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[NSW] Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB Portable HDD USB3 (Halo Edition) $59.50 @ Officeworks (Greenacre)


Says Design for Xbox, but itโ€™s just a USB3 drive. NON SSD. About 8 left at officeworks Greenacre.

Checked: NTFS formatted. easy change to AFP.

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    Showing $99 in QLD

  • Same here in Vic

  • Need to go to shop to see the markdown. May even just Greenacre, unsure

    • I'm guessing it's store-specific

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    • memories!

    • Do you SeeGate?

  • One ugly drive and $99 for me in Melb Inner SE.

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      May be its time to use those Micky mouse stickers that kept inside the encyclopedia all these years?

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      Better than the crappy Cyberpunk 2077 version of this drive.

      • Which looks to also be discounted in the image (at the bottom) however mostly covered up.

        • sharp eyes! it was on special too but too ugly and more expensive @ $82.40

  • If you upload the receipt will OW in Melbourne price match it?

    • Unlikely

    • It won't be price matched because it falls under the price liquidation exclusion of the PBG.

      Check with the team instore and they might be able to help you out though.

  • Tell me how to upload photo? If you pm me I will give you a Dropbox link

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      Under the URL/Link section: Link directly to the website - thumbnails will be generated automatically. Upload an image or document only if no direct link exists. You can click the upload an image or document part

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      MyAccount -> Settings -> View -> Files -> Upload Files
      And then you can link your uploaded files in your post / comment.

      • Great tip, done!

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      Lmao, you made it your display picture! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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        I want to emphasis this deal! cheers!

  • Amazon will probably have 4TB for $99 or something soon

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      And still profit from their atrocious treatment of warehouse staff

    • Seagate 4TB External (needs AC power) has been $99 for ages, it is shingled magnetic but works fine for Xbox/PS and content.

      • Link? Can't find that price

        • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/seagate-expansion-desktop...

          I have like 5 of them for various purposes, good price.

          • @LukeBP: Oh yeah forgot I had that lol. bought one of those ages ago for Plex server paired with raspberry pi

            Thought you meant it's on Amazon

          • @LukeBP: I have a bunch of them to for archiving, I hate that you need a PSU for them so opt to get the lesser 2TB portable for around the same $. It's just more convenient to PnP without PSU when needing to do quick BU imo.

            Those 4TB HDD though are bargain priced and short listed for anyone wanting cheap drives.

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    Where is that? In SA?
    I've bought it at $75 three weeks ago for my Xbox series s.

    Works very well and can play some games directly from the drive. Transferring speed is not bad considering it is HDD.

    Recommend anyone who needs more space in Xbox :) with limited budget.

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    I got two of these for around this price at OW South Melbourne last week.

  • Don't worry how much they're selling for, you cannot buy them, it clearly is marked as FOR DISPLAY ONLY

    No problems, happy to help.

    • May be this is why they can't sell them, now mark down for us smarties to enjoy. About to load it up with lossless Adele!

      • This is correct, yew are very stronk!!!

    • Yeah all the portable hard drive boxes on the shelf on display at OW is just dummy display boxes. The real product boxes with the drives in it are out the front of the store behind a cupboard or counter which only staff can access. I guess it's to help cut down on shop lifting theft.

      So you've got to ask a staff member to check if there's any stock where the actual portable hard drives are kept.

      • He was joking ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      • Also on accidental breakage by customers. HDDs aren't the strongest and aren't packaged for impact protection ๐Ÿคฃ

        • I think the only portable HDD which you will find at a retailer which can withstand a drop impact are the Lacie Rugged drives but it isn't cheap.

  • What is AFP?

    • Apple format, not important anyway.

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      Australian Federal Police

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    Also seen at North Ryde tonight

    • Did you stock up?

    • Pick up last one at North Ryde - They had it for $51.50

      • Gosh.. didn't know they hated Halo that much!

  • need larger capacity hdd.

    • buy 2 and RAID it?

  • da areeaaaa

  • The area!

  • No stock

  • Just show the picture and bought 2 in Alexandria store(Staff are nice af)

  • Thanks for the pic with the ticket OP. My local Officeworks in Marion, SA had the Cyberpunk ones for $61.80, but the Halo one was scanning up at $89.25 on it… the manager was nice enough to pricematch it. I guess it helps to go 10 minutes before closing time and they can't wait to go home lol

    Nice drive. I don't play Halo… I would've preferred the Cyberpunk one if it wasn't so hideous… even the cable… urrgh. The Halo one goes nicely with Minecraft XBOX One S.

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