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40% off Sitewide (Exclusions Apply, Free Account Required), Ultraboost from $72 + $8.50 Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ adidas


Adidas are having 40% off sitewide including Outlet for Black Friday / Cyber Monday online and in-store. You can get early access to the sale with a free account between 22-23 November.

T&C's don't mention sale products being excluded so Ultraboosts like this should be $72. However there are some exclusions on products found at the bottom of the T&C's.

3. Offer is valid across full-priced and outlet/sale products. Full priced items will receive 40% off the RRP, while outlet/sale items will receive an extra 40% off the current markdown price. While stocks last

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +6

    I missed every fricking sale on Ultraboost

  • +28

    Dear god. No more. Already have 6 ultraboost.

    • +3

      lol I sign up for the 1st time in years to like your comments.
      I myself buy ultraboost once a year on a 40% off promotion:))

    • -4

      Quite sad, I find Nike sneakers a much better fit and better tech too.

      • +6

        They come with b28?

      • +1

        Ultraboost are my daily / gym wears. Hoka are the running shoes I use.

    • +2

      Not trying hard enough.

  • +3

    The rhetoric one again.. do i need it?

  • +1

    does underarmour have sales?

    • +2

      does nike?

    • A couple of years ago they had a good sale, but there isn't much good currently on the UA website.
      30% + 30% extra + 20% CB, but only saw that once.

      Check your DFOs

    • They had one a couple of weeks ago, I bought a couple of pairs of shoes for kids and a couple of tshirts for me and was about $100 after cashback. Not much choice though in the outlet.

  • +2

    ah the 4d shoes are excluded, not sure whos paying 360 for them

  • +1

    M u s t r e s i s t

    Dammit. Cannot resist

  • Is this also in their DFO stores?

    I noticed their store here had much nicer stuff!

    • +1

      There's a list of stores in the T&C's that this offer applies to

  • Was 40% off most items with code CLICKFRENZY last week. Managed to pick up a hoodie and a pair of 1k boost for $80 after cash back.

  • Whenever I see this, I’m just hoping there’s size for the ones I like

  • I got the Ultraboost PB's last time, great shoe and fits nicely but I've found you have to REALLY loosen the laces to fit my foot into the shoe.

    Just me? Just gets annoying having to fully loosen the laces to remove and put on (yep, them first world problems….)

    • +1

      I just make some cuts into the tongue area

      • That's a good idea, I didn't even think about doing that. Have you got the same issue? I mean I don't even have large feet, only a US size 10

        • +1

          i have this issue with all shoes that don't have a separated tongue. i like being able to step into the shoe and it's easier to air it out if you can push out the tongue. of course, you have to be sure the shoe fits well and you know you're not going to return it

          • +1

            @tdw: You're an ideas man, and I like it!

    • I remove the sole of the shoe and my feet fit way better into Boosts. I also hype beast thread them.

  • -1

    1137 Exclusions

  • No spezial’s

  • Are these shoes good for someone who gets sore/fatigue foot easily? I sit all days at work but my foot is always feeling tired when I get home, am looking for new shoes

    • +1

      Have you gone to see a podiatrist or a specialist running shop? It could be your feet - maybe the way it rolls or you might need insoles, etc

  • +1

    I have some Nike Pegasus which are a bit narrow. Are Ultraboosts or Adidas in general a wider fit than Nike?

  • +3

    Just sharing a recent Adidas online experience. Bought shoes, status stuck at packing stage. Followed up after 6wks for them to only then say it's been cancelled and only then to process a refund.

    So my advice is to check on your order and don't forget you made it.

    They provided a limited time 40% coupon off full price items as an oops…sorry

    Oh…and the kicker? The shoes and size are still available for sale online. So take their online inventory with a grain of salt

    • yep reebok is the same as well - must be the same process. Ordering a few items that are cheap because of low stock is such a lottery!

  • Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the actually Black Friday ? As in ShopBack / cash rewards most likely will have upsized cashback for it

    • +1

      The sale hasn't started yet. Feel free to wait until Black Friday in case there is an increase.

  • I usually wear Nike free Run. Is there an ultraboost that's a similar style of shoe?

    • Nike free run aren't really a running shoe (if that's what you are looking for)

  • -3

    It's Adidas, i was never here……
    Asics are the best, bin the rest!

  • Unless you less you get “ This item is excluded from promotions.”

  • It says starts at 00:01 22/11 AEST. But just logged on to put some items in the cart, and there's early access…. And the cheap stuff I wanted are all gone :(

    • Yep, things suddenly became out if stock. Odd.

  • This sale is already started and will auto apply at checkout, just bought a few things and thank you. Don't forget the 10% Cashback.

  • Sale has already started but my order was cancelled after 30 mins using Brave browser but worked using Chrome instead

  • not going to the payment page.. tried multiple times..

  • Paid with Paypal, got order number and Cashback tracked but items still in cart and no Adidas email. hmmm….
    Price was good though, cashback was good (10% or pre gst) lets see if order is real.
    That's why always take screen prints.

  • placed order for two shoes and got the below order confirmation immediately

    Order Number: <>
    We’re sending you an email to confirm your order.
    Once your order is shipped, we’ll send you a shipping confirmation email with an online order tracking link. You can view your order any time by logging into your account here.
    Please note: Delivery times may vary during sale or peak periods due to high order volumes.

  • Yeah got order number but doesn't exist when I look it up.
    Items Prob out of stock by tomorrow with my luck and will end up with a refund.

  • Wow that was fast. I guess I'll have to buy some now.

  • cashreward changed the cashback from 10% to 6%. I placed the order when promotion was 10% but money cashback received as per 6% only :-(

  • +1

    Nothing good in Size 12 left.

  • 10mins in and out of stock. What a shite sale

    • Still not received my shoes 6 weeks later. Aust Post mistake

  • +1

    40% discount on checkout sale was on for last 2 days at-least thats when I checked..people already bought lots of stuff thats why not much sizes are available now

  • Already had one order refunded!

  • +1

    Received a paypal refund, no explanation. All that effort, waste of time.

    • +1

      same.. it's a shame.

  • Nothing for a baseball cap?

  • Same got refunded. No idea why.
    Just went in again and my items showing as in stock. WtF

  • Refunded. All items still showing as in stock.

  • Ordered just now, didn't get email and it's not appearing in orders…
    Paypal has charged me…


  • Can't get to checkout, website broken?

  • Refund.

  • my oder is in 2nd step with status "Order confirmed, waiting to be packed" since last midnight. Does it mean they will not ship the item and refund the money as some people has posted above?

    • Not sure, I didn't get to confirmation stage tho. Refund was issued within 30mins of placing order today. You might be ok!

      • Ok, thanks mate

  • adidas Australia Pty Ltd issued a $xxx.00 AUD refund

    oh ffs

  • Shop the adidas Black Friday and Cyber Week 2021 sale, and save 40% off the products you love. Become an adidas member and gain Early Access to the sale from November 22nd to 23rd. There's no time like now to get a head start on your holiday shopping. *T&Cs apply.

    logged in and cant see discount???
    and cant see it at check out either???
    trying to buy some nmds

    • There's a whole bunch of exclusions at the bottom of the T&C's

      • basically having a sale without having a sale…
        way to go adidas
        for 40% off sitewise lol

  • Refund

  • My order was refunded 30 minutes after purchase. Now the website is 'refusing' any payment method.

  • I can't checkout, keeps saying payment failed. Won't take card or Paypal. ANNOYING

    • same…

      • still can't checkout :@

  • Must've been some sort of system glitch just as the sale went live my first order got refunded as well, just successfully placed another order. No refund yet.

  • cant seem to complete payment either.

    • scatch that, worked with a debit card.

  • +1

    cant seem to complete payment

  • still cannot complete payment…has anyone worked out why this is happening or a work around?

  • Anyone got this working yet?

  • Anyone received shipping yet?
    Mine seems to be stuck

    • Mine hasn't shipped either :(

    • Yep, still waiting, 'order confirmed, waiting to be packed', a week and a half later…

      • Mine arrived yesterday! Seems to be an Aus Post delay, not Adidas related.

    • got delivered on Tuesday

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