This was posted 8 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Prime] Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants Boy Size 4 (9-14kg) 124 Count S&S $32.71 Delivered ($28.86 First Delivery) @ Amazon AU


Amazon have discounted these to $38.48 which you can get for $32.71 with Prime and S&S. I was able to get an extra 10% off for the first delivery bringing the pack of 124 to $28.86 or ~$0.23 each.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants Girl Size 4, 62 Count (9-14kg, Pack of 2)

  • Do you think my 1 year old baby girl will mind if I buy her the Nappy Pants meant for boys?

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      The main difference is there’s extra absorbency in the front for boys which makes it great for night for all babies.

      • Aah… That explains. My wife had bought a pack of girls nappy pants as they were on special and only one pack left. I felt like it needed to be changed more frequently than the boys nappy pants that he usually wears.

      • so i assume you can flip it over, put the front to the back, then you have unisex nappy pants

    • I buy both when they r on special doesn't mind

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    I wish they have size 5 or 6 at that price

    • Me too

    • Coles is half price ($9) for 26. Ends up being cheaper for 5's than anywhere else at the moment, even bulk packs are more expensive. Wife went to Costco today, quite the trek for us, and all sold out..

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    IMO find the german made ones from the reject shop to be better value:

    • Are they any good? Comparable to coles/Woolies/Aldi brand? Are they also in all/most reject shop? Might check it out next time!

      • They feel a bit plasticky and thin, not soft and premium like the other brands. But does its job and definitely best value for money. I only use these for a short period during my toddler nap (he’s toilet trained when he’s awake), at night we wear Huggies or Babylove still.

        • Like the Aldi nappies?

          • @tunzafun001: More plasticky than the Aldi ones. Once you get a packet, you’ll get what I mean.

        • Thanks for replying! I’m kind of the same, currently using aldi ones for the day during nap times and night time wear huggies or baby love.

  • Aren’t the monthly packages s better value?

    • Monthly pack is in full price right now means expensive 😃

  • I literally just made an order on the 17th and received these yesterday.
    I contacted Amazon support and they offered me $10 promotional credit but they did say they are unable to price match.

    • How much more did you pay? I initially just bought the first box but ended up buying another 3. Even at $0.26 it seems like it's a pretty good deal. We normally get the nappies but got these instead due to the price. We've only just started on size 4 and going by the camels, Amazon haven't discounted them heavily in a long time.

    • You can return and refund them LOL. That would be a bit silly to take to the post office though…

  • How are nappy pants vs normal nappies?

    • Pants, hard enough to keep little one still

    • i prefer the normal ones over the pants. with pants its very difficult to clean the 💩 and the kids can take these off easily

      • You know you can tear the sides off right?

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    This deal is also available on girls size 4.
    They are also doing 640 pack of Huggies wipes(8x80) at $20 or $15.54 after subscribe and save bonus.

    • Thank you, got this one as well.

      Size 5 boys nappy pants also on sale, not as good as historically but decent. $38.94 first First shipment (108 nappies) $44.13 ongoing S&S.

    • World you share the link for girls size 4 please?

  • Do they have them in Joe Biden's size?

  • all gone now

    • Really surprised this deal lasted so long.

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