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Ergotune Supreme Office Chair $549 Delivered (+ $50 to NT, TAS, WA) @ ErgoTune


Bit of an interesting one, I've been following them for a little bit looking for a deal. Kinda looks to be in the price range of the Ergohuman. I've taken a punt and bought it. If you wait a little bit I'll drop my thoughts here. But if you wanna try it out with me here's the coupon.

Delivery is free to VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, SA. *$50 for NT, WA, TAS

RRP is $669, coupon takes it down $120.

Super popular in Singapore and they recentlyish started offering the chair here?

Comparison video here:

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Gotta say, they do have great marketing and I’m tempted!

    Please let us know what you think after you have tried it out Kerjifire.

    • Yeah I've been looking at reviews and hoping for a deal here. Their targeted ads are non stop…. good luck avoiding them now :P Will drop my thoughts here though once I get it! I guess I'm also testing their delivery speed ay

      • Following this. Would like to know your thoughts also. Trying to decipher whether to get this or the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh.

        • Tbh I've never tried an ergohuman so I won't be able to give you a comparison v that

  • +8

    Not looking to buy, but that 12 year warranty is misleading. Doesnt cover the things that will fail within 12 years such as mesh/ arm rest, lumbar support, and you have to advertise for them to get this extended warranty.

    Also say they dont include labour to fix parts under warranty which is bonkers.

    Buyer beware.

    • Good to know! I guess 8 years seems sufficient?

      I believe you have to assemble the chair yourself anyway so it would be strange for them to repair it physically (with labour)?

      Do you know how this compares to Ergohuman?

      • I don't know if I'm reading this correctly but Ergohuman has a 3 year warranty

        Warranty does not cover wear and tear

        So it could be the same as this..?

        • Guess so. Dont have the ergohuman. I have the buro metro and love it. Best chair cushion. Only downside is no headrest. Would be perfect otherwise.

          • @GrazerAu: Nice, my only problem with cushion is my ass gets really toasty after a while :P

    • +2

      For standard warranty, 8 years will cover Skeletal Frame, Aluminium Frame, Wheelbase, and Polyamide Frame and can be extended to 12 years for free by taking a photo of the purchased chair and sharing to social media. For standard warranty 4 years will cover Lumbar Support, Central Mechanism Hub, Armrest Mechanism, Castor Mechanism and can be extended to 8 years for free by taking a photo of the purchased chair and sharing to social media.

      Link to their warranty policy if further info is needed. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0560/2548/1393/files/ErgoT...

    • Almost pulled the trigger. If the mesh failed, there isn't much point to repair. Making it worse, labor isn't included for fixing under warranty.

      • I'm confused at what "Labor" would actually refer to though here. In their process it says "Upon verifying the defective part, we will ship a replacement to you at our own cost". At what point would labor be needed? I am confused. It looks like to me they will just send out the replacement part

        • +3

          The labour would be exactly the same as having to put the chair together in the beginning. So basically a replacement part is the same as a part you would have used to assemble the chair. As far as i know they charge people to put the chairs together for them, so I'm assuming they are stating under warranty that labour is not covered based off that optional offering? So i would assume if the mesh did fail they would send out that part of the chair under warranty for you to replace that would be similar to a part assembled when first getting the chair?

        • -3

          Doesn't really matter, they have a whole legal team to write those T&Cs so…, I walk way if I smell anything dodgy.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser285624: I do not understand what is dodgy? I had a faulty chair seat on a gaming chair and was send a whole replacement seat to assemble back myself.. how would if be any diff for this company? mesh failing is covered under warranty unless it is caused by general wear and tear.. of course a massive sag in the mesh would be considered faulty and should be replaced?

  • +1

    i've thought of getting them before. seems to have good reviews overall.

    They are not AFRDI certified, if that bothers anyone.

    • +25

      I'm afrdi that changes everything.

  • What do people think about Neuechair?

    • +3

      Not as good as Oldechair.

  • Can somebody please recommend a good chair for home office use for software development? Is there a good place is brissy where I can go and try them out? Thanks

    • I’m not from brissy but my colleagues and I work long hours and swear by our Herman Miller (I have the Mirra 2 and partner has the Aeron). They come in varying sizes too in order to suit your height/length of your back. Haven’t had any issues for the last 7 years. They are on the expensive side but I considered it an investment given I spend more time in my chair than my mattress.

      • Ya makes sense, I will take a look at them, thanks mate!

  • +1

    Always kind of wary of these sort of companies, all flash with the marketing but are they even going to be around in a couple of years time when things would start to break

    • They have been around for at least a couple years in Singapore. afaik from video reviews they have also been updating their chair and iterating

  • +1

    coupon don't work

    • Looks like they've run out. I'll see if they add a new one and update the deal later on

  • +1

    and its pretty misleading, the product page shows a price of $589.

    You add it to cart and price goes up to $669.

  • OP, here is a related thread that will be of interest to you once you receive your chair.

    • Haha cheers, I also am in that already 😅

      • I should have scrolled down a bit more. ;-)
        Definitely keen to hear your thoughts once you get this chair up and running. Good luck!

  • Fyi they use these guys for delivery 😬 Low-key worried now 🤣


  • +1

    New Coupon coming soon 99BFCMRIGHTNOW valid from 26-29th Nov 11:59PM (GMT+10)

    • Thanks, tempted by one of these if Ergohuman doesn't do anything for black Friday. Has your order turned up yet?

      • Should be delivered today… according to le delivery company but who knows. They sent me a tracking number yesterday. Looks like they ship from Sydney. I'm in Melbourne.

        • I am eager to find out your findings

          • +2

            @tik tok: Well I can tell you the delivery company is shit 😆

            On the site it says: Scheduled For Delivery By: 24/11/2021

            25 Nov 2021 16:40:00 Sydney(SW) Depot Scan

            24 Nov 2021 20:16:00 Sydney(SW) Depot Scan

            • @Kerjifire: Was that with DFE Road Express?

              • @tlai: Yup

                • @Kerjifire: My one is now onboard for delivery. There is meant to be a estimated delivery time soon, let's see how they go.

                  • @tlai: Update.
                    My experience is not much better.
                    Estimated delivery time 1:30PM.
                    Called them at 2:50PM. They told me the driver was 2 stops away and to wait outside.
                    Waited outside 30mins.
                    Saw a truck labelled Direct Freight Express drive pass, didn't stop.
                    Called again, 15mins waiting later, they said the driver is in the area, with 5 stops to do. ETA. 5:30PM.

                    • @tlai: Did your chair get delivered by the end of the day? I ordered on the 27/11, "Scheduled For Delivery By: 07/12/2021" No updates but I didn't call them, hopefully it comes in tomorrow.

                      • +1

                        @luannyboyz: Negative, worst courier company confirmed. Back to the depot it goes. They didn't even attempt delivery. I'm pretty sure they drove past the building and didn't even stop earlier today.

                        07 Dec 2021 18:12:00 Sydney(SW) Depot Scan 1 Skip Navigation Links.
                        07 Dec 2021 18:12:00 Sydney(SW) Not Delivered Skip Navigation Links.
                        07 Dec 2021 09:22:00 Sydney(SW) On Board 1 Skip Navigation Links.
                        06 Dec 2021 19:45:00 Sydney(SW) Depot Scan 1 Skip Navigation Links.

                        • +1

                          @tlai: 2nd day's the charm. Despite the eta being 1pm and the tracking not updated, I have received it at 11AM.

                          Time to unbox… and assemble it.

  • +1

    Their price is dropping $40 apparently to $549 during Black Friday… :\ They're also selling some 4 chairs a day at 4PM for $199 if you want to try your luck.


    • +1

      I managed to get one of the codes… just took a swing at that price - will report back!

      • did you get the code before 5pm AEST?

        I log on at 4.50pm and apparently it's there.

        • +1

          Hey mate - code worked at 4:00pm GMT10+ when I used it. Hope that helps!

          • @Mike Oxlong: Thanks mate

          • @Mike Oxlong: Did you get to buy one at $199?

            • @alidli: I had a go… but nope.. code appears before the time and it's already sold out by the time it reaches 4pm.

              • @tlai: That's a bit dodgy.. anyone been able to nab one?

                • @alidli: Tried for last 3 days, no luck.
                  Code always appear before the time

                  • +1

                    @siegfried: It will accept the code at 4pm on the dot and then does reduce the cart to $199

                    • @alidli: Done that and spam the code sharp on the dot, doesn't work for me. Guess it's really popular

        • It worked on the hour, on the dot. I think you've just got to wait til the clock ticks over, have it ready in your cart and then go for it.

          • @Mike Oxlong: Managed to get one :) Chose the black so will need to wait a week or so.

      • Pressed the button on the dot but it was stuck on a loading loop..

        • Mine got applied straight away, I then used PayPal to pay. Had a few clocks in the background to show me when it was the correct time.

          • @tlai: Congrats on getting one :) Tried getting one everyday for the last three days and there just had to be a loading loop problem on the last day.. Guess I'm just unlucky.

            • @eternalconflux: Thanks, hope it's worth it!

              Maybe it's your browser, I tried with an older code and it would give me an error message.

              Unfortunately today is the last day :(, this is only me 2nd day trying.

  • +7

    Alright it finally arrived today, ordered on the 21st so a 5 day turnaround - not bad. Would have been happier if the delivery company didn't say it would be delivered 2 days ago.

    Initial impressions:

    Building took ~45 minutes or so. The instructions and packaging for screws etc to build were some of the best I've seen. Was relatively easy to assemble. I assembled it on my own.

    Chair itself: oh my lord there are so many adjustments you can make. I haven't quite found the perfect setting but I'll be adjusting throughout the week I think. It is very comfy.

    One of my arm rests is looser than the other, I've contacted support, we'll see how they act. The arm rests are also a little higher than I would like at the lowest point.

    But otherwise I think it looks alot better in person than in the images! Very comfy, very adjustable. I'll drop my thoughts again a few weeks in.

    • Thanks for following up with your initial impressions. I hope their support is helpful.

      One question, if you don’t mind. Approximately how tall are you?

      I’m asking because the armrest height is also important to me. I’m 175cm.

      • +1

        Support replied in a day which is nice - they say you can tighten it by removing the arm cushion which is good to know. I'm fairly short at 164cm.

        The arm rests are about ~19.5-20cm from the top of the arm cushion down to the chair if you want a reference point. My previous chair could go to about 17cm and it's lowest point. I do have however longer than usual arms for my height so that could be a factor.

        • Hi,
          Is the mesh as firm as SecretLab chairs?

          Do you find the chair comfortable for long hours?

          • +2

            @axn: Never tried secret lab stuff.

            I sat on it all day without feeling uncomfortable if that helps?

            The back support is probably my favourite thing about the chair so far. Feels like it shapes perfectly around my back

  • Doing a quick google, these chairs are similar to the ones available on alibab: https://weworthoffice.en.alibaba.com/

  • Did the BFCM29 code work for anyone today? I'm increasing disillusioned by this company. Great marketing don't know about product reading other's reviews.

    • Yes I got one.

  • Did anyone happen to get charged a 'Foreign Fee' ? Got charged 3% extra for the purchase…

    • +1

      I did not, I went through PayPal

  • Anyone else get the email from Ergotune asking you to vote for them as the "Best Computer Chair" in the HWM tech awards, with the chance to then win a chair?

    How could I know if the Ergo is the best computer chair if I've never even sat on one; so it's nice to see the voting for these awards is completely honest…. /sarc

  • Anyway I know that support can be a hit or miss per staff member but I had a great experience with a fella called "Justin Lim". Replied super quick within a day - organised a replacement arm to be sent to me. So far fairly impressed.

    • So the tension adjust wasn't the issue I take it?

      • So there are 4 screws to adjust tension on the arms.

        2 for the inner arm turn and 2 for the outer arm turn

        The screw wouldn't tighten so that was the issue. It was just infinitely turning. I mean I could pull it out and stuff things in the hole but yeah I didnt want to do that because they would likely accuse me of stuffing it up haha. So they just sent me a new arm

        • Cool! Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

          • +1

            @Fixel99: Okay I'm wrong the two silver screws do… nothing now that I've tried messing with it lol. You can only increase the tension of the inner arm turn with the allen key screws. Seems like you can't adjust the tension of the outer rotation.

  • +4

    Alright, here are my first impressions after 7 hours of sitting on the chair and general experiences with everything else.
    (Note: I am a 181cm male with a buff build and own a Steelcase Leap v2 (second hand). I decided to try the ergotune out since the Steelcase was starting to cause some pain on my back)

    -I was charged a 3% 'foreign fee' for some reason when I made the purchase with a credit card. However support said they were looking into it. Please use paypal if you intend to buy this chair.
    -Beware that they will charge a 3% 'transaction' fee if you decide to return the chair under the 30 days trial period, or when you cancel an order.
    -Warranty: There are different warranty periods depending on the part, and you have to make a social media post to receive the extra 4 years warranty. Parts under warranty do not include the mesh material, and delivery of the parts is to be paid for by the customer. From what i heard, ergonomic chair companies like Herman Miller or Steelcase come with standard 12 years warranty without needing to post anything, and usually pay for the delivery of parts under warranty.
    -Returns under the 30 day trial period can be done personally to their warehouse in Clyde, NSW, if that helps anyone. Just email them to organise it.
    -Delivery: Tracking was a mess and didn't work at all. However it was delivered this morning, which was 3 days ahead of schedule. A pleasant surprise.
    -Building the chair was quite easy, and took me around 30 minutes. Parts are packaged neatly and screws are distinctly labelled. Instruction manual was very easy to follow.

    Now to the chair itself:
    -Build: The parts are pretty high quality, and the chair hasn't made any squeaking noises when moving since I assembled it. However a few Singaporean reviews suggest otherwise after a few months of use. Hoping that won't be the case for my chair.
    -Headrests: Headrests were very adjustable and made me appreciate having one once I tried leaning backwards with the chair; something that I didn't really do with the Steelcase since it didn't have a headrest.
    -Armrests: Adjustability was pretty good and it felt quite rigid, however, the pads of the armrest felt a little bit too firm, and the default position is quite high compared to the Steelcase's armrests. The armrests also don't go forward or backward, and instead you have to turn the armrests 180 degrees if you want to have the armrests more to the front.
    -Lumbar support: The pressure applied to my lower back was kinda stiff and strong and forced me to sit with good posture; something that I didn't encounter with the Steelcase leap v2. The lumbar support mechanism's firmness on the Steelcase was adjustable and allowed me to sit in weird positions with comfort..
    -Material: This was my first experience with a mesh chair, and my first impressions was that it felt a bit breathable and 'light' compared to the Steelcase. However the mesh material's texture felt a little rough, especially on the edges of the chair. Being a mesh chair, the cushioning was nowhere near as good as the cushioning on the foam-based padding that's inherent on the steelcase. Cross sitting with one leg was not very comfortable, and sitting comfortably with both legs on the seat is a pipe dream for this chair. (But again, cross sitting is ergonomically bad for your body..)
    -Finishing and aesthetics: The chair itself looks quite nice and modern, however there were some minor inconsistencies with the finishing of some of the parts.

    All in all, my initial impressions are pretty good for this chair. Because the chair is unforgiving and not very comfortable if you do not sit with decent posture, it kinda forces you to sit with good posture.. something I think the steelcase didn't strictly enforce, so maybe this is for the better? (Keep in mind that the steelcase is quite old) However due to my concerns with general comfort and cushioning, I've decided to make a decision on whether to keep it or not after 2-3 more weeks of sitting on the chair. Please note that my experience with the chair is subjective and might be different from your experience.

    • Do you find the mesh extremely firm or soft?

      • For me it's on the firmer side.

  • +1

    Got my one as well and built it within 30mins. I used the video on their website, however, there have been some minor changes since the video was created, such as the packaging of the screws, headrest screws are now in the screw pack, washers are slightly different and come prepacked, the video recommends use the 3rd slot for the base, yet it should only be used if you're 180cm+ etc.

    I have gone though the activity and the calibration guides to adjust the chair so will see how that goes. If you do use the arm rests I feel like even with the minimum length setting, I'm further away from the table than I'm used to. Also with so many adjustments it can be difficulty to see if you chose the right settings. There's no squeaking of the chair which was mentioned in some video reviews however, the headrest has a bit of a rattle if you move the chair or lean into the headrest.

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