Google Pixel 6 - Colour Shift on White Screens

Hi, got my pixel 6 from Telstra today and its seeming great besides one thing.

Assuming there are a few new pixel 6 owners here after the recent deal postings.

I am seeing some red/pink and green colours shifting in on off angles of viewing mainly on white or light colours eg faces in an anime and well white websites. Its of course most noticeable at large angles and in the dark but is sometimes noticeable at less extreme angles too.

Was wondering if anyone else observed similar behaviour, I haven't had an OLED screen before this so not sure what the off axis experiences are normally like just know my LG G6 didn't show anything like this. Seeing mixed reviews of it on other forums.

And if it is a dud the proper way to go about replacements whether I go through google or Telstra (used the Telstra plus 2500+792 deal) have never really had to deal much with returns

Example images (somewhat worse case as phone camera slightly makes it look worse it in the dark)

Seems to be a fair few comments on reddit:
As well as this clearer example of someone else's pixel which is similar to what I see maybe a little worse than mine
Sounds like it may be a thing for all pixel 6's that somehow flew under the Rader.
Will try head over to JB sometime when I get a chance to sanity check… Unsure how to argue a return with Telstra if thats what I decide as seems Google and claiming it is as intended


  • Do you have a screen protector on it?

    • No not yet.

      Feel the examples I gave a pretty poor its not really picked up by my phone camera when in decent lighting its less noticeable then but still noticeable. Its not a unusable state just trying to gauge if its a problem or not / if I could exchange for one without it

      • On my Samsung (OLED), I don't usually notice any colour shifting unless I tilt it quite a bit. I do notice screen protectors also play a role in colour shifting sometimes.

        • yeah thinking its probably just a cheaper panel (being 1080p 90Hz its not one of their flagship panels).In most viewing cases its great as vertically it needs a serious angle to notice it but watching videos in landscape seems more visible viewing it from the side on at an angle. Simply look straight and its great hence why I am on the fence about how much I really care.

          Cheers for the comments though

          • @DisabledUser225272: Maybe take a trip to JB and check out the display model to make sure yours is not a defective unit.

  • Same here. been using S21. Was great. Got Pixel 6 from JBHIFI deal. Everything good except color shift (green, pink tint). Went to store, rep told BS that it is normal for OLED display. And took for repair after much discussion. Had only for around 18 hours.

    • What happened in the end?

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    I had a very bad experience with JBhifi. Went to ask them that I am having colour shift problem on my google pixel 6 which I bought 11 hours ago!! and I asked them to sent for a repair ( i don’t even wanted an exchange or refund).

    The worst case was that they were not ready to accept that the display has got any colour shift problem. I was there at the store for 2 hours trying to show them the colour shift problem, still they were like : No, we don’t see any colour shift problem! And they think that it seems fine, they did some test and told me i am wrong, the display is fine. I literally had to argue with them to make them believe that i am seeing it so I want my phone to be sent to repair. Finally, after a long so called argue or fight with one of the staff, they were ready to sent it to repair but don’t know if they actually can fix this after seeing lots of complaint online.

    • How were you able to convince them it wasn't what a OLED should be. In case I decide to go down the return route and have to argue with Telstra or Google

      • They are still not convinced that phone has colour shifting problems!! They had to sent it to repair coz I was insisting them to sent it to repair!! But now it seems that its normal for pixel 6, I wasted my money and time!!

        • I went through google support chat on the phone and they took it as a "reported problem and the team is working on a fix" based on a couple pictures I sent and are offering a replacement. Unsure if that should have me hopeful for a better replacement. Did you happen to check display models while at JB? I still haven't had the chance to go before I send mine back

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    Every phone that is high resolution I have had have colour and brightness shifting at different angles. All LED/LCD tech uses sandwiches of glass, which creates a prism effect due to changes in refractive index, that also have some polarisation that also comes into play when viewing angles changes. Obviously manufacturers over the years try to minimise this to provide wider viewing angle and less shifting. If you are looking very close to the screen your eyes are getting light from different angles so you may see some shifting. Some phones seem to have a bluish tint that people have gone on about (I think my LG V30) and my Pixel3XL has a blue tint when move it from side to side. It's always going to be more noticable in the dark or when the screen is bright. I think in most cases you would get used to it and actually not see it any more. I think if you go to a store and bring up a white screen on any phone you will see this effect. (Also if you wear glasses they often get additional shifts from polarisation)

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      Yeah you seem mostly right. I went in to JB hifi and saw it on the display pixel 6 as well as the Asus Zenfone 8 (another I was considering) the S21 only shifts blue which is less distracting honestly. The pixel 6 pro showed no shifting though so seems to just be the cheaper 1080p panels showing it. So just comes down to how much do you want to spend on the screen

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