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Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case $327.83 Delivered @ Mediaform (OW Price Beat $311)


The new version of the AirPods Pro with MagSafe is back in stock at mediaform. OW will price match this as it’s the same model number (I just got these for 311 at OW).

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  • Price is $327.83 to be exact

  • Isn’t that previous good deals could go down to around 270?

  • cheaper here https://www.mydeal.com.au/apple-airpods-pro-white-6302072, plus cashreward, it was 18% cashback yesterday, 12% today: https://www.cashrewards.com.au/mydeal

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      Technically different product. This is with MagSafe.

      • fair enough

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          For what its worth though, I think its better to go with the non-magsafe version given the pricing difference.

          With the MagSafe, because its so weak, once you pop a case on it won't stick anyway.

    • how is the service from mydeal. I have never used them. Can you return and get refund easily if it doesn't work or doesn't fit? Also does it come with apple warranty?

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      Cashback is ineligible on - Apple branded products.

      • 👍 damn that’s so hard to find this condition

  • for anyone travelling oversea for Christmas, this price is perfect for GST refund

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    *$299 at kogan.
    But it is kogan

    • $299 is the old model. They have this model for $359.

    • Kogan seems to say theirs is an import. Anyone know if the MyDeal one is Aus stock?

  • Thanks heaps! Was just about to get this from JB and came across this post! Price matched at OW for $311.44

  • can i price match at JB?

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    Heh got mine for a bargain at around $280 from OW (magsafe version)

    • How though? :O

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        https://ibb.co/XLjByPT - Price matched MyDeal few weeks back.. don't know why I got negative votes?

        • Any link for the product you price matched?

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            @Thedesishopper: Looks like it's been changed to the wireless charging case now. They had it up as the 'New Air Pod Pros' seeing as it was a quiet release from Apple and with the extremely clear naming conventions it's a wonder why people get mixed up.. Which is what I assume it was at someone's end. But me as the customer.. I just showed them the link with the title etc, they took their time scanning through it and eventually accepted it.

            • @StiSupafly: Was it this one? I thought this was the non-mag safe case https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658035

              Are you being sarcastic about their naming convention because I am hella confused every time I look at these air pod pros… If you aren't can you help clarify?

              Does "with wireless charging case" = Magsafe case?

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                @hhuy837: 'With Wireless charging' is the original Airpod pro
                'New Airpod Pros' or 'With Magsafe' is the 'newer version'

                Yeah it is confusing for sure! To clarify they are exactly the same Airpod Pro's new one literally just has MagSafe (Magnetic) compatible charging case.

                • @StiSupafly: Thanks for the clarification! Went and got this price beat at OW using some old gift cards I had laying around.

  • This or Sony xm4?

    • If you have an iphone, get this. The convenience is superb and it integrates perfectly with iOS. I love handover; it automatically connects to the device I'm using (macbook to iphone to ipad)

    • Sony xm4 sucks with Apple computer, It has some Audio channel issue with mac. (I asked other people who uses mac + xm4 / 3 and they all face the same issue.)
      It works great with iPhone.
      The Audio experience is compromised on Mac. (Not every time.)
      PS> I do not have Apple air pods.

  • Don't forget the 'Live Listen' feature 😉

  • Thanks so much, price matched with OW and ended up at $309 (pickup).

  • Price is down to $319 now and got OfficeWorks to price beat at $303. Happy days!

  • yep me 2! stoked - thanks OP

  • Price matched at OW also. $309. Very pleasant lady over the phone, no problems at all.

  • OW refused to price match media form, manager insisted that I price match Dick Smith for total of 303.5. Win I guess?

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