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Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack (Volcanic Grey, M/L) $105.77 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Great backpack. Was checking daily for it to go on sale :D

Not the lowest price but still great deal.

Jasper Red M/L also on sale but with shipping. Works out to be ~120 AUD to get delivered to Melbourne but still a great price for this backpack.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Been a while since these were this low i think. I've had one for many years now, fantastic bag for travelling and carry-on compliant (bit of squishing needed for some overseas budget airlines). Highly recommended.

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    Great bag for carry on travel, but be aware that this bag commits the cardinal sim on having the laptop compartment at the front of the bag, as opposed to next to your back, which makes the perceived weight of your tech that much heavier.

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      True, i never found it an issue when using it as my solo pack in europe or asia for 4+ weeks at a time. But i get what your saying, i have a smaller pack with back laptop compartment. I'd suggesr If your travelling with a laptop that weights enough for that to matter you're probably not gonna make it through the weight restrictions for carry-on with a number of airlines. I usually take a tablet/chromebook/similar lightweight device.

    • Yep I ended up deciding on the Kathmandu Litehaul 38L for that reason. I think I paid around $140 just before the first lockdown. Hasn't had much use yet though…

      Osprey makes great gear though

    • The osprey porter has it at the back but is a bulky bag, I have both as I find osprey to make some great gear.

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    Chiming in with the great pack crowd, brilliant for travel, comfortable, heaps of storage space, i've also been using it for my ride to work and it's been great. Biggest flaw is you can't open any of the zips when you have the two front cross-straps fastened, which is a massive pain if you use them to secure gear to the outside of your pack. Still a great bag and seems pretty hardy (I got it back when we could travel). ETA: also if the pack is full you won't get anything eg. water bottle in those front mesh pockets.

  • Do you find this heavy?

    LOoking more at the S/M due to the reduced length, only 2L less, any opinions?

    • M/L is $105.77 and the S/M is $279.03 .. not sure it's worth the price difference

  • Also love this bag, +1 for me :D

  • +1

    Cracking bag! Ditto to everything that has already been said.

    One thing I do find annoying is the laptop compartment being on the outside of the bag, rather than down the back near the shoulder straps. If the main compartment is jam packed, sliding the laptop in can be difficult and makes me a little nervous it’ll somehow bend

  • Would this be a little big for a daypack for hiking, bushwalks etc? I know Osprey are pretty widely regarded for their quality, but from the pictures (including people) it looks like it might be a bit bulkier than I was hoping for. Currently using a cheap 30L pack which is on its last set of legs.

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      It's not the most comfortable for hiking - best used for travel / commuting rather than long periods on your back. The pockets design also isn't really ideal for it

    • get one with a light frame and a mesh back

    • It's possible, I've gone on multi-day hikes with this bag when travelling overseas. But you've got better options for a daypack if you don't need to the use the bag for travel.

    • Your best bet is to get the Talon for day hiking.

      The light frame and waist belt really go a great job of distributing the weight.

      I have the 26L model and can’t fault it.

      • A lot of the daypacks don't seem to have the waist belts which is a bit of a shame, so i'll have to check that one out - cheers!

  • +1

    This or North face, for travel?

    • The after sales support from osprey is insanely good. Will fix it for life globally. I had an issue with a bigger pack and they swapped it for a new one a couple of years afterwards. Won me as a loyal customer. We have about 4 osprey packs now.

  • Just pulled out my Metron, laptop tight against the back. Strewth +$200 nowadays!

    That being said - it's my go-to 1-2 night carry on only biz trip bag.

  • What's the difference in size between the M/L ($105.77) and the S/M ($279.03) .. it says they are both 40 litres?

    • Generally it'd be where the straps would end up sitting on your body. The wrong size would end up being a bit uncomfortable as it wouldn't sit on your body the way it was designed to.

      Some info: https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/backpacks-adjusting-...

    • They are actually slightly different. The M/L is a bit taller, so fits a longer back. The S/M is technically only 38L and is about 30 grams lighter having slightly less materials.

    • I'm 179cm, would that mean M/L suit me better?!

  • How did you get free delivery? I put Fairview in my basket and Amazon UK is trying to charge me a delivery fee of $59.19 for one colour and $37.97 for a different colour.

    • I put the farpoint in and I get free shipping, but I am a prime member.

  • Cheers ordered one with the hope of headache free OS holidays soon

  • -1

    Wait for porter 46 !

    • why - i actually like the colours in that one better?

  • Did anyone else notice the red is $79?

    • plus $40 delivery from UK (which takes forever to get to AU).

  • Love this brand… I have a 70L hiker and its terrific. But the laptop section is in the wrong spot on this bag. It's not protected against your back, it's on the front- just waiting to be hit or bent by either an outside force, or by something with a weird shape within the main compartment.

  • This bag is is actually an endgame/forever bag. I've had mine for 7 years and it looks essentially brand new despite being taken all over the world and me basically living out of it for all of 2019. It has its quirks which have been covered by the comments before me, but I think this is one of the best value for money 1-bag-travel bags you can get.

    • Yep had one for about 6 to 7 years.
      Travelled all over the globe over the years
      Not one single rip or breaks at all. Amazingly sturdy over the years of being rough with it. Used it as my sole carryon bag when I was venturing through russia mongolia etc.

      Cannot highly recommend it enough if the quality is still the same.

  • +1

    Need recommendations for camera bags, similar size and priced thanks

  • $56 delivery for me.

  • +2

    Just went up to $143.

  • *Farpoint

  • $143 now

  • Looks like the deal is over :( opening the link shows me it's only sold by "IFL Store" and it's very much full price 😭

    • EDIT: from mobile wasn't letting me change but changed on the desktop to Amazon AU and it's 143$

  • Just a note for next time I had an osprey backpack with a detachable day pack, and the day pack was a daily driver for years and years.

    Apparently there's a lifetime warranty for some components, I've never used it, because all these years on, zips function and there's no major wear and tear.

  • +1

    Just bought Osprey Fair View 40L (for smaller people) for $99 from https://www.sydneyluggage.com.au/products/osprey-women-s-fai....

    Delivery is free for over $100, so had to add a $10 USB cable to the cart.

  • Just a question regarding this pack. Are the clips up near the shoulder meant for and compatible with a daypack? Thanks

    Edit: I've seen 2 versions, one with and one without those clips.

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