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Huawei Band 6 $67.95 (RRP $124.95) in Black/Amber/Green + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


HUAWEI Band 6 - All-day SpO2 Monitoring, 1.47" FullView Display, 2-Week Battery Life, Fast Charging, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Tracking, 96 Workout Modes, Message Reminder

Update 24-Dec-2021 Price increased from $66.6 to $67.95

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  • Worth spending extra on the watch fit? This does Sp02 24/7?

    • This does 24/7 SP02 and it's just as accurate as all the other top brands!

  • Any idea If the screen has an always-on time display? I can’t stand the ones that go blank and you have to wake them up to tell the time

  • +1

    good price!

  • Got one for the kid last time at the same price. Took forever to arrive from UK. Battery is definitely not 14 days, but 7 days for an active kid is not bad.

    • How is it for all day Sp02 and steps? Good at notifications?

      • +3

        I get roughly 10 days with everything running. Heart rate, stress, sleep, sp02. I dont usually manually refresh though.

      • +1

        Generally I think its good. Turned everything on and I am sure the kid play with it a lot and he gets exactly 7 days out of it, which is great, plus charging from 5% to 100% only takes 1hr. My kid is very active, generally makes ~15k steps a day, plus swimming, and football.

  • +2

    Love this, battery life is the king.

  • -2

    No seconds hand :(

  • +3

    I have one of these two and definitely recommend it, all day SpO2 is great, and battery lasts at least 7 days
    There is a newer version out that does body temp as well
    I like sleep monitor logic (TruSleep) on Huawei bands and watches, find it very accurate for me

    • +4

      No idea why you are worried about a non-issue as the Australian government operates a more invasive regime.

      It appears that you don't really care that you are being spied upon by your own government. Instead would rather worry about another countries government, that has no power over you, because of some rubbish Sky News showed you.

      • -1

        Whataboutism doesn’t help here. Besides, Australia has no government-controlled electronics companies with a mandate to spy on foreign subjects. And if you don’t like our domestic surveillance measures, you have every right to complain in public. Try doing the same as a Chinese citizen. You will be sentenced to forced labour or death and have your juicy organs harvested and sold off. That’s a fact!

        And presumably other than you, I had the misfortune of once living under a communist regime. Communism is pure evil. I don’t understand why citizens of a free country would willingly allow a thugs like the CCP to spy on them.

  • Anyone able to use this with AIA Vitality? If so, how? Reading conflicting info..

  • Sp02 requires the sensor to be kept very still to work properly. So sitting or standing while not moving your hands/arms at all. I'd only see usefulness for checking your oxygenation throughout the night with any real reliability. Spot checks throughout the day during exercise while keeping still is fine too.

  • +5

    This will send anonymous bodyfat statistics back home to China.

  • Sakura, available on a similar price at AliExpress


  • -1

    Anyone able to compare these to a Mi Band?

  • Can this be used without a phone? Does it need to be paired with a phone to activate?

    I'd be interested in getting one if it can be used standalone and don't want to have a Huawei account/app.

    • You have setup with an Huawei account and need phone via Bluetooth. You got no choice

  • Already have a Mi band 5 but have a Huawei phone, to buy or not to buy?

    Also buying through retailer Auptimal (not amazon) has a "One Free $99 Mystery Box for all orders !!!"

    Wonder if it's worth paying an extra $30?

  • Price is now $60.19 for black but no ETA on delivery

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