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[Back Order] AKG K-275 Headphones $79.97 + $18.02 Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


About this item
Over-ear, closed-back, foldable studio headphones
Delivers unmatched sound quality
Largest-in-class 50mm transducers for greater low-frequency extension
Best-in-class frequency response for unrivalled clarity and detail
Superior sensitivity and low impedance provide maximum output with a broad range of playback devices

In stock on January 7, 2022.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Absolutely amazing at this price

  • is this a price error? i placed the order any way

    • +2

      It's been this price previously and users received it.

    • $148 on eBay. Seems good deal if someone needs it

  • Got some!

  • -1

    Bought when they were last on sale and they're great headphones. Make sure you get some FLACs.

  • Still get charged for shipping though am a prime member, is the freight free?

    • +1

      It's sold by a 3rd party seller not Amazon themselves which is why I'd say there's no free shipping

      • Sold by: Amazon UK

        hmm weird.. last time i bought the same item i had prime, free shipping. (but now i dont have prime)

        • +5

          They word it poorly. It's sold by the Amazon UK website not Amazon UK themselves so it can be a little misleading.

        • Sometimes items change between Free/Prime shipping and… Not free. I've been waiting for one of the Instant Pots to go on sale, but the price of delivery has been changing between $0 and $109!

          Not sure why, but maybe the specific warehouse that it's shipping from in the UK is changing, or the delivery company, and therefore the price keeps changing

    • +2

      "Not eligible for Amazon Prime." for some reason, everyone has to pay shipping.

      • Same here

  • I purchased these a while back and they failed in under a week. The earcup came completely out of the wire headband and was unrepairable. Atrocious build quality

    • seriously? wow.. from reviews looks very solid , few metals etc etc

      • Yeah i was surprised too, one whole earcup was left dangling on one side, you could force it back on but it would just fall back out again in a few minutes. I'm not sure what mechanism they used to to secure the cups, if they use adhesive maybe i got unlucky and whoever put it together forgot to apply it. I was pretty annoyed coz they do sound great for this price bracket

        edit: i will say this, getting a refund off amazon was painless so you've got that as protection if you want to risk it.

    • +1

      Lot of fake stuff on eBay and Amazon, I wonder if you got a fake.

  • thanks OP, i rolled the dice

  • Normally for me its tearaway cable or no dice, but such a compelling price I bought anyway.

  • Might be a good closed back companion to my daily driver Grado SR125e. Very tempting especially with the rrp as is.

  • +1

    Money going into sound quality here if that's what you want rather than mic, wireless and noise cancelling.
    50mm vs 40mm for others makes a big difference.
    Thanks bought it.

    • Yeah I think the key here is the audio detail you get

  • Needed a good set of closed back over ears for when family's around, thanks OP.

  • +2

    Thanks. Bought before thinking or reading reviews!

  • +1

    ….$519 retail price, that's BS retail price.

  • Bought these in last deal but hurt my ears so ended up returning them

  • +2

    This vs audio technica m50x?

  • Bought them in July for $80 all up (no shipping cost).
    Even at $100 I'd count them as a bargain. I mainlt use them at work, but they're pretty much my go-to headphones unless I'm having a super-audiophile moment (not that they're not good - they really are! Just not as warm as I like sometimes)

    The retail price in Oz is ridiculous. I'm tempted to get another pair, leave the others at work… hmm

  • How would these be work a work place? Bought them anyway, can always resell if they're trash

  • Would these be good for a beginner DJ?

  • +6

    Free shipping for Prime members is back!

    • +1

      Also cashrewards are doing 4% cashback for electronics. Doesn't hurt to try to see if it works.

      • Thanks. Just tracked at $2.91 (4% on $72.70, pre GST price).
        Also got $1.60 from SB for the $80 ($50 + $30) Amazon gift cards I bought and used on this.

    • +1

      Thanks. Cancelled and rebought :)

    • Thanks saved $18!

  • Thank OP, impulsively picked one up to try 🎧

    $79.97 down from $519.00 that's insane.

  • Its free shipping if you have prime its sold by Amazon UK, i bought one didn't see this deal but its front page in Amazon deals, i was going to post it but then found this lol.

    $202 from Amazon AU.

  • The only time I really see myself using it is when watching a movie. No Bluetooth?

    • This is a studio headphone, no Bluetooth.

  • +1

    Better than AKG N700NMC2?

    To be fair, I'm way past buying wired headphones.

    • If you are not buying these for music production, I wouldn't bother to be honest.

  • Just got this opened back up as they're on back order now (delivery around end of January '22).

  • These are back in stock for $79.72

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