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Samsung S20 FE 5G 128GB $584.35 ($534.35 with $50 Voucher for Newsletter Signup) @ Samsung Education Store


Samsung S20 FE 5G is one of very best phones available in the market with Snapdragon 865 processor.

I purchased it a year ago and I have got nothing to complain.

6.5" display with 120Hz refresh rate, 3x Optical zoom from rear cam, 32MP front cam, 4500mAh battery, Qi wireless charging and reverse charging are its assets. Night mode works so good.

Now there is a huge price drop as Samsung might announce S21 FE soon. Nonetheless, $584 is a bargain for this one.


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    • Mine still has a few oddities, but not enough that it would trade the phone for anything else. I paid $600 last year and have never owned a flagship (or close to) and it's been otherwise flawless.

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      I've had this phone since Jan 21. Had all the touchscreen issues initially, but for the last 3 or 4 months it's been fixed. Can't remember which update did it, but it's 100% fixed. Very happy with this model.

    • The touch screen is not perfect. I have owned every Galaxy S since the first one, and this screen is a step backward from all of them.
      I bought 2x S20 FE 5G phones and have been using them for 12 months, and the screen acts the same on both of them.
      Sure… it's slightly better after some updates, but still has it's quirks and reminds me regularly that it's a bit odd.

      I'm not a mobile gamer and typically a one-hand user, so the ghost touch issue doesn't affect me much.

      Apart from that… great phone, great battery life (heavy phone!), decent camera, snappy processor, in-screen fingerprint scanner works well (as long as you keep the screen clean).

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    Get stuffed. Only paid over 700 on weekend ,πŸ˜’

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    Great price. Mine feels like it hasn't aged a day.

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    CHEAP! good phone. been using it for a year!

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    I have an LG V50 however after dropping it a few times on hard floor (yes I know pls don't judge), the wireless charging stopped working and the screen also cracked. I also don't really like it's camera.

    Will this be a worthy upgrade for me? Or should I wait for a price drop on the Pixel 6?

    • How much did you pay for LG V50?

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          Upgrade, mate. Considering S20 FE has newer Snapdragon processor.

          • @Vamsy49: How about the 4G version? Is there any differences between the two models apart from 4G vs 5G?

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              @Redragon: I don't believe so.

            • @Redragon: Latest 4G versions has same SD865 so no difference apart form 4G/5G.

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      Pixel 6's fingerprint scanner has an issue of being slow and easily failing, might need to take it into account

      • Yeah I've read that. Hopefully it's fixable with software upgrade

        • I was worried about that ordering my pixel but probably only fails 1/10 times for me its been perfectly fine. Obviously slower than my LGs physical button scanner but still fast.

          Only issue I have with pixel is the off axis colour shifting on white screens though havent had a chance to compare side by side with other phones yet to see if its just in my head/normal OLED

    • +3

      this is ozbargain

      we don't judge here

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      Wait for P6 price drop. While you wait, they should fix all the software bugs.

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      I have the V50 myself.

      There really isn't a decent upgrade path as of yet in terms of tech specs if you paid $600 like I did.

      Everything that offers better specs costs more and you could lose features like SD, band support (not all devices are 5G) and headphone jack.

      Everything that costs the same or less retains these but could have worse specs (processor, memory, storage, band support)

      I'd wait for Pixel 6 or something else.

      Samsung sometimes seems to give us the worse of the models from a series with worse processor, storage or ram.
      I would have purchased the S10e back in the day to replace my v20 but we got the lower spec version.

      Comparing the two (S20 FE 5G) I'd say its almost a downgrade.

      LGV50 has a 1440p screen vs 1080p on the FE.
      LGV50 has a headphone jack/DAC where as the FE doesn't
      Same amount of RAM
      Camera specs seem to be slightly better on the v50 (camera software is garbage though)

      The S20 FE 5G has

      Minor processor upgrade.
      Better 5G support.
      Better battery
      Better android update support (but not by much)

      • -4

        I have to disagree with lot of your views.

        The fact that people want to upgrade V50 tells a lot. How much V50 costed you anyway?

        I am using S20 FE 5G for more than a year now and I feel I don't need an upgrade for up to 3 more years.

        1440p is unnecessary for a mobile screen and sucks lots of battery and space.

        S20 FE has 120Hz refresh rate. freaking smooth.

        It is funny you mentioned headphone jack. Is there any new phone coming with headphone jack? I have buds, its been haven't used jack for 2 years now.

        Camera software isn't garbage. In fact one of the bests after apple and pixel.

        Better processor, better battery capacity, faster charging, guaranteed Android updates for at least 3 more years are things to consider.

        You could always go for 8GB RAM variant if you want.

        • +3

          I have the V20. With the V series you can plug in high quality wired headphones that go hand in hand with the high quality DAC. Most 'fast food' phones are not going to take this route, you're right, but it's a nice little touch for the few that appreciate it and it would be stupid for ALL manufacturers to completely abandon the idea. Now that LG has bowed out of the mobile game I fear that this could become a reality but then again, as soon as it does, I'm sure some company with bring it back from leftfield as a point of difference.

          • +2

            @eloque: This is really only an issue if you're using a quality lossless audio source in a good listening environment, or with ultra noise isolation. It was a nice idea by LG, but after I tried the DAC I wasn't that sold. If you're wiring it into a hifi system, then there's always the option to send the digital source over there via USB-C and let that do the DAC which can easily beat the LG performance.

            • +1

              @nitens: Or if you already have a bunch of 600 ohm headphones you don't want to trash, or you simply prefer using them or wired headphones in general, including those with noise cancellation etc. Or if you want to plug in a decent headphone amp (in DAC mode, the sound is a fair bit softer admittedly). I could go on but basically at least you have the option - all modern phones with headphone jacks also have wireless options. True, though, that you can get an adaptor for most of them through the charging port but then the charging port is occupied unless you get an even more special 'double' adaptor.

              Then again there's that extra bit of interference and resistance, even if unnoticeable to most ears. If you don't care about little barely noticeable additions that could go wrong or change the sound then you're also probably not going to care about going wireless with the headphones. Maybe it can be argued that the cables add something that wireless technologies don't but the sound is not going to suddenly cut out for invisible reasons.

              I get that all of this is debatable and is getting awfully close to audiophile blind testing conversation territory, where I am out of my depths but ultimately it's horses for courses and only one route caters to people who still want to use their wired headphones easily and not want to worry about charging yet another appliance or worse, having their headphones die. No doubt, the better the wireless headphones, the more power becomes an issue.

              • @eloque: I have a cheap $3 usb to 3.5mm dongle for using my old wired phones. Probably not as good a sound as the LG DAC if I'm honest, but when listening wandering down the street or on PT it's plenty good. However, I rarely pick them up now given the convenience of not having a wire.

                I totally agree it's a personal preference thing, and having options to suit the individual is great. LG certainly didn't do a good job of selling this feature. I also think that there's just not that many people interested in using their phone as a high quality audio source at the expense of other phone features.

        • You are more then welcome to disagree with me.

          Paid 600 bucks for it as stated in my post. It came also with the dual screen attachment as well.

          I don't feel the need to upgrade my v50 but if I break it and when the manufacturer no longer makes phones it won't be long before I have no choice (no root access, no software updates, eventually limited parts and repair options)

          1440p while sucking battery does look nice and better than 1080p.

          Camera software being garbage refers to the v50 I thought that was clear in my post.

          I have quite a few pairs of wireless buds and I like using nice wired headphones as well.

          Choices for headphone usage are good.

          What's funny is it wasn't too long ago when Samsung mocked apple for removing the headphone jack in high end phones.

          Losing features and design variety options from mid to high end phones isn't a good thing long term.

          It won't be too long before we have portless and simless phones, parts tied to serial number with software and hardware locks so no 3rd party repair and you'll have to replace the whole phone when you break any part.

          I suspect software updates past the useful life of the device as determined by the manufacturer as a paid service too.

          Yes the battery on the Fe is better by 400mh, the processor is slightly newer, the software will be updated longer (let's hope Samsung's software updates are better than they were back when I had a S1, S2, note 3 and note 4 when they were half baked and broken) and the charging is better but overall as a package it's a minor upgrade at best while losing features.

          In my case if it ain't broke don't fix it. For the v50 owner who's phone is broken they have some choices to make.

          The Fe appears to be a great device and for what it's worth the features on offer for the discount price is pretty good and if I was still driving my v20 daily I'd be upgrading.

    • RIP. I've dropped my V30+ on hard floors dozens of times, not even a scratch with my Spigen case. I'm terrified of getting a phone that doesn't hold up as well when it comes to drops now.

      • If you have a Spigen case, I don't think any phone could break.

  • +6

    No headphone jack no deal!

    • +1

      I used to say the same thing, and was watching for an a52 black friday deal, but this bargain … has broken me :'(

    • +5

      I get it, but you're going to have to move on at some point.

    • There isn't any flagship phone with headphone jack nowadays. I feel funny people mention that.

      • There are those Sony Xperias, look pretty good hardware wise but they are super expensive

        • +1

          And not available locally.

  • +4

    I am very happy with this phone since moving to it from the LG v30.
    120Hz OLED screen is bright and very smooth, bonus has some kind of DC dimming above 30% so no headaches/sore eyes for me
    Good camera, takes nice photos
    Wireless charging
    Battery life last the day for me
    Regular updates
    Currently on Android 11
    Takes a microsd card.
    DeX is a bonus

    Great price.

    • My v30 has been dying. The fingerprint scanner stopped working about a month ago and now the speakers have gone really quiet. I am finally considering an upgrade. Thank you.
      I'm still tempted to wait in case the pixel 6 has a better deal on black friday.

      • My v30 fingerprint scanner is miles better than the S20 FE though.
        Particularly if you have a screen protector.
        The LG is still the better design IMO.
        v30 lighter, thinner, narrower, but has a wider higher res screen (narrower bezels)
        And the quad DAC is of course amazing.
        I have dot OS 5.2 on my one at the moment. Still looks great.

  • +1

    May I ask.. is this phone a dual SIM?

    • +2

      These are single sim

    • Would like to know also

    • No

      • +1

        Thanks for the reply, definitely would've got it if it is dual

        • I imported mine from HK to get a Dual SIM (or SIM + MicroSD) model.

          • @So lo: Got my V20 from HK with dual SIM and despite not being used for ages the feature is currently serving us in an invaluable way after a bunch of sudden phone failures. May I ask how your HK price for the DS model compares to this deal?

            • +1

              @eloque: I paid $718 inc shipping from TobyDeals (now defunct?) on 4th Dec 2020 for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G G781 6GB/128GB Dual Sim - Cloud Mint.

              • @So lo: Cheers. That seems to be about the current going rate for the single sim model here (prior to this deal).

  • +1

    How much better than S9+ is it? They still sell for over $300 used, wonder if it is worth selling and getting this..

    • I am pretty sure this one is faster than S9+ and latest features and hardware.

  • +2

    I have this phone. Its amazing and great value at this price. It's got amazing battery life and performs really quickly (much better than my Pixel 3 and Iphone 8 on both fronts). The 120 screen refresh rate is also absolutely amazing and you'll never be able to go back to a lower phone refresh rate after using this phone once.

    • +2

      Meh not true. Had one and sold it to go back to mate 20.

      Feel it to be a superior phone, especially camera

      • +1

        I had a Mate 20 Pro and it was significantly better, especially in terms of the camera. I must say that I love the 120hz screen on this thing though…

  • +3

    Can also vouch this is rock solid phone. Latest features, nice screen, strong battery life, microsd. Have been using for over a year. No regrets.

  • Any tips on how to sign up for newsletter? I might be having a Barry but on the Education site now and can't seem to see how to do this.

    • +2

      Found it. Had to go back to the main Samsung shop page, click the Education "Learn More" button and then saw the pop up for the $50 voucher.

      • +1

        Thanks mate. How long till you received the email?

        • +1

          Looks to have been about 36 minutes.

  • +1

    How long do you need to wait for newsletter signup codes to come through?

    • I'm waiting for mine too. Has been over 30mins now

      • Also waiting 30+ mins. Live chat says they are sent in batches but not clear how often they're sent.

        edit: took a good hour

    • It could take up to 24h. but contact chat support they can give you some information on that.

  • +1

    Is there any other difference between 4g and 5g variant? Looking to buy 4g variant. Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      The latest 4G versions have same Snapdragon processor unlike first version.

      Only difference now is 4G and 5G but considering rapid technological advancements I'd pay few bucks extra and go for 5G even I don't use 5G in near future.

      • Oh it’s actually a present for someone overseas with no sign of 5g in upcoming future 😊

  • Is it a dual sim slots with a separated ms card slot?

  • +1

    I have one of these from work. It's good. Just wish it was dual SIM for my personal sim too :(

    • +1

      Need to get an imported one from UK or Asia for that. Not sure why aussie models have no dual Sim..

  • which one is better, this pixel 6 from Telstra 792 later on ? thansk

    • Not sure if one is straight better. Pixel will have better software into the future and debatably a better camera system even if missing the zoom. But I would honestly just rather a snapdragon SoC and samsung screen probably slightly nicer. Consider them similar and decide if the Pixel's software is worth $200 to you I considered the pixel worth it myself but dunno how much I would recommend everyone just pay the extra

  • What are the Camera's like on this model, I have heard others say they prefer shot quality of a S10 compared to these however have not heard what other owners have said or experienced. Maybe its just my friends opinion yet good to hear others views.

    • +1

      Bought one for missus last year, the back camera is stunning comparable to S21, the only concern is the front camera which doesnt have auto-focus even though the resolution is higher. So if you do a lot of selfies, stay away.

      Overall, the phone is fast and out performs the S21 on exynos - at least what I feel.

      • Thanks for sounding off πŸ‘

    • I have this phone and my wife have S10+. I like the picture from S10+ it looks warmer (?), but the one from this phone is def sharper.

    • Great pics imo. I like it so far.

    • Close-up pictures on the rear camera are far more blurry than a Pixel 2XL. Everything else is pretty decent.

  • +3

    Thanks OP.

    FYI - this is also available at this price for Westpac customers via the app> Rewards & Offers> Samsung link.

  • Where is the newsletter signup?

  • I broke the screen on my S20FE 4G but the $325 repair put me off (concerned that it might not have just been the screen).

    But for $469 for a brand new phone/new battery etc, I think I might pull the trigger, again!

    • Where did you get the $469 price from, please?

      • +1

        $519.35 - $50 (newsletter promo code) = $469.35

        This is for the 4G model.

  • Are you sure it uses SD865? I thought all samsung phones in Australia use the comparatively inferior Exynos processors

    • +2

      S20 FE 5G always had Snapdragon exclusively.

      S20 FE 4G was refreshed and now also includes Snapdragon instead of Exynos.

    • Not all Samsung phones use Exynos.

      S20 FE 5G has SD856 and latest 4G versions have SD865 too.

    • Just FYI the latest Exynos processor in the S21 series is no longer inferior to the SD equivalent.

  • +1

    Sold my s20 fe after a couple of months. Its camera is so slow and the optical fingerprint reader sucks. Happy with s21 now

  • +2

    I purchased it last week from JB for $699, oh well….

  • +3

    Looking to upgrade from my S8+. Is the S21 worth the extra $$ over this?

    Edit: Pulled the pin and with the S20fe.

  • +1

    I keep signing up to the newsletter and emailing them to get the 50 dollars off but no luck

    • It takes like a day to receive the code. I contacted chat support when it was delayed previously, they sorted it out for me..

      • Which part of support did you use? I tried as well, but they said they cannot do anything apart from sending email to [email protected].

        • the universal support


          • +1

            @shabaka: I sent an email to [email protected] and they replied with the $50 code.
            According to the email, my email (gmail) blocked the Samsung's email so I did not receive the code in the past.

            • @Theseed: Thanks, shot an email off to them and see if I can get a voucher

    • +1

      I emailed them about 5 hours ago and they replied with a promo code just then.

      • I emailed 13 hours ago and still got no reply :(

        • Yeah I emailed last night and nothing, the phone is now out of stock anyway :s

  • +1

    I don't think it's a quick process to receive the newsletter voucher? I signed up hours ago and still nothing

  • I upgraded to this from Pixel 2XL. Overall a good phone but I find it has odd bugs every now and then, probably something to do with Samsung's OS. Not as smooth as the Pixel 2XL. Fingerprint reader is more sluggish as well.

    Video recording is definitely an upgrade from the 2XL though.

  • Any chance this will come to the Government portal?

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