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25% off Storewide + Delivery ($0 NSW/VIC C&C) @ Steelcase AU


Steelcase is having a 25% Off storewide Black Friday sale.

26th November - 29th November

Eyeing the price, it seems like they raised it significantly in anticipation of the sale. I was checking Steelcase a few months ago and I don't remember the Gesture being $2,000 for headrest + arms. Maybe I'm wrong and my memory is playing me.

I think you also have to pick up from their store and can't build the chair yourself unless you do some white glove service BS to retain warranty.

Happening from 26 to 29 November!*
*Standard priced items only and discount cannot be combined with other offers.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • With the Karman coming out, you'd think they'd discount the gesture or leap

  • Will the Steelcase Series 2 be coming back into stock by then?

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      Looks like the Steelcase Series 2 New Henry Black (w/ arms, no headrest OR w/ arms, w/ headrest) is currently in stock. Hopefully the Medley Grey Brown (w/ arms) is in stock when the sale hits - that's the one I'm hoping for.

      • Same here!

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        @HeuroMeuro just wanted to let you know it's back in stock :)

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          Thanks for the update. Appreciate it :D

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    From what I can see on the wayback machine, prices are the same as they were on 18 May 2021. See - https://web.archive.org/web/20210906182319/https://au.steelc...

    I use the Leap (V2) at work and like it a lot. Interested in getting one for home but Steelcase customer service/warranty doesn't sound great and they're pretty exxy even at sales prices.

    • Didn't know this existed, thanks for that. Guess the price has been a leg and 3/4s for a while.

      I have the Leap (V1), can't swallow the Gesture and Leap prices. Hope Karman is between or lower.

  • I recently found out the office chair I used in my (previous) company was the Mirra 2 of harman miller. that was the most comfortable chair I had ever used. I am determined to pick one between harman miller and steelcase this time for wfh. Not sure if HM will also discount their chairs.

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    Raising prices in anticipation of the sale…

    This is the kindest way an ozbargainer has ever described this phenomena!

    • This is potentially illegal depending on timing.

  • I noticed a Leap was $1040 at Arki recently so $1366*0.75=$1024 which is still pretty good.

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    $750 for a fixed 120x70 desk are you insane?!? Even with a 25% discount that's still ridiculous.
    Ikea BEKANT 160x80cm height adjustable with cable management $249

    • +1

      I'm a desk nerd. BEKANT is fairly wobbly. IDASEN is much better in terms of stability.

      Steelcase's desks are very well built, and offer features and add-ons that provide real practical value in an office like privacy and modesty screens. Certainly overkill for any home office, but it will make it look really nice…

  • Do they sell leap v2?

    • I compared the Leap on Steelcase Au and Leap V2 on Arki and they look the same. V1 has a rounder back panel and the handrest is thicker and rounder. The new V2 has a more angular handrest and has more adjustments. But I am not sure why Steelcase AU don't name it V2. I'm hesitant to place an order now.

      • All of the Leap we sell in our online store are the "V2" version. Leap V1 is an older model which has been discontinued and is no longer being offered for sale in our retail outlets.

  • I bought a gesture with headrest for $1,560 on sale just a few weeks ago from arki environments and have been eyeing prices for a while. The 2k price on steelcase website has been like that for a while actually so not really price jacked before the sale.

    • got a link?

      is the gesture armrests worth it?

      is the seat soft enough for hrs of sitting?

      • +1

        link to where I got it from but the sale is over now. I remember them mentioning they might have another sale near xmas time though.
        Yes the armrests are very very nice, lots of adjustments.
        The seat is also pretty good, soft enough and supportive. I use it for several hours everyday

        • thanks i might grab it during this 25% off sale with price protection

          i cant decide between aeron embody or gesture

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    No delivery or pickup in Melbourne?

    • If there is no stock in Melbourne we are limiting delivery/pickup there. Unfortunately our deliveries are still handled by local installers, so limited to the stock available locally. We are still working on our logistics connections to be able to ship countrywide regardless of location. If you contact our CS, we can quote out for self-assembly, but it isn't available by default.

  • As usual, don't expect there to be any delivery outside Sydney Metro - I believe this is due to distribution deals with partners in other states and cities. YMMV - call them up and see what they can offer.

    EDIT: also, YSK the Steelcase AU store often has different stock and colourways than your local distributor.

    • Normally our deliveries are limited to the greater Sydney/Melbourne area covered by our existing installers. Orders outside that area are normally shipped knocked down, and would need to be assembled by the end user. Unfortunately Think is not able to self assembling due to specific tool is required for installation to ensure proper build and safety.

      If you are fine with self assembling, you can contact our customer service, providing the exact shipping address for your order, as well as the exact item (including colour/finish options) and quantity you are looking to order. Once we get a shipping quote from our courier we will notify you of the shipping cost and create a draft order with pricing for your approval.

      • Quick question - how long does it usually take between ordering and delivery if I choose the pick up option at Egans in Melbourne? Thanks!

        • Hi,

          Normally it is 5-7 working days, but because of the large influx of orders, it will probably take more time here. Still we are aiming to get all Black Friday orders out in the next two and a half weeks.

  • $185 delivery to ACT (Moncrieff).

  • I've been in the market for a Steelcase Gesture recently, and can confirm (as iDrownFish said) that the $1,989 price for the Gesture with armrests and headrest has been the price on the site for a while.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads-up OP - I think I'll be picking one up at the discounted price!

  • +1

    For those in the ACT that want to avoid the drive and/or massive shipping costs, Ninetwofive Interiors sell Steelcase chairs. For example the Leap v2 is $1089 with free pickup from Hume.

    I confirmed that they are expecting stock late Nov/early Dec.

    Beats any deal by steelcase and arki environment even at 20/25% off when you include shipping.

  • Owned the original Leap for 16 years. Can't even remember the price but well worth it. Gonna grab a V2 because I broke the lumbar support on mine

  • Can anyone confirm the Leap chair on Steelcase AU is the V2 like the one sold on Arki Environment? Arki is charging $99 for delivery but I think Steelcase AU offers free delivery for white glove service. Both come up to about the same price (with Black Friday sale) but Arki is $99 dearer due to delivery charges.

    • +2

      Steelcase is $105 for home delivery, definitely not free.

      • Thanks. I added the product to cart and proceed to check out. The final price is the same as 'before delivery'. I put in my postcode and it said I am eligible for delivery, whatever that means.

        Either way are both the Leap chairs on Arki and Steelcase AU v2? Would you know? Steelcase doesn't mention but the picture looks to be v2 to me.

        • +1

          You haven't been able to buy a leap V1 new at retail for like 15 years now

          • @Dubsys: You're right. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • All of the Leap we sell in our online store are the "V2" version. Leap V1 is an older model which has been discontinued and is no longer being offered for sale in our retail outlets.

    • Nearly $200 delivery for me ๐Ÿ™„
      Arki $99, Arki to TNT depot $60

  • Anyone else try checking out for Vic for the Leap?
    No stock? :(

  • Do you guys recommend these chairs? I've got a Ikea Markus and hate how 'straight' it is, often finding it hard to maintain posture and sitting poorly. It's like sitting against a wall to me, not the most comfortable.

    I've been eyeballing chairs like these from Steelcase & the HM Aeron.

    • I can recommend the Leap, but I only have V1. Back support is really nice. I personally don't mind the firmness of the seat. Can't comment on V2 but I assume they're very similar.

    • Gesture has 4 recline positions it locks onto if that helps… from straight to fully leaning back and 2 stops in between.

  • Am I blind or do they not seem to stock the Leap V2 chair? It is on sale somewhere else but I was hoping to customise which you cannot do elsewhere..

    • All of the Leap we sell in our online store are the "V2" version. Leap V1 is an older model which has been discontinued and is no longer being offered for sale in our retail outlets.

  • Is there any way to try out the steelcase leap in sydney?

    • Pretty sure they have a showroom in Syd. Can book a 30 miin spot on their website to test out the chairs. I booked a slot at the Melb showroom and definitely worth it to go try them out when dropping this amount of coin.

  • Anyone know why itโ€™s still charging a delivery fee for C&C?

    • it's free for me when I choose to pickup at the VIC store

  • Can't pick up in VIC anymore?

    • Looks like Gesture Henry Black with arms and headrest is OOS in Melbourne.

      • +1

        We have more on the way but can't be sure they will make it to Australia before Xmas so we can't take further orders on this for the time being. We are planning on an additional holiday sale in a few weeks and if the schedule expedites we will try to ensure Gesture is available for that sale.

  • gesture vs leap v2?

    i lean to leap v2 for the 'better' look, but what do other people think?

    i need the headrest, but steelcase only offers black headrest which doesnot match the grey color chair i am interested. Any comments?

  • Is there some cashback through cashrewards or shopback ? Seems like Shopback have 7% cashback but it redirect me to https://www.steelcase.com instead of au.steelcase.com

  • I tried checking out with Steelcase Series 2 new black henry with arms and head rest but I can't seem to pick click and collect or delivery for NSW? I can't purchase the chair online at the moment and the store is closed for the weekend…

    • Hello Cloudz,

      I can see it should be available to order now, but depending on where you are we might not have delivery through our installation teams. You can email our CS team at [email protected] and we can see how we are able to support.

  • I spoke with arki today and they have stock on the options shown on their website. Their sale will be until stock runs out.

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