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Transfer $400 ADA, Get $40 ADA | $400 BNB, Get $40 BNB | $50/$200 USDT or USDC, Get $10/$50 BTC @ Celsius Network


A repeat to this deal:

Notable promo code for existing users (doesn't work if already claimed before):
BNB40: All users, Transfer $400 in BNB and receive $40 in BNB. Hold for 30 days.
ADA40: All users, Transfer $400 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $40 in ADA. Hold for 30 days.
ADA500: All users, Transfer $20,000 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $500 in ADA. Hold for 90 days.
STABLE10: All users, Transfer $50 in USDT or USDC and receive $10 BTC reward. Hold for 30 days.
STABLE50: All users,Transfer $200 in USDT or USDC and receive $50 BTC reward.Hold for 30 days.
STABLE600: All users, Transfer $25,000 USDT or USDC and receive $600 BTC reward.Hold for 90 days.

Complete list as per T&C:

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  • +6

    Dont forget to use the referral system for extra $50

    For buying USDT or USDT go

    Binance Pay ID - LTC \ AUD - Blockfi - USDT - Celsius

    Otherwise fees kill the deal.

    • -1

      Whats the fee like with this method?

      And roughly how much Aud is required to get 250 usdt?

      • USDT to Celsius is free

        All BIA clients are entitled to one free crypto withdrawal per calendar month and one free stablecoin withdrawal per month. Each free withdrawal can only be applied to one currency each month. For each subsequent withdrawal request within that month, applicable withdrawal fees will be applied.

        AUD to LTC cheap as chips on binance

        About $350

        • How about fee for Binance LTC to Blockfi?

          • +1

            @gembel: Network
            Minimum Withdrawal
            Deposit Fee
            Withdrawal Fee
            0.001 LTC

            $0.32 AUD

        • What the hell. Transfer from Blockfi to Celsius is taking two days to execute. Did I do something wrong?

          • +2

            @Mr Haj: No, always like that with Blockfi.

          • @Mr Haj: What a slow experience with BlockFi

            I didn't realise hn3 meant Binance > FTX app formerly Blockfolio (via TRX) > Celsius (via ERC)
            I made the mistake of going Binance > FTX website > BlockFi …

            Requested with BlockFi Sun 5 Dec
            Then they requested identification on Tue 7 Dec (day the transfer was supposed to clear)
            Only cleared just now (Thu 9 Dec)

            Now I'm trying to correct it by going BlockFi > FTX app formerly Blockfolio before > final destination Celsius.

            • @wutang01: Didn't blockfi get rid of their free withdrawals also???

              • +1

                @Mr Haj: I found this and grew concerned:

                I read it as:
                "Eligible for one free crypto withdrawal per calendar month"
                "Fee after one free withdrawal in same calendar month: 50 USD for USDT"

                So that's why I moved everything from BlockFi to Blockfolio(FTX) in one transfer, then two transfers to Celsius (just succeeded)
                Instead of doing two transfers from BlockFi to Celsius directly

    • what about bnb transfer to Celcius?

      • Stuff all

      • AFAIK it is only 0.0005 BNB to transfer BNB from Binance to Celsius

    • Do you mean you AUD transfer to Binance, buy LTC > transfer LTC to Celsius > convert from LTC to USDC on Celsius?

    • +7

      For USDT (no USDC), other option is to make free FTX Blockfolio account (not FTX Pro). We can transfer USDT from Binance to FTX using TRX network for $1. The subsequent transfer from FTX to Celsius (using ERC network) is free. So, fee is $1 USDT all up.
      FTX Pro (, the parent company that acquired Blockfolio) can work the same but only if u stake certain amount of FTT to get the free withdrawal.

      • Thanks for the great advice!

        What do you suggest please for retrieving the funds / cashing in back to bank from Celsius?

        • +4

          Withdraw it back to your preferred exchange (binance or else), easier to cash out. Withdrawal from Celsius is free, just make sure u have no pending bonus before withdrawing

      • Just a second thought, couldn't you just deposit aud straight into Ftx (app) and then purchase usdt??? Then transfer to Celsius (or am I missing something, Binance cheaper etc?) Would avoid the $1 usdt fee via trx network

        • Ah reading reviews, looks like poli transfer to ftx is very buggy / error prone, hence the safety of Binance

      • +17

        Okay sorry for the spam all, I dug a bit deeper for NEWB traders taking advantage of it all -

        Best methods for least amount of fees
        For General holding
        Binance - Buy USDT -> Withdraw from Binance to FTX App aka Blockfolio (using TRX exchange) [$1 USDT Fee] => Transfer from FTX app to Celsius (ERC20) [Free]
        Binance - Buy BNB => Withdraw from Binance to Celsius (using BEP20 exchange) [.0005 BNB Fee = $0.38 AUD]
        Binance - Buy ADA => Withdraw from Binance to Celsius (using Cardano exchange) [1 ADA Fee = $2.53 AUD]

        Make sure you purchase the whole stack you intend on claiming, in one go from Binance - BUT Transfer small increments in the way you loaded your promo codes:
        eg. BUY $1050 USDT for the following
        $400 coins for Referral - Transfer $400 from FTX - Check Celsius loaded it
        $400 coins for HODL - Transfer $400 from FTX - Check Celsius loaded it
        $50 coins for Stable10 - Transfer $50 from FTX - Check Celsius loaded it
        $200 coins for Stable50 - Transfer $20 from FTX - Check Celsius loaded it

        There were a couple others I checked (eg. fee for ADA was cheaper .8 ADA, but the coin buy rate was much higher than Binance for $400 USD worth of ADA).

        For cashing out your Coins BACK to AUD - Might be best to go back to Binance from Celsius (if possible… USDT might have to go via FTX again) then doing a fiat swap on the coins there, then deposit into your bank account. Don't forget the tax man in all this.

        Happy for further input / advice from other experienced users.


        • +1

          Great post, Thanks!

        • Thanks but when do you put in promo codes?

          • @cheapass88: You put them in the Celsius app? Click the person icon, then promo codes, then add promo code

            Make sure you put them in lowest to highest order. And you transfer in increments in the applied order.

            • @MToTheFrame: @MToTheFrame thanks for the detailed steps. How long does it take you to pass FTX verification? It seems so slow comparing other exchanges.

            • @MToTheFrame: one more question, hope you can help. On FTX, the network is called Tron/TRX, while on Binance, it is called Tron/TRC20, are they the same?

              • +1

                @xsw123: My verify was pretty quick on the ftx app, document clear scan and my face match.

                For TRX and the whole host of every other network under the sun- PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR TRANSFER NETWORK They are separate networks (hence the steps I detailed what networks to use so you don't get slugged massive fees).

                Make sure what you are withdrawing / sending can be received on the other end and make sure you check the withdrawal fees for that coins network in the respective app / site.

                • @MToTheFrame: Thanks for the tips. Is TRX the same as TRC20 though? As I couldn't find TRX in Binance.

        • Thanks for this! Did you receive the rewards instantly? Mine still shows pending.

          • @snoop1988: Rewards will be pending until you meet the transfer requirement AND in the chronological order you entered it.

        • TRX does not work ATM. Shall I choose BSC (0.8USTD fee) or ETH (24 USTD fee,seems expensive)

        • +1

          MToTheFrame I thought Celsius Network didn’t support BSC so the only option to transfer BNB from Binance would be BEP2?

          • @billybob1978: No, it does support BSC and BEP20 is the chain to transfer to.

    • I thought Binance fee for withdrawal usdt is $1, then what's the point to jump through so many places?!?

      • +2

        Different network.

        Celsius doesn't support TRX network.

      • Haha no.

    • +8

      I wish i was so rich i could laugh at losing 20k at a scam.

      • +35

        I'm not rich , far from. But what I gonna do ? Sit there and feel sorry for myself? Neck myself over money? No thanks. You live and learn . Its funny how naive and stupid I was to fall for such a thing. I've moved on and choose to find it funny.

        • -1

          This is not a troll or anything but I wanted to get the mindset of someone who falls for something like this.

          How old are you and are you new to the internet?

          • @Viospeed: Have you seen the actual Youtube videos? They may not be very obvious if you didn't know any better.

      • +9

        You should tell every scam victim that. Such wise, empathetic words.

        • +5

          yep and if someone has a motto they must be trustworthy

        • +1

          Well obviously too late at that point.
          More so hoping others that could potentially get scammed in the future think more carefully and do their dues.
          I guess laughing at it now is all you can do, so probably best to.

    • +3

      Yes I saw one of those scams on Youtube. I flagged it as a scam video to YouTube. 10 hours later it is still running on YouTube. Can only imagine the amount of people who lost out big to that.

      • +1

        Incredible how many of them still pop up regularly. I also flag them at each opportunity. YouTube dosent seem to give a Shit. From my understanding, the scammers hack the Youtube algorithm so they have more of an audience to target. Last few I seen featured Vitalik Buterin, Michael Saylor, XRP And Solana team members. Onya bud, keep flagging them, even if it falls on deaf ears 🤙

      • Used to report them…. Until one of the crypto youtubers said they reported and YouTube did nothing. The scammers are paying YouTube etc large advertising fees. So they keep their ads on.

  • +2

    In order to get all the codes add code, then deposit the required funds. Use the referral then


    Except you can stack the STABLE codes

    • So use the referral AFTER I’ve sent in ADA from Binance?

      • If u want to use the referral, it's safer to do it before entering any of the promo code. In the past it'd work if u transfer both amount (e.g: signup using referral, which requires $400, enter ADA promo code that requires $400 too, then transfer $800 to fulfill both). But I found it'd track better if u just do it one by one. ADA is cheap to transfer anyway. Stable coin is better to stack the promo code though (enter both STABLE10 & 50 for example, then transfer $250) as there's a bit of fee to transfer

        • I accidentally already put the ADA promo code and transferred $400 in. So I will need to transfer another $400 am I correct?

  • what personal documents are required?

    • Standard KYC.
      Did mine so long ago, think it was just passport.

  • +2

    So users who availed the last promo can transfer out after getting the bonus amounts and then transfer back in to get the next set of bonuses?

    • +2

      dont think you can do that. doesnt allow you to use the same code multiple times..

    • +1

      No. I've tried before and they cancelled the promo on me. Mayyyybe it would work if you withdraw, wait a few weeks, then activate the promo and deposit. But they're actively looking for this.

  • +3

    I feel so old…i have no idea what this post is about.

    • NGMI

      • +2

        No Gramps, Massively Ignorant?

        • Not Going to Make It, lol

    • Magic internet wizard money

      • MIM4LyFe!

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