the ASIN B08N3J8GTX links to the new 11th Gen Kindle:

  • All-new Kindle Paperwhite – Now with a 6.8” display and thinner borders, adjustable warm light, up to 10 weeks of battery life, and 20% faster page turns.
  • Purpose-built for reading – With a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight.
  • More books in more places – Store thousands of titles, then take them all with you. A single charge via USB-C lasts weeks, not hours.
  • Easy on the eyes – Now with adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber.
  • Waterproof reading – Built to withstand accidental immersion in water, so you’re good from the beach to the bath.
  • Find new stories – With Kindle Unlimited, get unlimited access to over 1 million titles.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation for $19

They have also put the Fire TV 4K Max for $59 in the catalogue but worded it incorrectly it seems. Multiple sources have confirmed this will be $59 around the place for Black Friday so this is mostly confirmed to be the max model (rather than the clearance 4K model).

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    What's the current gen of kindle ?

    • +8

      This is it, just recently replaced the older model (around two weeks ago)

    • current gen is KPW 4gen or kindle 10 gen with 6' display, water proof and micro usb charging port. 8GB was ~$110-120 couple of weeks ago when on sale.
      this one is next gen, $170 is not too bad

      • +1

        current gen is 11 ryt?

        • +4

          Correct current gen is 11th gen.

          • +3

            @RaihaX: yeah, true, am still living in the past….
            new one just released should be current…

            • +1

              @sanrs: All good been wanting to upgrade my KPW 1st gen so ive been doing my research recently :)

              Would love for the PW SE to be on sale but at this price the base model might do.

              • @RaihaX: My 7 yr old kpw 3rd is just everything I needed from it so I can't find myself a reason to upgrade.

                May I know what's your reason?

                • @gosund: My battery is shot (replaced it recently and it does like 2-3 days before needing to recharge (possibly dodgy new batteries).

                  But my biggest gripe is how slow it is now (maybe due to all the firmware upgrade?). I do get random freezes and reboots too. Factory reset doesn’t really help.

                  I mean it is a “first world problem” kinda thing that I get annoyed with 1-2 second delay when turning a page or clicking on go to can take up 30-60 seconds to load the ToC…

                  • @RaihaX: That's quite bad. Mine is still going strong like lasts for at least 3 weeks.

                    • @gosund: Yeah I would be happy to keep it if battery was still lasting 3 weeks and i don't have weird slow down and/or reboots/freezes.

                      It does what I need it to do! I am kinda looking at some of the other eReader variants that runs on Android now.

                  • @RaihaX: Yeah, I had the same problem after replacing the battery. I've done it twice.

                    eBay seems to be full of dodgy battery suppliers.

                  • @RaihaX:

                    My battery is shot (replaced it recently and it does like 2-3 days before needing to recharge (possibly dodgy new batteries).

                    Just contact Amazon and they will probably replace it for you free even though it is out of warranty. Or they might give you a credit to the new one.

                    • +2

                      @MrBear: Ahh would have been good to know - just pulled the trigger on the new one with the sale today lol.

                      edit #1 decided to contact them anyway to see what they say.
                      edit #2 you were right - i got credited for the new kindle thanks for the heads up :) fyi they don't sell battery replacement at all.

                • -1

                  @gosund: Pure unadulterated FOMO.

  • +1

    Still 11days to the real friday. Haven't prepared my shopping list yet.

  • love you doweyy
    thanks for making my day

  • good price

    expecting it will be same price from Amazon

  • great deal, thanks

  • Is the signature edition worth the upgrade? Don’t care about wireless charging but is the auto lighting worth it?

    • +11

      I’d assume the auto brightness would be more annoying than anything. It’s easy to change the brightness so I say no. The wireless charging feature is useless to me considering how often the device requires a charge. The 32gb storage is overkill imo. I have a 2015 paper white that has 4gb storage and have only used 1.1 gigs with 200+ books on there. I hear that audible is not on the Australian kindles, so asides from audiobooks, if you just read then the 8gb version is the way to go.

      • +4

        I'd just use audible on the phone. More storage, better connectivity and the touch interface would be much better.

        Auto brightness would be potentially helpful if you read in the day and night to save some power.

        • +2

          I don’t think the auto brightness is useful. It changes in large steps so you can tell as the screen becomes dimmer or brighter. I personally would rather have control over that rather than letting lanky software handle it.

          I agree with the audiobooks. For the people that don’t use audible then you’re shit out of luck with the kindles. If you were able to load your own sources audiobooks then maybe (unless there is a way?) but as it stands the SE is just $50 down the drain

        • What about the blue light from a screen? I thought it was better to utilise Kindle because of this. Cheers

          • +2

            @RPGPlayer: Depends how susceptible you are to it. I'm only saying to use the mobile app for audible not reading ebooks for extending periods.

          • +1

            @RPGPlayer: Both editions of Kindle Paperwhite has warm light. Only signature edition has adjustable light which in my opinion (as others said too) is not very useful.

      • Great thanks heaps!

  • that means Amazon gonna have sales too, looking forwards for eero router packs

    • +1

      Available in 7 days..

  • Wonder if they (or Amazon) will knock back the price on the 32gb as well?

  • +17

    Just a note for people who don't know. Some eReaders can be used to borrow eBooks from the library for free. It is all done through the library app and overdrive app and you don't have to visit a library. Kindle do not allow this as they want you to buy their books or subscriptions.
    I use a Kobo eReader and I picked it over a Kindle for this reason.
    So pros would be that it is free to borrow books
    But cons would be that the library has a limited amount of licences for each book and you need to go on a waiting list for a lot of popular ones.
    You can also buy eBooks and sign up for a subscription through Kobo too but not sure how the prices compare to Amazon. I haven't had to do this as I have been happy to go on a waiting list. You can also go on waiting lists for a bunch of books at the same time and read them as they become available to you.

    • +14

      To further expand on this, I personally find Libby much easier to use. Plus if you sign up to US libraries, for example LA Public Library which doesn’t require you to pop into a branch, then you can borrow books on Libby and send to the kindle (something not available on aus libraries)

      • I had no idea it was just an Australian thing. I did a bit of research and didn't come across this work around. I guess the pro on the Kobo is that I can borrow from SA libraries directly through the eReader but it doesn't sound too difficult to do it your way once you have set it all up

        • +3

          Yeh it’s very easy, and US libraries have a larger selection too. LA public library has 455k books as opposed to the meager selection Australian libraries have. King County is another good one to sign up to, same with LA not requiring you to come into the branch, and they have 255k books, so you can jump between libraries easily and borrow and send to the kindle when you want.

          • +2

            @Psygnosis: But then I'd have to read things like: "color","bastardization", "realize", or "aluminum".

          • @Psygnosis: how could you apply for LA or King County library card? it appears they only for California or king county resident.

            • +1

              @bigriver: VPN is your best mate

              • +5

                @kin1106: @kin1106 if you're going to use a VPN to fraudulently apply for a library card meant only for local residents, why not just find the books you want via Z-Library etc.?

                Access to the ebooks isn't free or unlimited for those libraries so to me it doesn't feel ethically/morally any better than just pirating them. And I doubt that it's any more convenient.

            • @bigriver: @BigRiver I pulled a Harlem address of apartments.com for the nypl library and am now reading a book on my new kindle.

      • Many thanks I didn't know this

      • Can anyone anywhere sign up to these US libraries, or you have to live in the US/be a US citizen?

        • +1

          I used VPN to fake a LA IP address and address generator to fake a LA residential address to register for LA library.

          • @kin1106: Thanks for the trick.

          • +1

            @kin1106: and @Psygnosis - I need your help. I tried to sign up to LA Public Library as you both said, and it worked - I got an ECARD and password. But after a week the account was closed. I wrote to the library and they said that their external verification team checks the phone number provided on the account after about week and they do other checks, then sometimes close the account.

            What / How did you do it? Thanks in anticipation.

      • +1

        Just signed up! It’s awesome and so handy to borrow books to the kindle. Thank you!

        • How did you manage to sign up? Did you use a VPN?

    • +1

      Yeah, waiting for Kobo Libra 2 to go on BF sale too. Finding the improvements on Kindle too small for the price.

    • Do you know if it's possible to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited on a Kobo device?

    • I'm sorry but this is very misleading/downright incorrect information.

      Overdrive works perfectly fine with Kindle (along with Libby and 'Send to Kindle') - https://resources.overdrive.com/library/apps-features/kindle...

      Secondly, and much more importantly, is to use good e-book management software. I'd highly recommend Calibre - free and compatible with everything, just an amazing piece of software - https://calibre-ebook.com/

      You could've just used Calibre to import Overdrive books and email/send yourself a copy (regardless of e-reader). It'll also strip the DRM if you wish so you can keep it forever.

      • +2

        Just tried to use Libby with a loan from an Australian library and there is no Send To Kindle option. As the site says "OverDrive is the exclusive digital ebook provider delivering Kindle compatibility to public libraries in the U.S.".

      • I can search and borrow SA library books directly through my Kobo. So you're saying the same can be done with Kindle? Because when I looked into it when I bought my Kobo, they couldn't send them to Kindle devices. I also couldn't find a way around it at the time I was looking.

      • +1

        As mentioned above it's not available from Australian libraries. What library have you been borrowing from? :s

      • +1

        Just a quick question from a newbie but how do most use calibre as a management tool? I know the obvious use is to convert "free" books to Mobi… But do people sort their libraries or rename books so there's a constant author and sorting once in your Kindle using calibre?

        Also what is this overdrive import function for calibre? Do you borrow a book from overdrive directly fflrom a library and it can download direct to calibre which strips DRM and saves a copy down so you have a more permanent library book per se? Or works differently?

        • +4

          I use Calibre as my 'Digital Library'. Every book I download is automatically added to Calibre, then a Metadata/Cover sync happens to standardise all the info - ISBN, Author, Serial etc. I don't even bother converting as Calibre will do that on the fly. Finally, it 'Send to Kindle/Whispersyncs' the book to the Kindle.

          Kindle displays the 6 most recent books per page, it's pretty easy to search. Calibre allows searching by tag, if you plug your eReader in it'll also show your eReader's library and allow you to edit/manage it.

          I just checked the OverDrive plugins, turns out it's mainly to search your Calibre 'Wanted Library' against every Overdrive store for later checking out.

          Finally, to DRM. Both Overdrive and Libby run on Adobe and use .acsm files, an .acsm (Adobe Content Server Manager) file is a file that ADE uses to download the book from the library servers. You will need to install ADE and authorise it with an Adobe ID. After you have downloaded the .acsm file, you can open it with ADE, download the epub, copy it into Calibre, remove DRM if needed and convert to a Kindle-friendly format (AZW3/MOBI by preference).

          • @TogTogTogTog: if you have not tried it, check out Calibre Web as a Front-End to supplement Calibre

            • @SpamMeNotInOz: I tried it a couple of years ago, they do have Docker containers now which is nice. Personally, I just use Calibre's Content Server; not as pretty but has all the same search/content functionality.

  • +5

    damn wished i waited for this rather than 10th gen for ~$120

    • +1

      Yeah same, didn't think they'd want to discount a newly released model by that much

    • i was thinking the same. Great price for the 11th gen!

    • +2

      Better to pocket the $49. Can always gift it later.

      I don't think the upgrades are worth worrying about the money. Realistically you'll only charge every few weeks.

      • +2

        Ironically also think 10th gen easier on the pocket, physically!

    • I did the same but managed to sell mine 2nd hand on eBay for $120 yesterday with no fees or shipping costs (seems to still be strong on the 2nd hand market). Preparing to order this one next week for hopefully $140 odd after cashback or coupons.

  • +3

    Kobo and borrow books for free from local library for ultimate OzBargain experience!

    • +4

      Arghh matey are you sure that is the "Ultimate OzBargain experience".

    • +1

      You can borrow books from Overdrive to the kindle too. Look at my message above on how.

    • +2

      Letting you know this for educational purposes only, you can also just use your Kindle email and send any book directly to your Kindle from z-lib.

      • +1

        Didn't realise you could do this via z-lib. I'm happy using calibre and am wary of Bezos tracking.

        • +1

          Yeah I do wonder if Amazon has any plans for countering piracy on the Kindle or if it's even possible really. I haven't come across any issues but it is food for thought.

          I hope not because that would likely make it hard to put your own content on the Kindle as well.

          • @Castcore: I'm trying to keep my kindle completely offline. I did get the dictionary and the newest update so I can put the book cover as the screensaver.

            countering piracy

            It would be interesting to see the numbers. I think it'd be relatively low. Amazon has geared the books towards a service so most people will buy from Amazon for the convenience of having the book appear on their kindles.

      • I've been holding out for the Kobo Clara to go on sale as it seemed the more flexible option over the Kindle (cheaper, Libby, ePub's), but after reading some of these posts, maybe the 11th gen Kindle at this price is a definite consideration.

        11th gen looks like it now has adjustable warm lights, which the Kobo looks to have had for a while, and the screen is a little bigger too. With Calibre, it's easy enough to convert epub to mobi - I assume it's just as easy to transfer the files to the Kindle? Plus z-lib as an option, for education purposes, of course. Hrm!

        • Yep click "send to device" just like the Kobo I assume.

          Or I normally just send to email as my Calibre is cloud hosted.

        • Yeah the lack of ePub support is definitely my biggest gripe with Kindle.

          I reckon the 11th gen Paperwhite at this price is a much better deal than Kobo Clara at $189. But if it has a significant sale then the decision might be a bit harder.

          Calibre is easy enough to use with the Kindle, I personally haven't really used it much because I don't have a large currated selection and if I want something immediately I just use the android Z-lib app and have it on my Kindle in like 1 min.

          Just a note on Z-lib I think the send to Kindle feature is actually a paid feature, so you get it if you donate $1+ pm. But sending to your regular email isn't, so what I have setup is a rule that just forwards the eBook emails from my regular email to my Kindle one. It works the same but you just have to make sure you're not sending an ePub file otherwise it won't work. I think the send to Kindle feature auto converts anything to mobi before sending. If you're just downloading it for Calibre you can get it as ePub and then convert it, or Z-lib lets you convert and direct download in a bunch of file formats (just not convert when using send to email).

          • @Castcore: That's interesting to know about z-lib, I've only just had a quick look at the web version. Looks like worst case it's a matter of downloading the epub, convert, and file transfer to Kindle?

            I'm still on the fence between these two, assuming they're on sale for around the same price. Kindle has 6.8" screen and smaller bezels vs Clara 6" - not sure which would be easier to hold though, or easier to read on? Kobo still sounds easier for free books though (local libraries etc. cough). I can't seem to find any Paperwhite 5 vs Clara reviews. Clara beats Paperwhite 4 easily, but the 5 tends to be compared to the larger 7" Libra which has the side buttons I'm not keen on.

            • +2

              @Finner: Yeah so imo if they were the same price I'd preference the Kindle PW 11th gen. I think technical specifications wise it is definitely superior and the only real value the Kobo has over it is the greater customisability and openess. It's almost like Apple IOS vs Android, Android you can do more stuff with it, IOS you can't but you are also less likely to stuff something up because of how locked down it is. So if the Kindle does everything you realistically could want it to do then that's probably enough justification to get it over Kobo.

              I think realistically the worst case with Z-lib would be be having to manually download the ePub book in mobi format and then manually send an email to your Kindle with it attached. Instead of just pressing send to your email. So for example, you can see here that this in an epub book and if I choose to send it to my email it'll send it in epub format (unless I donate $1+ pm for the send to Kindle feature) but I can choose to just download it to my phone in mobi format and manually send it to my Kindle email. But what I normally just do is find one that's already in mobi format and send that to my email which auto forwards it to my Kindle :)

              I think in a comment thread above someone explained how to do the library borrow stuff on Kindle too, using Libby.

              So yeah, if it was me I'd get the Paperwhite 11th gen because realistically it would do everything I need it to and the specs are, although similar, still better.

      • What's z lib? Is this the same concept as that lib.gen.rus website that was a holy grail of interesting items? Genesis library? Forgot what…. Is z lib the mainstream Goto these days? Always hard to find a place with good range e.g. non fiction: personal finance, investing etc as most ebooks are fiction based. Genesis was amazingly thorough. Not that I used it…

        • Z-library is the new holy grail yes. It's got everything. If you're a student and don't want to pay $100+ for a textbook I've found all of mine on there too and very easily.

          • @Castcore: is z-lib legal? just because I'm about to recommend business book to a colleague, and wanted to make sure I'm not sharing illegal stuff through work channel. thanks

            • +1

              @BigLeviathan: I don't know if z-library is considered a legit and legal business and/or website but the user submitted contents (books) on there I would mostly consider piracy so I wouldn't share it through work channels. Some stuff is definitely royalty free and submitted by their own authors but I think a lot are definitely submitted by random users and would definitely be considered piracy.

            • @BigLeviathan: Officially I don't know, but common sense wise I doubt it would be legal. I mean it's paid books for free which sounds like Genesis lib.

              • @SaberX: Yea, a bit suss when I heard it's all free, but then the domain is .org; which I would assume similar to .org.au (where you need to be a non-profit organisation to own one)

                Thanks for the info

                • @BigLeviathan: You don't need to be a non-profit organization to own a .org domain. I own a .org domain which I use for both commercial and pro-bono work and there was no checking.

                  • @nyamatongwe: Wow! It's wild wild west for sure outside Australia…good to know. Thanks

          • @Castcore: Thanks. Better than using genesis? If definitely be interested in more non fiction i.e. investing, trading, personal finance, self development etc.

            Sources are clean (virus/malware free) direct download links ?

            • @SaberX: Yep all direct download, haven't had any issues with my books so far

  • +2

    Thanks. Been looking for a deal on the new kindle. Don’t forget price match at officeworks :)

  • Will officeworks price beat the upcoming catalogue?

    • They would need to check stock.

      • Went to officeworks yesterday, they won't price beat the upcoming deal. They will only price beat the existing deal.

  • +1

    You sure it's 4K max… link points to standard 4K?
    Great price if it's 4K max.

    • Yes wondering the same…

      • Yep, will definitely grab a couple if it's the Max. Will drop in to Myers later today.

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