I Am A Roulette Aficionado Thinking of Sharing My Experience

Ok here’s a doozy for ya. I’ve been here for some time and give a bit of ribbing and take a bit so be playful if you want but not mean ok?

I play Roulette 7 days a week. Not with many thousands of dollars but with a small bank roll to keep it stress free. Most people that know me or watch me are very inquisitive about my game, strategy and my strict adherence to certain shall we say rules I apply to myself which allows me to keep going back and not blow all my money like the average Joe or Josephine.

I’ve shared my skill with one other person, a poker player, but they couldn’t control themselves and after some initial success thought they could go big. It was a disaster - for them and I told them they shouldn’t gamble EVER. It didn’t end well.

With all the crypto investors out there I figure my roulette strategies are no worse than playing the crypto market. So my big question is would anybody pay to be coached in this timeless battle against the house and what would they expect for their money? Hypothetically of course.

EDIT: I did say it was a doozy and OzB’s have delivered pretty much what I expected. I could look up a word in the dictionary to describe what that looks like but I think the replies speak for themselves. Thank you one and all!

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          I'm not preaching, I'm laying down facts. Preaching is used to proclaim a belief. What I am doing to letting people know that your "School of Roulette" idea is more of a money drain that playing actual roulette.

          You can't beat roulette odds - fact.
          I HaVe A sYsTeM tHaT WiNz - belief

          You have been the one preaching your beliefs, I have been the one refuting it with facts. You cannot beat roulette. The numbers never fall in your favour. There is no system or amount of discipline that gives you an edge on roulette. You are essentially selling or attempting to sell your "not a system" system and gauging interest like a snake oil salesman.

          I have literally seen more games of roulette than you will see in a life time. I have seen people a lot smarter than you do their arse on the roulette wheel chasing this unicorn system. Had one of my regular players end up in a psych ward over his nut jobbery trying to solve roulette. There is no way you have seen even close to the amount of people I have that have been destroyed by roulette and gambling in general.

          People like you who proclaim they can beat the casino and want to see "how much people would pay" for "lessons" are nothing but predators. You prey on the vulnerability of people who are already in a bad place and you use that to try and extract more out of them with your bullshit.

          And I don't need to pick your number. I had you pegged the moment I read your post and your first few replies. Unlike roulette, casino vultures are a known quantity.

          There is nothing wrong with enjoying roulette (it truely is my favourite casino game), but enjoying roulette and claiming you have a system and that the number fall your way and asking how much do you think people would pay to learn your "iT'z nOt a SyStEm!!1!" is not the same as just sitting down and playing roulette for the enjoyment.

          If you play it for enjoyment, then let us know how your winning ways work. Give us an inside scoop so that we all may enjoy roulette without doing our arses and stop hiding behind bullshit like "I don't want it abused" or "I don't trust others with it". Let us see how you do what you claim so I may destroy your "system" mathematically for the lolz.

          You lose my friend.

          The amount of neg votes you have in this thread compared to mine begs to differ. Most people here are smart enough and savvy enough to see through you.

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              @MontyMacaw: Then prove me wrong…

              If your system was any good, you wouldn't need to sell "lessons".

              So, let me know your lesson price and I will take one for the team. If it works, I'll be the first to report back and say I'm wrong and will go out and shill for you.

              If I can prove it doesn't work and it is full of shit, you can just pay me back my "tuition" (if you haven't choked it down the nearest roulette drop box) and I get to expose your system even further for how wrong it is.

              Enjoy roulette, play it for what it is, but don't bullshit people that you "know this one trick that casinos hate.." and try and extort money from gullible/vulnerable people.

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    Free advice dont gamble if you dont just do it for fun

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      Comment if the day!! You get it.

  • What you do is pretend your associated with the high rollers and get free beverages. Winning! Also single 0 tables were not bad back in the day. Better to gamble on that table then anywhere else

  • Another no coiner. Just buy some Bitcoin already.

    • Funnily enough I have given the same advice in reverse to some crypto “experts” on OzB for EXACTLY the same reason and not to say one is better than the other😜

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    I used to have a gambling addiction a long time ago. It got bad, but thankfully I stopped before it got really bad and haven't gambled in any form in 20+ years.

    So I can relate to the (dangerous) mindset you're in OP. You you've found the answer. After years of gambling and trying different things, you've finally figured it out. But how many times have you thought you've found the answer? This will eventually end like all the other times.

    I get that you don't even really think about it as gambling. You think of it as an enjoyable game (sport?), just like any other. You get a little buzz out of winning and want this buzz to continue because it's fun. But you also realise to keep playing the game, you need to set a very strict limit and rules that you never break. Otherwise you'll go broke and not be able to play anymore. So it's not even a system to win. It's a system to keep playing. A game with no end.

    But your system has one fatal flaw. You. You're not a machine. You're human, and humans make mistakes. I'm guessing you've probably already made a few with your current system, but you've told yourself that you've learned from them, adjusted your rules and kept going. But what happens when you make a big mistake because something happens in your life that you don't expect, and you get really emotional. Do you then try and find a new system?

    Please don't teach your system to others either. It's going to end badly. You'll end up ruining too many lives. Most people don't like to lose, and no matter how much self control we have, our emotions still play a part and we want to 'get even'. That's the foundation of why gambling makes the house so much money.

    Finally, just one last piece of personal advice. Is roulette the only activity you find fun? Maybe try some other less-risky things and see if you can find something that you find equally enjoyable. You'll end up in a better place.

    • Sage advice with this comment to qualify that statement : Not everybody gets addicted to gambling just like not everybody gets addicted to substances such as alcohol. So many people enjoy the battle just like the punters do with the Melbourne cup. Some follow racing regularly and others just like a once a year flutter. That doesn’t mean that the majority of people think horse racing is something that should be avoided at all costs. Personally I don’t bet on horses because of the cruelty aspects of the industry but that’s a whole other post which would get probably as many opposing and condescending comments. But this is a forum, right?

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        Yep, true enough. The warning bells for me are:

        • You play every day of the week.
        • You need a system with strict rules that allow you to keep playing.
        • You've got a long history of gambling.
        • It's not something to appear to want to stop, ever.
        • You appear to be quite obsessed with it, to the point of wanting to teach others.

        There are a lot of warning signs of addiction there.

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          Yes that seems to tick boxes for a most problem gambler programmes but it assumes gambling is a problem. Similar exercises can be put together for alcoholics. Having been in the booze industry all my life I could say that about a majority amount of people I have known who came to the pub on a regular basis but they didn’t go there because the needed booze. They could have done that at home. It was their social component.

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    Oh bugger i've maxxed out my daily neg votes again. Can I get some more?

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      We’ll take it as a given. But you have unlimited opportunities to make negative comments. It’s the forum thing😎

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    MontyMacaw plays roulette seven days a week, claims not to have a problem. People critique this and Monty argues with them. To each their own I guess, but other people can see the obvious problem.

    • I don’t recall claiming I did or didn’t have a problem. You assumed.

  • Bit like the pokies. I know several people who claim they have a system that works.

    Trouble is they all seem to only remember winning, never losing, and if they sat down and were honest with themselves and actually did the maths they'd realise that they lost more than they won.

    If gambling is treated like a bit of fun and punters know that in the long run they'll lose it's good entertainment.

    Someone who claims to play 7 days a week, win or lose, has a serious problem and should seek help from a group such as Gamblers Anonymous as they are only hurting themself, their family, and their friends.

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    Most players at the casinos lose 90% of the time they go in. The key to winning is to leave when you are ahead. Usually at some point you will be up a few hundred but you have to get up and walk away.

    Most gamblers keep playing and only leave when they have no money left in their wallet. Its not a way to beat the odds by any means, but having an exit strategy will put you ahead of 90% of casino punters who just play until they have no money left. I mean do they really think they can keep winning and break the casino lol

    Better yet is to not play at all, but hey if we are talking about about it as a form of entertainment then at least be smart about it to get the most bang for buck.

  • I know similar people to the OP who are roulette aficionados.

    Long term - the game is unbeatable. However, if you are turning over thousands and you attain a high level loyalty status then the perks (free drinks, meals, points etc) can be enticing.

    There are people that try to detect roulette wheels with a bias and then exploit the bias. Casinos detect these people very quickly and usually the wheel gets changed very quickly.

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    The only strategy that works for dodgy systems like these, is selling shitty ebooks and "coaching" services for those dodgy systems.

    • There’s an idea. A large number on here think that is what this post is all about.

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    $20 for your strategy but you have to post it publicly final offer

  • Law of large number says you will lose money. But, double your bet every round and just choose black. As long as you win your last bet, you'll always be ahead ;)

  • Maybe the answer is Illuminati

    • Maybe it is…. Or maybe I am a secret plant for the grand world casino alliance who came up with a cunning plan to infiltrate OzBargain and get all those hard earned savings off them by turning them into gamblers. They do tend to show some addictive characteristics when it comes to bargains. Maybe it can be used against them??

  • How much are you taking there each day and how much are you aiming to win each day?

    Is it enough for you to live off without working? What happens if you lose for the week, Are you in trouble to survive?

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    huh…so OP's wondering if people will pay him to turn themselves into long term degenerate gamblers like him… haha that's a doozy alright.

    • The answers are already here but for those that missed them, I have a rigid bank of $300 to use at any one session and I aim to leave with anywhere between $0 and $600. So if I make up to $300 I’m very happy if I don’t lose it all I’m just happy. I pay all my bills on time or in advance and support my two pets who are in the best of health. I had an unexpected bill ($1400) with my car last week and paid cash without batting an eye as I realise you need to expect the unexpected and budget for it, which I do.

  • I couldn’t be bothered reading all the posts. But why not just share your strategy?
    Go on, help us beat the house…

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          His winning strategy is self-delusion.

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    Either you’ve rediscovered the Martingale strategy for roulette, OR you have found a table that is slightly biased in particular directions, and bet accordingly, or you’re using a camera+computer to predict where the ball will land… if not any of these, then yes - you’re almost certainly full of shit.

    • That’s a pretty finite set of variables there 😜

  • For those who are interested. While this thread has been going on, here are this week’s results so far. I did say I leave if I make or lose up to $300. You will see that one day the loss was $522 that was because I went twice which I sometimes do as I live close to a casino. Interestingly the losing day was the day I posted on here. It’s possible that affected my discipline.
    Monday 65
    Tuesday 357
    Wednesday -522
    Thursday 205
    Friday 224
    Saturday 171
    Wk Total 500

    Please don’t take this as a pitch to get people to pay me money. I’m just being straight up about what I am doing.

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      You say you leave when you win or lose $300 - so why did you only do that on two of the days? Looks very Brownian Motion to me rather than consistent wins and losses.

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        I leave on winning chips. Which can repeat and increase your profit and as for the -500 that was multiple sessions where I go home and come back which I stated. Good try though I’m glad you are paying attention you might just make a good player one day. BTW a good player usually doesn’t win. They just lose less than others.

        • So what was the investment you had to put in to have these net wins and losses? $1000 a session worth of chips then you leave when you’re +$100?

          • @doryappleseed: Read my replies it’s all there. If you want to know something sometimes you need to put a little effort in so go look through the thread.

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          “I leave on winning chips which can repeat and increase your profit”. That makes so sense. Yes playing more CAN increase your profit but on average you lose. If you just walk out when you’re up a certain amount and down a certain amount then on average you will still be losing more than you win. Unless you’re willing to share your ‘system’ in some capacity to make it open to independent scrutiny then I don’t see how it could possibly work. Hell if you’re in QLD I will happily go with you to the casino to watch your ‘system’ in action.

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      Anyone can make up imaginary casino winnings. Let me see how I go and how our systems compare.

      Here is my return for not playing roulette for the week…

      Monday: +300
      Tuesday: +300
      Wednesday: +300 and +300 (didn’t go into casino, ”twice”)
      Thursday: +300
      Friday: +300
      Saturday: +300
      Sunday: Day off to work on my discipline.
      Wk Total: $2,100

      This is my pitch on how you too can make $2,100 a week with a strict roulette strategy. Guaranteed payouts and pure profits. Casinos hate this one simple trick. Ask me how.

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        And on it goes… I really have gotten under your skin haven’t I? I like that. Keep up the interest. You might discover something you didn’t expect about yourself.

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          Nah, But I know I'm getting under your skin. (Else you wouldn't give me the time of day. I'm living up in your head rent free! :D) I live to de-bunk roulette "aficionados"

          Keep up the interest.

          I will. I love roulette, it's my favorite casino game. To me, it was the most skilled game to deal and was the epitome of casino gaming. It is one of the most prestigious and traditional games in the casino. You were not really a dealer unless you had roulette as a game. When I go to a casino now and play, I will only play live roulette with a dealer. Not because I try to win, but for the pure nostalgia and admiration of skill it takes to be good at dealing roulette. (They could teach monkeys to deal Blackjack and Baccarat.)

          To give you an idea, I did a quick calculation of how many games I have dealt of roulette in my life and it's like this…

          Worked at a casino for 8 years.
          I was a roulette dealer/supervisor for 6 of those years.
          I spent a majority of my time dealing and/or supervising roulette in those first 6 years so let's make that 4 years worth.
          I worked an average of about 260 days a year (5 days a week, 52 weeks a year)
          I worked an average of 6 hours a day (excluding breaks)
          I dealt usually anywhere between 20 and 60 hands of roulette an hour. (Let's say an average of 40 games/h)

          40 games an hour x 6 hours a shift = 240~ish games a day.
          240 games a day x 5 days a week = 1,200 games a week.
          1,200 games a week x 52 weeks in a year = 62,400 games a year.
          62,400 games a year x 4 years worth over my career = 249,600 games of roulette.

          This is give or take around a 1/4 of a million games of roulette I have dealt and/or supervised (and this calculation doesn't include when I was supervising up to 4 roulette tables at once.)

          So, please… tell me all about this great roulette system errr… strategy ummm… "discipline" you have going on there. I really want to know more.

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            @pegaxs: No you don’t. You only want to prove I’m a snake oil salesman. Not tying to out boast you: My experience spans 30 years of dedicated roulette playing from VIP rooms in all the major casinos in Australasia to a tin pot casino in Goa in India where you have to pay to get in and they give you credits to gamble and you can only put it on red. It keeps the poor people out they say, but hey that’s India for you. The roulette wheel was under glass and worked like a pinball launcher but there was a dealer of sorts and a proper layout. I did not enjoy the experience at all and only stayed for about half an hour as I like to engage in banter with the dealers when appropriate in not so busy periods.

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              @MontyMacaw: There's a world championship in poker. A mixed game of luck and skill. Ever wonder why there's no world championship in roulette? Hint: there's no skill involved.

              I hope your roulette career continues bringing you a nice second income.

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                @Cluster: I gotta put you straight here. There is a skill even for anybody that happily loses just for the entertainment factor. Put simply it’s discipline. Discipline can be the difference between spending your rent and grocery money to just spending your disposable entertainment budget and having a good night out like any other activity you enjoy. It doesn’t mean you win but mastering the art of control is a skill many do not have.

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                  There is a skill even for anybody that happily loses just for the entertainment factor. Put simply it’s discipline.

                  Not really. A skill (or a system if you like) will tell you how much to bet, when to bet or when to leave the table.
                  The discipline that you talk so much about will only cover two things:
                  * Not betting more than a certain amount
                  * Not going back to the table after you're finished.

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                  @MontyMacaw: The ultimate discipline is to not play at all. You can't beat the odds of not playing. At first I thought maybe you were talking about a system where you use available data to somehow nullify the house edge. But now I see that I was giving you way too much credit on that one. Your sales pitch about beating the house by having discipline is Tom Foolery at best!

                  Discipline in the casino is paramount if you are going to stand the test of time, but you have to admit you would still be miles ahead if you never stepped foot in there to begin with. You are talking about minimising losses vs not losing at all.

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                    Your sales pitch about beating the house by having discipline is Tom Foolery at best!

                    His sales pitch now seems to just be "I don't lose as much as the other silly gamblers, and I have fun."

              • @Cluster: Also many casinos have roulette tournaments with prizes. It happens.

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              You only want to prove I’m a snake oil salesman

              I don't have to prove it. You are making claims and innuendo that you are a master of roulette and are making constant profits and are surreptitiously offering/gauging interest in some kind of "paid tuition service" for something that you cannot overcome the odds of. There is no "skill" in roulette. So, in essence, you are lying about your ability to make profitable sessions of roulette and then using these lies to try and gauge interest in charging money for "coaching" people to the same wins. If this isn't the very definition of snake oil, I don't know what is.

              It seems almost everyone else in this thread thinks you are selling snake oil as well. I would only be "preaching" to the choir.

              If it isn't snake oil, present your "system" that works so well, so everyone can benefit from it instead of hiding behind the obfuscation of "I don't want the wrong people using it and getting hurt." No, but you would be happy to charge those people further money they can probably ill afford to pay, just to give them false hope of being able to claw their way out of the hole they may currently be in.

              As I said, I don't have to "prove" you are here selling snake oil, you are doing a great enough job of it on your own.

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        Now that's a strategy guaranteed to win every time! ;)

      • So my big question is would anybody pay to be coached in this timeless battle against the house and what would they expect for their money? Hypothetically of course.

        • Only thing you could teach people is sections (Grand Series/Tier/Orphens/Zero section) and neighbors or close splits (0/3 or 28/29 or 8/11)

          But what next? Teaching/coaching people how to play lotto/Keno or flips coins?

          • @pegaxs: The selections are secondary. The real difference in what I do is in the mindset, expectations and discipline. But keep guessing if that suits your agenda. As a side bar I think casinos are terrified that some people might actually be able to make a regular profit and share their method with the world. I’m certain that in time, if not already, AI will beat it. Try pulling your phone out near the wheel and Surveillance will quickly come and tap you on the shoulder and stop you with the explanation that they don’t want you filming the wheel. Of course there could be other reasons for this as well but I have seen this explanation been given. For a game that “can’t be beaten” casinos are very cagey about anybody that might be trying something out of the ordinary other than just cheating. Their research on the subject and sharing of faces and identities between the industry suggests a mindset of fear. As a dealer/pit boss you must have been witness to such things. I can’t help feeling you and I must have crossed paths at some point. If we did I’m sure we would have exchanged niceties which is in sharp contrast to what is happening here, sadly.

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              As a side bar I think casinos are terrified that some people might actually be able to make a regular profit and share their method with the world. I’m certain that in time, if not already, AI will beat it.

              Yeah, pedal your snake oil elsewhere.

              Casinos are not terrified of people making a regular profit off roulette. It hasn't happened in the last 200 years, and with the computing power available today, if it hasn't happened already, it isn't going to. In it's current form, roulette is basically mathematically perfect in favor of the casino.

              For a game that “can’t be beaten” casinos are very cagey about anybody that might be trying something out of the ordinary other than just cheating.

              Using a mechanical or electronic device IS cheating. They have every right to be "cagey" if they suspect someone is using a device to gain an advantage. Exploiting a weakness in the game is ok (see: card counting). If you need a device to do the work for you, it's cheating.

              I’m sure we would have exchanged niceties

              At the casino, I was paid to be nice to customers, even the tinfoil hat sporting, Nostradamus predicting, Rain Man calculating roulette aficionados. But on here, I can call out their bullshit, especially when they allude to their "consistent winnings" and offering to only "sell their success secrets" to willing buyers.

              I would have more respect for you if you a: just came out with your system so it could be inspected and tested, b: actually gave valid advice, c: were not trying to sell any snake oil "tuition" services or d: not trying to compare a game of fixed odds to a volatile crypto market that has no rules.

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                @pegaxs: Oh dear we’re down the assumption rabbit hole again. All wrong yet again. Is your life missing something one has to wonder.

                • @MontyMacaw: Wait. I've just worked out your system:

                  You gotta know when to hold 'em…

                  • @stumo: Yes! And when to fold ’em and when to walk away. NEVER count your money ‘til the playin’s done.

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      And if you really are a roulette aficionado then you'll know straight P/L numbers are meaningless. What's your bankroll and (if there is a system) unit size.

      • I posted previously that I take $300 in with me and leave when it is up to or less than $600 and down to or more than $0. I’m not after millions, just a good time and a challenge. Low stress is the key to enjoying the experience and not going home feeling bad or on too much of a high.

    • How many hours do you play each day?

      • Could be as little as an hour or up to 4 hours a day sometimes but that includes breaks. Usually one sitting would be no more than an hour. Sometimes 2 but not often and if I have a session that long I quit for the day. The longer you play the more likely you will lose all of your money.

        • Ok so at least you realise the concept that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose all your money.

          Now all that's left is for you to form the simple corallary that the less you play the more likely you are to keep all your money. And therefore your optimal strategy should be to not play at all!

          If your saying that people should play a little but try to leave when they are ahead, that's fine I guess but it's not a strategy to win at roulette. It's just a way to try and manage your money and your sessions better so that you don't lose too much all at once.

          Think of the house edge in the casino as erosion. And think of your bankroll as the cliff face that has to weather that erosion over time. The more roulette you play in your lifetime the more exposure you have to the house edge.

          How you decide to break up your sessions, and when you leave the tables doesn't get around that very simple fact. All it can do is limit your exposure by getting you to leave earlier than most hardcore gamblers would have. If you happen to win a session it's still due solely to being lucky. And the more sessions and wagers you accumulate over the years, the less likely it is that you will remain lucky!

          • -1

            @harthagan: I like your logic. I can get up and leave a session at a moments notice if my concentration or to use an old cliché “vibe” isn’t there. Yesterday for example I played for 25 minutes and was ahead $130 and my head just wasn’t in it so I got up had a hot chocolate, surfed the net, Twittered then went home for the day and returned at night where I ended up $282 ahead for the day. I cannot emphasise enough a person’s state of mind. If you are not feeling it you most likely will do badly by making silly and more risky bets. I’ve had years of managing my stress to improve my health and I think this has something to do with my game that has nothing to do with the maths. A bad set of numbers is always going to be a bad set of numbers, so you need to walk away from them and forget the experience ASAP usually with a break or by going home. Chasing a loss is what so many gamblers do that just multiplies their losses exponentially but capitalising on a good set of numbers can be very fruitful. I know the odds say different but the odds are averaged over thousands of spins when you may only play a few at a time. Few being in my case maybe 20 to 30 at a time I would estimate on average. Btw a good set of numbers is when they fall in your favour, not some mythical combination.

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      It's worrying that you use the word "make" instead of win. I really hope you (a) manage to see someone to get out of this hole you're in and (b) are not bringing anyone into this gambling spiral you're in.

      • -2

        Try not to over think what I write. It just leads to assumptions and negative judgements. I have no interest in posting this just to make other people gamble or string anybody alone. I thought the thread would have died in a few hours but here we are. It seems to be of interest for one reason or another to different people.

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    I can't believe this thread is still running. MontyMacaw, stop wasting time here trying to convince people they're wrong. Go and enjoy your winnings, and recruit more poker players to your system. Casinos are full of people who think that one big win is just another spin away.

    • -2

      One big win is always just one spin away but you would never know which spin that would be. Only a fool would want to try that and even if they did get it the temptation to try and repeat would be too much. And as for the thread going on I think I’ve proven that people are more interested than I anticipated which surprises me. What doesn’t surprise me is the vitriol that accompanies a lot of the comments but that is just human nature which when there are such a lot of people who only know terrible outcomes from people’s vices is perfectly understandable and can set them off on a crusade to warn the masses. The masses are better for the warning too!

      • +3

        Monty, you gamble every day of the week, boast about having a system to play a game where you're against the odds on every single spin, and yet somehow boast that you're so much above everyone else and that people are pouring unfair vitriol upon you. It just doesn't make sense.

        • No I don’t. Read my post again and don’t get dragged into the comments which make all sorts of assumptions that mostly ignore my original statements. As for the vitriol, I know where I am and what to expect. This is the best focus group on the web right here.

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    I'll tell you what OP. You're in Qld, maybe Brisbane. I'll meet you up at the casino with $300.
    You teach me your ways, and if I follow them and end day up, you can keep 1/2. But if I'm down, you owe me $150.
    At worst you're out $150 (but you probably made that back with your win!), at worst I end up with a crippling gambling addiction.

    Actually, on 2nd thought maybe not…

    • The problem with that is, if you get a lucky session, it's "see! I told you" because it is based on one session. You could leave thinking, "he was right" and then go on a 4 day losing streak and be $1,200 in the hole in less than a week.

      What you need to do is test the "system" over hundreds of thousands of games of roulette. Hell, even just 1000 games of roulette would give you a good indication of it's viability. You need to remove the outlier one off good and bad days to see if it really works… (A hint… it doesn't.)

      • You could leave thinking, "he was right" and then go on a 4 day losing streak and be $1,200 in the hole in less than a week.

        Hence the worst case scenario for me…

        • -2

          If that was to happen and as our friend says there was a “lucky streak” it could be very damaging for you. He’s absolutely right about the over time factor. But he’s still hung up on the system concept which is not what I am talking about at all. I’m talking about you as a player not the rigid rules of a system. What I do would fail miserably if I stuck to a rigid system based on mathematical theories surrounding the odds of the outcome of a ball spinning around a wheel.

          • +1

            @MontyMacaw: Well, it also seems like it fails in general by most people's expectation of spending time at a casino, as you say:

            BTW a good player usually doesn’t win. They just lose less than others.

            I think I'll spend my time losing money elsewhere.

            • @NigelTufnel: I hope you enjoy yourself. That’s what disposable income is all about

  • +1

    I have a fantastic roulette system too. It works 2.7% of the time, every time!

  • You have one edge over the casino. That is you can stop playing any point of time. win or loose. Casino has to play 24/7 regardless of the outcome.

    I can't comment on Ops system or method. But if you do have a winning system you will be busy enjoying life and won't have time to teach someone Roulette.

    • -2

      It’s a bit like learning something new and enjoying it. You tend to want to share that experience with others in the hope they will have a similar experience at their particular skill level. Or maybe just like recommending a great movie. I watched Last Night In Soho last night and have already recommended it to several of my friends and family. It’s a really fun movie with the girl out of JoJo Rabbit, the Girl from Queen’s Gambit, Prince Phillip from the Crown and Dianna Rigg in what must have been one of her last appearances in a movie. Thoroughly good entertainment and not too heavy for those that enjoy a good story. There I done it again 😜

  • Don’t think any strategy works, but I did read a story that happened very long ago where some engineer determined which number to go for because the roulette spinner was tilted or something to do with the weight that favoured certain numbers. The house noticed he was winning and so they moved the table around but the engineer noticed he was losing but found the correct table again and kept winning until they moved that table. He left a millionaire (probably worth billions now) and never ever played roulette again.

    Also, I noticed talking about money in this forum generally pisses people off.

    I’m saying that, got into crypto this year and made a tradebot with a strategy that probably no one will think it’s a good idea but it’s doing quite well so far.. then again anyone who literally started investing at the very beginning of this year could hardly lose as long you were prepared to hold your coins/tokens for a period of time.

    IMO roulette is more about luck unless OP HAS an unorthodox strategy like the one above.

    • -1

      There are a lot of those stories about people
      who have done things like that which in that case is exploiting the bias of the wheel as it ages. Casinos rebalance and rotate wheels around the casino to try and disrupt this. You can regularly see people sitting and writing down number for hours a day over long periods of time to try and figure the bias out. Even if they do, exploiting the bias takes time because it is only subtle and takes some time to take advantage of.

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