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35% off all Samsung Wearables: Buds2 $142.35, Watch4 from $259.35, Watch4 Classic from $356.85 Delivered @ Samsung EDU Store


As part of Samsung Education Store Black Friday Offers:


Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Looking at a 44mm watch 4… wait until black Friday for a better deal from JBhifi maybe??

    • Used to have Samsung watch.
      Moved to fitbit versa 3 because it has Google assistant.

      Bixby sucks and I'm glad they are getting rid of it.

      • +1

        Could have sideloaded the APK

    • Not sure whether jbhifi will go that low for watch 4 classic 46 mm price. TGG commercial has it for $454

      • Bluetooth or LTE?

  • +4

    Just bought a watch 4 classic 46 mm for $516 from jb. 🥲

    • +5

      I mean, oh man that sucks 😕

    • +14

      A moment of silence for our fallen comrade.

    • Is Classic worth the extra $ ?

      • Feels much nicer to use, looks great, and protects the glass - so yes, absolutely. I have the 46 mm one with a custom stainless steel strap and it puts my friends' Apple Watches to shame.

      • 100%

      • Depends, it's 50% heavier and bulkier (a factor if planning on sleep tracking), costs $100 more and is functionally identical to the GW4 (apart from physical bezel vs virtual bezel).

        It really comes down to if you think the bezel is worth $100 and the added bulk/weight don't matter to you I guess.

        • Physical bezel is the best grown up fidget spinner ever

        • I used to use my 51mm Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire for sleep tracking band the size didn't bother me (but it's poor accuracy did). So the 46mm GW4 Classic is better in every way in this regard.

      • +2

        If you decide to go with the regular GW4 at least make sure you get a case for it.

        I've got the Classic and I've been grateful for the bezel a number of times already when I've inadvertently clunked the watch against some hard surface or another.

      • yep

        feels better and looks the part.

    • If they go on sale for Black Friday next week you can go in store and they'll refund the difference so you get the sale price. I think the sales start Tuesday.

  • Does the edu store have any sort of price protection?

    • Nope. But 35% is an acceptable deal.
      Not sure if we will get price match from JB/GG for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

      And even if they released deals that were competitive, there's no guarantee they will have enough stock. There are scalpers lurking after all.

  • Why the reviews are 2,3 stars only. Are they bad?

    • Are you looking at the watch? Don't worry about the Samsung website one, look at it on the JB Hi-Fi website they are like all 4+

    • because people dont know how to save battery, they think the battery is awful but after turning off the services that are constantly on, the watch should last you whole day and more. bought the watch4 classic for dad, first day it ran out of charge and he had to charge it at office after leaving home with 100%

      next day, turned off a lot of services, then it lasts whole day and longer for him. paired with a samsung s21, it is great for him.

  • Anyone know if all the health stuff works for the Watch 4 (40mm) in Australia. I felt burnt when I bought the active watch with the "ECG and Blood pressure" only to find out none of them were actually switched on in Australia.

  • +1

    Nice prices, will wait for next gen wih better battery life, till then ticwatch

    • I’m waiting for watch69 too

    • What is the battery life of these compared to next gen?

      • +1

        Expecting bigger battery as galaxy watch gen 1

    • until Samsung increases battery life i see no reason to part with $300-$400
      Garmin are the way to go in terms of battery life

      • Came from a Garmin and the Watch 4 44mm battery life is fine. Easily a day and a half and then charge at night or while in the shower.

  • I want to buy one
    But unfortunately I don't have the required email 😕

  • No discount on Government portal?

  • Great prices!! I love my watch4 classic and my mother-in-law loves her watch 4 44mm model.

    • How is battery life

      • +1

        Usually lasts around 1.5 days. It charges quickly so I always charge a bit before I go to bed and wear it while I sleep.

    • 44mm not too big for your Mum's wrist?

      • +1

        thought so too but she wanted 44mm and she's happy with it because the screen is bigger and easier to see :)

  • Grabbed one quick as I noticed some of the watches and accessories started going OOS! Getting OzBargained! :D

  • How does one get an edu email without knowing anyone with an edu email?

    • Thinking for same

    • -1


    • There's no easy way, AFAIK.

    • sign up to uni
      quit before payment day

  • +7

    Hi guys fyi same deals apply to the Samsung Westpac access/portal

    • Yeah, you beat me to it.

    • Hi
      Do you have the link for Samsung westpac access?
      Thank you

      • Go through your rewards in your online banking

  • Bought Buds Live for $99 at Kogan last week.

  • So annoyed I purchased two galaxy 4 watches last week and burnt my $50 voucher when they are so much cheaper now. I wonder if Samsung will be friendly?

    • Contacted Samsung and they really don't care….

      • Thank you for making me feel better (only bought one).

      • Samsung really aren't nice. Missed a promo by 1 day last yr (bonus buds), phone was in transit hadn't even arrived, they basically said suck eggs.

  • +2

    Is there anyway to use LTE with prepaid? Would love not having to take my phone with me everywhere but don't want to sign up for a plan!

    • Yeah, I would like to know the same.

    • I'd like to know as well.

  • Are these watches deal available now at edu portal? Or do we have to wait till black friday for these deals to show up?

    • Available now.

  • no EDU account……sad…

  • Is there a way to get edu email account? Like signing up for any online free course etc?

    • You can buy edu email accounts online, eBay, other websites etc

      • -1

        I don't think there is anywhere that sells edu.au

        • Oh damn, my bad, didn't realise it needed to be edu.au

  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) black is out of stock on government portal.can anyone confirm if its still available at samsung edu portal?

    • Classic 46mm Black is also out of stock at the Edu site too.

  • If $50 voucher works it's cheaper than pre order promo 🥲🥲

    • it works

      • I have an old account and already used the voucher. Should I create another account with Gmail? Or should I create the new account with.edu?

        • you can use the voucher on the same account again. you need a new voucher.

  • Funny, the landing page of education store says "up to 20% off" but its actually 35% off.

    • Up to 20% off is their normal, every day discount.

  • +2

    same prices at EPP stores if you work at one of these

    an account from the following corporate partners is required (Prices may vary between corporate partners)


    Australian Government
    Australia Post
    Sydney Opera House

    • Thanks for sharing

  • Anyone able to receive there $50 sign up coupon? I've signed up but never received anything in my inbox

    • +1

      send an email to [email protected]. You will receive it after couple of hours.

      • Thanks just sent them an email, hopefully they pull through before galaxy watch4 sells out 😅

        • $50 sign up coupon requires $350 spend by the way. So a few of the watch4 don't qualify after discount.

        • STILL waiting for mine. They are hopeless.

          • @boxall: Got it and now out of stock for the one I want.

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