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Dell S2721D $269, S3422DWG $549, S3222HS $349, S2721H $219, AW3821DW $1499 Delivered @ Dell eBay


These deals will be going live at 10am 19/11.

Prices are similar to October's promo though there have been some items that have had a price increase due to the global parts shortage.

Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

Price drops that I've negotiated -

Items where prices have remained the same as October -

These monitors are out of stock and won’t be in the promo - S2421HS, S2721HN.

Original coupon post

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  • Any updates for S2722DC?

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    any 2 in 1 bot ?

  • Only for eBay Plus members?

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    Do any XPS 15 laptops go on sale?

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      Check out the Outlet store especially during Black Friday period (seems like it may started already?).

      Last year I picked up a high end XPS 15 config for ~$1300, which normally sat around the $1800 mark on outlet. The regular non-Outlet price would have been around $2500+.

      • I wasn't aware there was an outlet website - I'll check it out, thanks :)

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    really wished the AW3821DW could've gone below $1499

    • I believe Dealbot mentioned it a couple of months ago it wouldn't drop to the $1299 price again for a while.

      • Yea saw that on the last post he made on 1299 :( i regretted not getting it.

        I did get the 3422dwg for 499. Dont regret one bit excellent monitor but wished i had a bigger monitor. i was thinking for 4 inch pay extra 800 is quite steep. but oh well….

      • That was a killer deal for a 38" IPS high refresh monitor. Seems like LG would never come down to Dell level.

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        Does it mean it will be that price later again or never ever?

    • If it’s $1299, I will definitely get one

  • any deal for 3060 laptop?

  • Should I bite the bullet for a monitor now or wait until Black Friday sales next week?

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      There will only be one surprise for BF… and it's not for gaming.

      • Awesome! Finally! I have been looking for a monitor on which I can basically do excel sheet stuff. What keyword do I use to create an alert? I got "monitor" in already.

      • Hoping it's 4K and not curved :-)

        • Man you jinxed it! :P now it's going to be QHD and curved!

      • dealbot, what does your crystal ball say about a soundbar deal?

      • Will it be much different to current deal?

      • Any updates, you kind sir?

      • Ooh what is the surprise? Because I'm desperate for a new monitor and am thinking of buying the
        Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3422DWG for $549 but it's purely for work, I don't plan to game at all…so should I wait until actual black friday or buy this today. Do these deals end today? Asking because on the dell website the black friday deals have an end date today and I have no idea what monitor to buy:(

        • OP says this deals ends 29th Nov

  • I ordered a few Dell S2721DS in late October when the deliver date was listed as November 12 - once the order was submitted it was changed to December 1.

    Are all stock coming from overseas warehouses? That's the only explanation I can think of for why it was pushed out nearly a month.

    If so you should be up front with everyone in your deals on the delivery dates - I needed these a week ago and it'll have been 6 weeks by the time I get them in December.

    The price has actually dropped since I bought them too - is there any way I can get refunded the difference?

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      Mine were delivered about two weeks ahead of schedule.

    • I believe last October/November was different because those monitors were newly launched at that time.

    • Our global rep at work for laptops told us to expect delays UPTO …. 25 weeks….

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    is the S3422DWG worth getting over S3422DW for extra $50?

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      The extra refresh rate is absolutely worth the extra $50 IMO.

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      Higher refresh rate, brighter screen, more USB ports, HDR400. Only thing I see you loose are the speakers

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        I have the xiaomi 34, which is similarly specced to the S3422DWG it just doesn't have the USB ports, and I run a simple PC soundbar from kmart $25. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/desktop-pc-soundbar/3435833.
        Probably sounds better than the monitor speakers anyway. Plus you power them through the usb port.

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    Still kicking myself for not picking up a AW3821DW when they were $1299!

    • Same, really trying to decide if the price jump from the 3422dwg is worth it.

    • Agreed.

      Am waiting for this price to return as well.

    • +2

      I got it for $1299 in July. Went from a 34" Acer Predator to this. Really thought I would have buyers remorse but fantastic monitor. Colours really pop on it, HDR better than I expected.

      Only negative I can see - no speakers!

      I wouldn't be unhappy with it at $1499 on reflection. At $1299 I impulse bought it after giving up waiting for a 42" OLED TV from LG

      • Sounds good, I have never used monitor speakers… like… ever.

        I'm in no rush, so can wait as long as it takes to go to $1299 again, np

    • Strongly agree

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    Is 27 the standard now?
    Any deals on 24 for dual office setup?

    • I reckon you should be able to clean up used 24's for just about nothing… everyones going 27+ now.

  • Morning guys, going to set up a home office now. Mainly use for email, word, and website browsing. Any monitors recommend? I was thinking to buy 2 monitors. New job will provide a laptop. Any recommendation will be highly appreciated.


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      You can buy any monitors listed above, but I would suggest to go with 27 inch, QHD (2560 x 1440) whichever design you want, around $200~$300 mark.
      I am using two 27 inch monitors, they are great!
      but please buy same brand same design if possible, I am a bit annoyed time to time that I bought two monitors from different brand and they look a bit.. different in colours & design etc which can annoy you.


      • +1

        Will definitely keep in mind, and go with the same style!
        Thx a lot for your input

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      I recently use AW3821DW for work and games. I enjoy using it for work as I feel two 27inch screen strains my neck. Also looks good on the table instead of two 27inch monitors. Then I use Microsoft powertoys to allow to setup how screens are split.

    • +1

      2x S2721DS . One monitor in the middle and laptop/monitor on each side. This will help with neck strain as some posts have mentioned.

      I had the 4K one but I had issues with downscaling causing the text to slightly blurry. The 2K one comes out crisp.

      I find the adjustable monitor stand really useful to easily try different heights. The fixed stand version can't be retro fitted with the dell adjustable stand later on, the mount doesn't accept it. If you have monitor arms on your desk then get the fixed stand version.

      • Excellent tip! The stand definitely will help suit my posture

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      Get one with USB-C. The S2722DZ has a built webcam and speakers, which you'll find very useful in a home office environment. Others will recommend buying the cheaper S2722DC, and getting a seperate USB-C hub, camera and speakers (or using the laptop speakers/camera), but the economics don't line up. Cameras are disproportionately expensive, and you will want to buy one at some stage.

      The convenience of having it all in one unit, with one cable for charging and data, is priceless.

      • Much appreciate your opinion.
        Will look into this model and do some comparison!!

      • Looks like not on sale this time?

    • Bought the 2722DC X 2 thank you so much for y’all help

  • Anyone keen to checkout dell’s webcam ? Seems comparable to Logitech brio

    • +1

      I like the look of their new Ultrasharp camera - much better depth of field with bullet-style cameras. Proxy exey though, like all of them these days.

      The Poly Studio 5 looks really nice actually, and priced well. They're one of the leaders in conferencing tech, and actually seem to offer firmware updates for this camera - aftermarket support for webcams is almost unheard of.

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    Do you know if there's any deal on the S2721Q (the model without the adjustable stand)?

    • -1

      Doesn't the 2721D have a fixed stand too (tilt only; whereas I think the DS has the height adjustable one)

      • Not sure, sorry.

    • Also looking for a deal on S2721Q!

      • It's on ebay for $309 as part of the Dell deal. For the extra $20 I actually went with the better stand in the end. Thanks dealbot!

  • What is the difference between the S2722DGM and the S2721DGF? The S2721 seems to be very popular around here and the 5 year warranty is nice too. Specs seem the same.Are they both VESA?

    EDIT: Just saw the S2721 is IPS. I assume the s2722 is VA or something.

    • +1

      dgm is VA curved , dgf is IPS flat.

  • +1
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      Different GPU. The RTX 3070 will be popular as prices have been quite high of late. But the RTX 3060 is fine for most gaming.

    • That deal looks good with the cashback maybe can use towards a monitor

    • The one important difference is the cooler on the non K CPU. It's noisy and doesn't do a good job causing a bottleneck. You will need to swap it out for a better cooler. But the issue is not every cooler will fit it due to design so it will cost you around $80-100 for one that fits it.

  • My mum needs a new desktop computer for photo editing photoshop etc shes been using an All in one Dell before but its so slow now. Is the 8940 overkill? Any better options other than some fancy gaming rig not sure that will suit..

    • +1

      just make sure you also get an IPS monitor for her

  • otherthan GPU the specs are same, so better to get the RTX-3070 ?

  • Paid over 1600 for the AW3821DW few days ago might cancel it and grab the eBay deal, is it only for eBay plus though ?

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    Wait OP … the 8940 is OOS now? Did the deal go live early or something?

    • I only ask because the listing in the OP was did not have strikethrough and OOS when it was posted. Even though I know the deal goes live at 10am.

      • +1

        Dell puts all items in OOS before the deal. Check back at 10am. It should be there

        • ok yeah cheers. Just wasn't sure why it was struckthrough on the OP after it was posted.

          • +1

            @SueyJitSu: looks like it really was oos :(

            • @other guy: Hmmm yeah still no stock.
              Thats disappointing :(

            • +1

              @other guy: What a stitch up. Made me wait weeks, teased me by putting it on the list then removing it as OOS when the time arrived. That's a lot of time lost for nothing.

              • +1

                @DreaminBargains: I just missed out on the October deal so was really looking forward to this. Oh well, looks like we may need to wait a few more months until stock comes back.

        • checked at 10:03 and it is already OOS

          • @andoy: It hasn't come into stock (been checking every 3mins for the last 30 mins)

            • @Jules66: yeah :(
              Was looking forward to this deal since Oct deal.

  • Hey y’all. Tossing up between S2722DC & S2722DGM. Similar prices but DGM seems specs heavy in comparison & curved too..! Which one would you go for WFH as more monitor for your buck??

    • +2

      I have the DGM and it’s really really nice. Depends on what you use it for. It’s really nice to use for daily browsing and also for gaming. Colour is pretty good too.

  • +2

    Hi DB/OP, thanks for negotiating these prices. Any deals on S2722QC?

  • any deals on S3222DGM or S3222DGF?

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  • Order, wait for for a month to deliver on excitement after which the monitor turn dead when powered on for the 1st time.. then having to return for cash refund without an option for replacement..then price goes higher to buy the same or other and wait another for another month.thats my wired experience on ebay Dell deal.

  • +2

    I am never able to avail any deals but finally ordered the 2721dgf thanks

  • +1

    won't we get deals like below for Black Friday?


    Also, I think we need to get a monitor with DP to use FreeSync on Nvidia

    • +1

      Yeah, that’s the gamble I’m wanting to take.

  • Any thoughts (or experience) on the S3222DGM (165Hz 1ms QHD Curved Gaming Monitor) for $449?


  • Dell S2722QC is also available with PLSDELL code for AU $369.00

  • Dell S2721QS - $329 (was $339 last month) - link, you can order now…

  • If I wanted a cheap monitor for ps5 which one do you guys recommend?

  • Bugger was hoping to see the S3221QS here. Oh well, maybe next time round.

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