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US$4 off US$30, US$8 off US$60, US$11 off US$90, US$15 off US$150, US$20 off US$200 Spend on Selected Items @ AliExpress


Back again with more AliExpress coupons and this is a big one with 18 coupon codes available. These coupons are for "Selected Items" and the only way to tell if a product is eligible is by trying to apply the coupon code at checkout.

I applied the coupons successfully on the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro and multiple products in the OnePlus Official Store so there's definitely a wide range of products out there that are eligible for the discount.

Coupons set to expire on the 1st of December at 7pm AEDT, though that may change.

Currency in USD. Coupons are 1 per order, minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$4 $30 4FOUAD
$4 $30 94gizchinait
$4 $30 11NOV3
$8 $60 8FOUAD
$8 $60 8gizchinait
$8 $60 11NOV08
$11 $90 11FOUAD
$11 $90 11gizchinait
$11 $90 11NOV11
$15 $130 15FOUAD
$15 $130 15gizchinait
$15 $130 11NOV015
$20 $170 20FOUAD
$20 $170 20gizchinait
$20 $170 11NOV20
$27 $230 27FOUAD
$27 $230 27gizchinait
$27 $230 11NOV27

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

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  • Yeah i bought Lenovo Tab P11 Pro back with the 11.11 coupon with cover at $415 was a steal.

    • Serious question, if you’re spending that much, why not just get an iPad?

      • +1

        Not wanting to feed the trolls but my guess would be that some people prefer Android over Apple

        • You may have just fed the troll. Basically that. Android over Apple.

  • Btw OP you might want to buy the pen for your Tab with coupon


    • I didn't buy the tablet myself. Just used it as an example from a previously popular deal. Good price for the Stylus though.

  • Well this is super sus. Last week I was looking for a OP8T and last week on Ali it was 650 ish… Now it's 690 so they jacked up the prices and made it appear like a sale

    • +1

      Last week was the Singles Day promotion so many things were on sale. Now it's probably returned to normal price. There will be a big sale again on Black Friday.

      • Well that's true… Either way I want a OP8T but not sure I trust what I order is what I'll get I want kb2003 for band 28 and it shows that in the image when you select China… But I'm worried they'll ship at kb2000

        • +1

          Message the store and be like "Is the OP8T model KB2003 or KB2000?" without saying what your preference is. Might get an honest answer :)

          Reviews if any on the listing are important to check.

  • the real question is if cashrewards will track properly :'(

    • No reason it shouldn't. All of my orders from AliExpress have tracked recently including the 21 orders I made with Singles Day.

      • Don't coupons such as these invalidate CR/SB?
        I bought a bunch of stuff on singles day but didn't bother with the cashback websites because they didn't have the various AliExpress and Store coupons listed.

        • +1

          That's just a general disclaimer on everything in case it wasn't to track. AliExpress push event coupons like Singles Day hard to their partners with many incentives to share them. They'll pay out.

  • How about something for us cheap bastards out there? Spent a whole hour last night to finally end up spending a grand total of $9.45

    • Singles Day has a heap of $1 off $2 etc coupons for many stores that sold cables and other cheap stuff 🤣

      Maybe wait for the next 15% cashback so it'll offset the GST and give you an extra 5%

  • +1

    Get $7 off on orders over $50 with code admitadBF7
    Get $12 off on orders over $100 with code admitadBF12
    Get $18 off on orders over $150 with code admitadBF18
    Get $23 off on orders over $190 with code admitadBF23
    Get $30 off on orders over $250 with code admitadBF30

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