Small Business Cyber Security - Agency/Firm/Company Recommendations

Hi everyone,

I own a small business and am looking to hire a company to assist with cyber security, mostly incident prevention (no issues at the moment).

What business would you recommend that is a good cyber security provider for small businesses?

Thanks in advance.


  • Not much detail provided there but small businesses usually have this covered as part of the digital solutions and packages they have. Unusual to need a standalone consultant specifically for cyber security. Unless you have a unique case.

    Here's some Melbourne-based ones:

  • Airtasker or gumtree /s

  • How small is the business exactly?

    Would you be looking at a fully managed solution where there are dedicated people monitoring your environment for you?
    Do you need a provider to setup, install and configure some tools which you (or someone in the business) will look after yourself?

  • to assist with cyber security.

    Cyber security is such a broad topic From training users about social engineering up to technical details such as choosing appropriate encryption.

    What most small businesses (under 50 staff) need is system administrator.
    You just need to ensure that the sysadmin follows ASD and/or NIST guidelines and do quarterly report and plan on what can be improved from a security perspective.
    My advice is to resource it properly. Stay away from having a one-off session if you do not have the resources to implement the recommendation.
    Security is hard, ongoing and always changing.

  • What's your budget?
    How many company managed devices do you own?
    How many devices are personally owned and have access to company data?
    What platform are you using? (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android Enterprise)
    Do you have RMM and MDM in place?
    Do you have a Privacy Policy and IT Policy in place?
    How is your customer data currently stored?

  • What's your budget?

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