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5x Free First Aid Courses & Exams (ACLS, PALS, BLS, CPR, BBP) @ National Health Care Provider Solutions


All free at time of posting. No need to enter any code as the discount auto-applies at checkout. No idea how valid their certifications are, but the course content at least appears quite good. Use incognito tabs for each of the individual courses. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • BLS - Basic Life Support
  • CPR - AED & First Aid
  • BBP - Bloodborne Pathogens

Credit to Facebook.

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    Are these recognised in Australia?

    • +4

      Even if they aren't they can still save lives in Australia. Never know when you might need the knowledge.

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      I wouldn't think so, since you need to do CPR on site?

      • +1

        This is no longer a requirement - onsite. PROVIDED you have a CPR dummy and do the task still over video link.

        A few companies now ship the dummy to you for closeout

        • +2

          Yep, I did mine with Royal Lifesavers. They post you a super creepy CPR dummy and you film yourself and send it back.

    • +7

      Nope, has to have an accredited course code like HLTAID011. The actual content would be similar for some things, but quite different for others. I believe we have an alternate approach to choking for example, plus an Australian course has more about snakes/spiders/dropbears.

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    Note that you'll need a separate email address for each course if you to sign up to more than 1 course. It looks like it's a "new customer" promotion.

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    Doc here, ACLS and PALS are for health care professionals, will need basic knowledge of how to use airway devices like endotrachael tube and resuscitation drugs like epinephrine and amiodarone. If you don’t know any of the stuff mentioned in last sentence, BLS and CPR would suffice. 👍

    • will need basic knowledge of how to use airway devices like endotrachael tube

      Can you effectively learn these practical skills only with an online course?

      • An online course might teach what these procedures involve and what they are for, but it is very different to doing it on a an actual dummy (even more so on a real person). Also, nobody outside of a critical care hospital department/ED/ICU, or parademic, would have access to the equipment to put these skills to use or have an opportunity to use them.
        It would be much more valuable for 99% of people to focus on learning/practicing how to do CPR and 1st aid effectively, because this is what will save an actually save people's lives.

      • Definitely not something you could learn online (and not a skill that anyone who isn't an emergency health worker needs to know), although you could always learn about it for interest I guess.

      • Short answer is nope, you can’t learn airway skills useful enough to apply it on field, needs a lots of supervised hands on practice to at least feel competent on this. I know many doctors going through the whole career barely did more than 10 actual airway intubation, before even talk about manual bag ventilation. I saw so many junior doctors giving me cringe when trying bag ventilate a sick patient. it’s almost an art knowing how hard and fast to ventilate an intubated patient for different medical condition, because when not done right it can cause harm. If you don’t know how to start with, best don’t do it, as you will almost certainly do more harm than good.

        When in doubt, stick to the bare essentials. We know that effective basic life support save lives. Can’t stress enough how important is good quality chest compression. Seen many lives saved just by doing this alone.

      • better to go with some knowledge than none at all

  • +1

    Possibly useful knowledge but for proper certification usually you will need a practical training as well.

  • -1

    foes it cover the tight ass fatigue syndrome

  • You will gain knowledge but you will not gain certified Competence. Great to know, will help save lives if you find yourself in that situation, but, for HSE compliance these would not be acceptable.

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