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[VIC] E10 Fuel $0.999/L @ 7-Eleven, Research 3095


99.99 c/L. Get your choppers ready. E10 Seven Eleven Research VIC 3095

Proof working close to time of post:

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    Great price.
    I've never put e10 in a car before. Would it be bad to put in a 2017 RAV4?

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      It'll be fine.

    • +8

      Use this to check

      • Noob question.

        The website says my car is compatible with E10 with octane rating of 95… Given 7 eleven sells 94 Octane, is it a big issue?

        • +2

          Only if the motor "pings". Very unlikely though.

        • +6

          is it a big issue?

          ymmv :-) . E10 and E5 in europe is Ron 95 or above, hence the markings. You should focus on minimum Ron number as opposed to the fuel type (E10 in this case)

          Ron number is a value indicating which compression level the fuel ignites. Higher the number, higher compression levels the fuel can go through before igniting. So if you put a lower Ron 94 to a higher requirement (95), the fuel ignites before the piston has fully depressed causing knocking

        • +3

          most basic cars will have some form of knock sensor which will identify ping then send a command to retard

          the timing

    • +2

      The problem with E10 is that if you leave it in the tank for too long, then it can cause damage. If you are driving regularly then it is fine.

  • +13

    wow, i can lock in if you need, pm me
    Edit: ok no more :)

    • -14

      Cool bro

    • +1

      I'm sure that backfired quickly, lol..

      • +3

        Haha I did my bit.

  • +3

    I first found the deal thanks to sintro

  • can someone share the method to get these prices (iphone AND android user) thanks

    • +2

      Start by reading the OP [here]9https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/288802)

    • +1

      I am using 3utools for my iPhone it is working perfectly.

  • +3

    locked and loaded

  • +1

    Done!! thanks Bro!!

  • +3

    Thanks OP, been scraping at the bottom of the fuel barrel for the past few weeks thanks to sky high prices. This should last me a few weeks, until the next U98 price dip comes along.

    • +2

      I have 167 here near me if you want a lock for 98

      • Cheers, thanks, but i'll save a few $$ with the e10 for now. will pamper the car with premium when the prices are not so high.

      • Can you lock me in at that please? Will pm you my details

    • I'm a little confused at why someone would use E10 and 98 randomly, are they interchangeable?

      Why not just stick to what the manufacturer recommends?

      • The octane rating of E10 is higher than 98. It's a bit more complicated than that. In fact you can tune motors for E85.

        • The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries says some E10 unleaded petrol blends are marketed as 94 RON. That means they do not meet the fuel standards for cars recommended to use 95 or 98 premium fuels.

          • @Tiggrrrrr: Yeah I forgot to add the RON of 94 and petrol particulate filters in some vehicles wrt sulphur content.

            It's a judgement call you have to make for yourself.

          • @Tiggrrrrr: My car says it needs 95, but it's an old piece of crap from the 2000s, apparently E10 works with it and will now be my fuel of choice, since I really don't care if it actually kills it.

            • @TEER3X: I personally wouldn't use anything but 98 in my BMW or Merc. But maybe that's just me.

              In the Volvo I'd use the dregs from discarded meth bottles I find at the local park…

  • Any 98 deals?

    • Shellharbour NSW @ 164.9 is cheapest

    • Current cheapest is $1.649, Shellharbour, NSW, 2529

      • +1

        Haha well i can't fly there so 167 will do. I do have 165 locked from Yagoona on one and may try ampol offer to get it for 160 today

        • create a new account with a new temp email addresss.

  • +2

    I'm tempted to use my chopper from NSW but I'm afraid that it's a trap.

    • +1

      Use a burner account

    • Bro I often use my chopper to go interstate never had a problem. What I do sometimes is lock in early and only refuel later in the day or days later

  • +13

    Are 7-11 doing a Research on how many lock this?

    • +8

      I was thinking the exact same thing - could be a honeypot.

    • +3

      It’s a Grand Secret (4820 QLD).

    • You should have seen the 0.8c/L deal then.

  • +3

    Cheers loaded two accounts, ready for the long trip this weekend :)

  • +1

    Not working. Timed out

    • Yes I think we just missed it
      EDIT: Can do it again.

  • +3

    +1 for the time and effort taken to take a photo of your phones screen and then crop the image, when you could have just taken a screenshot.

  • +1

    Was timing out but just managed to lock it then. Thanks OP. Local was trying to flog Unleaded at 1.98 around the corner.

    • Thanks! they fixed themselves

  • Yep it's over.

    Edit: And it's back.

  • +2

    OP, are you also JV

    • +1

      Yes, but the 1988 version.
      The one you know and love is the 1948 version

  • Looks like a pricing error ? because their 91 fuel type is over 1.50

    • +2

      hmmmm… I just checked Petrol Spy and nothing is coming up for E10… maybe they dont have it at all just put 0.999 as a placeholder? Anyways, at this price its too good to say no!!! hahaha

  • It seems to still work? I've just locked it at $0.999 at 3:37pm.

  • Locked in twice

  • +11

    For the record, we live about 300m (as the crow flies) from Research Seven Eleven.

    While the Seven Eleven "shop" has remained open, they have not been selling fuel for the past few weeks (replacing the large underground fuel tanks).

    Presumably this is a pricing error that will be updated/reset once they restart selling fuel (if not before).

    Anyway, great find OP for others to lock it in!


    • -1

      Hope 7-eleven honours this though.

    • +3

      So if 7/11 come knocking we can say we came over to your place for a lunch get together MrE? πŸ˜…

    • I'm sure it'll be reset today/tomorrow, surely there will be some alerts going off at HQ

  • locked in for the old man, Thanks OP!

  • Still going

  • +2

    Used 3 choppers to lock in the price in 3 accounts

    • On the one device or multiple devices?

      • I personally used 1 chopper to lock 5 accounts

        • Huh, cool. There used to be a 2 lock in per device per 24 hour limit

          • @sween64: long time locker and didnt know about this!

        • Android or iOS?

          • +1

            @sween64: Android - I completely forgot about the old limit and just went for it haha

  • +24

    I’m assisting with lock-ins until the price expires. DM me if you need. :)

    • +2

      Absolute legend

    • Loads of requests coming through. Apologies if I take a bit to get back to you!

    • +1

      Literal legend.

  • Can someone help me lockin?! Please

  • Thanks OP. Luckily my chopper had no issues firing up.

  • Will help the first 5 OzB'ers to DM me get this price :)

  • Its been delisted by OP. What gives?

    • +1

      Why the neg? Just stating a fact that its been unpublished. Just wondering whether something sinister is going on by 7-11.

      • +2

        The deal was posted twice and the one to post it second quickly realised this and requested theirs to be unpublished.

        • +3

          pssst that was me, was multi-tasking at work and was a bit slow

    • +7

      Literally nothing tying us to an account anymore with you no longer having to deposit money into it… Worst they can do is ban the account.

      I'll chuck a "." In my Gmail account and have a new one going in minutes πŸ˜›

      • -1

        I just hope they don't put a stop to the gps location spoofing…

        • Last time they did it by rebuilding a new app from scratch.

        • They tried a couple of years ago (it used to just be a modified APK to install, no root required), it was all doom and gloom for about a week but some clever people found some work arounds and we were all good again.

        • +2

          they wont be able to with apple. their OS doesnt allow them direct access to GPS data so ergo the app doesnt know it's being spoofed

  • Just paid $1.43 (Mobil Brighton SA, cnr Brighton Rd & Frances St) and thought that was good…

    • +1

      i fueled up yester for about the same …

      the lock will help with half a tank in a weeks' time

    • (profanity)! forgot to fill up smdh

      i shouldve set a reminder

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