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[VIC] E10 Fuel $0.999/L @ 7-Eleven, Research 3095


99.99 c/L. Get your choppers ready. E10 Seven Eleven Research VIC 3095

Proof working close to time of post:

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    • how to do it?

      Drive to Research VIC near the station, open you app and lock it. no need to fake your GPS, if you can't do it.

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        Fortunately in the area. Finally I don't have to lie about my location!! Haha

      • thanks, no need to waste time, i've used iphone to fake the GPS

  • I can't lock this in….. but I really wish I could. So annoyed as I need a full tank.

  • If anyone wants price lock, feel free to hmu.

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      Can't PM you :(

    • Yes please!! Can’t DM

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    Store attendants will give a stare when they see big discount.

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      Last one asked if my friend could lock it in for him too, lolz

    • Some of them dont honor it (even after scanning) the new price wont load on checkout. They then ask you to email 7Eleven.

      Thinking if i can pay upfront and then fill tank for x amount of litres

      • why? I've never had any issues but this is a big discount though.

        • If they say no, i go to the next 7 eleven

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            @kehuehue: Are you asking them first before you fill your car?

          • @kehuehue: some 7e's are rough i dont givem much business

            luckily my local one is quite chill

      • It’s possible because the price cycle has just jumped (in Melbourne), that anyone who locked in ‘normally’ will have a fairly large discount and anything else won’t look too out of place.

      • does anyone know what the attendant sees on the counter when you scan your barcode. Does it have the price and the location?

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          Don’t think so.

          My attendant did appear to do a double take when the reduced price (approx $104 down to $58) came up on his screen. He didn’t say anything though.

  • Just need 98 dicaound

  • Thank you,

  • Ace
    Thank you

  • Still working, just locked two accounts.

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    I'm amazed that 7-11 still hasn't shut this exploit down.

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      Yeah, the last deal I posted only lasted about 90 minutes. It’s why I said I’d keep locking for people until it expires, thinking it wouldn’t be long. Silly me, but I’m still locking in!

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      They want to clear the E10 expiring fuel

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    anyone got a tanker at home?

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      max 200lts as per the fuellock T&Cs

      • But unlimited accounts…

        • It’s max 150l. I know as my Prado is 180l tank so I have to be careful to not go over at std price is 1.77

          • @Cheapshots: ye 150 my bad, either way theres a limit

            cant go fetch you Bdouble tanker and load up on 99 cent fuel

  • Done & thx OP.

    Did take a few attempts though, usually works straight away….

  • I wish my car took e10 =\

    I thought it was mandated that all cars sold in Australia was supposed to be able take e10. I guess I read wrong

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      99% of new petrol cars sold here that available globally will be compliant with e10. The issue here though is our e10 is mixed in with 91 octane (most of the world, particularly the EU, which sets the strictest standards that global car makers follow), use a minimum 95 octane. Overseas, the cheapest fuel offered is either straight 95 or 95e10 which is a blend of 95 octane and 10% ethanol (Ron would be 97-98).
      Most cars here that aren’t compliant with commonly available e10 are only that way because either they can’t technically accept 94ron (although you’d have no issues if it requires 95 min) or have a minimum octane requirement of 98 (speciality/high-end euro/jap cars).
      Some may also not accept it because the sulphur content for 91 octane is too high due to our extremely poor fuel standards compared to developed nations.
      Nothing however stops you from blending your own e10 (which I occasionally do) which includes going to your United station with a jerry can, filling up the can with e85 for whatever ethanol content equals 10% of your tank (I.e 85L tank fill 10l jerry can with e85), then empty the jerry can into the tank of your car and top up with 95/98. I mix with 98 octane and get a tank of fuel with approx 100ron and better performance capability.
      This blend was previously available on forecourts in Aus but was phased out due to poor sales.

      • +2

        Username checks out.

      • I don't know anything about cars, but I always thought whether or not it accepts e10 has to do with whether or not the maufacturer has put into placed measures in the fuel system to deal with the water created when burning e10. Not so much to do with the octane rating.

        My car oddly enough accepts 95 at a minimum, but can't do e10 (which is usually octane 94-95)

        • For the first point, that would be the case for cars pre-2005, but for nearly all cars made in the last decade that wouldn't be the case.

          For the second ill go into detail:
          Would presume its a Euro then? That would be a result of our e10 having a 91 octane base, and not actually a result of your car being unable to run on Ethanol.
          Our disgraceful Australian standards dictate a mandated maximum sulphur content that's 15x above the European Limit (EU: 10ppm Aus:150ppm) and we have an average sulphur content in fuel about 7x above theirs (EU:7ppm vs Aus:50ppm). For context, were the only developed country to have such lax limits, and countries such as India and China already follow the European Limits (current regs on require compliance with their standards by 2027), as well as our neighbour NZ and comparable developed nations including the US and Canada. Its a cancer causing element, so I'm surprised more decisive action isn't being taken.

          The requirement that your car accepts only 95 minimum is because all fuels in Europe are 95 Ron minimum and cars are tuned for it (as well as being built for lower Sulphur contents (primarily relates to catalytic converters and PPF's)). A majority of 'cheap' fuel in Europe is also E10, as mentioned above, but uses 95 Ron fuel as a base (with their stricter lower sulphur content) with ethanol added in.

          Ideally if we phase out 91 Ron in Australia, or drastically tighten our Sulphur Limits (unlikely as very few markets use 91 nowadays) you'll see E10 here become like the EU with 95 as a base and an operating RON of 97-98. Your car would then run perfectly fine on this if introduced.

          Our 95/98 are also above the EU regs, at 50ppm limit but thankfully have a lower actual average of around 15-20ppm, but its still double the EU limit. This is why your car mandates you to run on 95/98 in Australia.

  • +3

    Weird name for a suburb

  • +2

    I just saved $35 filling up

    Happy to lock in for anyone that wants it

    • +1

      Get any queries from the store attendant?

      • He just said its one of the best discounts he's ever seen

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          One of the benefits of Mr. Kite

    • Hi can you assist me please

    • Please help me

  • Can I mix it with 91 Fuel?

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    Has anyone tried filling up two cars in one go using the fuel lock?

    • +4

      Just make sure not to put the pump back into the bowser. Filled up 2 cars and a jerry back when price error had 91 for 0.0008c

    • I've done 3 cars. They ask you to use the same pump but when I went one car used another due to an issue on their end. I did call and also ask in store before filling up. You can replace the pump, they just added it all together onto one receipt when I went to pay.

  • How to get this if live in NSW?

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      Pm me your 7eleven account and I’ll do that for you.

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    I will assist the first 5 people who message me - message me if you are in need and able to fill quickly

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    noice 99cents, shame my 2 other accounts already have fuel locked ><

    • You can create more.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Saved $39.21 by filling 43 ltr.

  • +19

    I think we won… thanks OP!!!


    • +1

      Very good savings!!!

    • +1

      127 litres? Is that a Jet plane ? 🤣

      • +1

        lol…2001 Landcruiser :) probs cheaper to run a jet plane!!

        • +1

          03 Prado here. I’ll be filling up on Monday and will report back 😂

  • I noticed this new version no longer has the barcode on the lock in page. How do you claim these in store?

    • Top right corner is a button labelled ‘My Card’ which shows the barcode. The barcode is linked to your account and no longer changes with each fuel lock.

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    Saved $30, thanks OP. Attendant asked "where did you locked this in price?" I answered "Wollongong" (which was were I was located when I locked it in). He replied "Wow, that's cheap. Big saving."

    • Which store were you at? I'm about to try Dapto. I'll say I got it in Wollongong too 🤣

    • The NSW gov website says my 2012 Audi A4 2.0 can take e10. But carsguide says it can't :(
      What do I do?

      • There's only one way to really find out….

  • Is the decrease in power and fuel efficiency noticeable?

  • How do you find the 7-eleven which sells E10. Not all 7/11 sells it.

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      Use the Store Locator function in the app (under settings).

  • Lets call it $1

  • +2

    surprised this 'research' price is still up almost 16 hours later

  • Geez - shocked I missed this one! Price of petrol might force me into actually being more green…

  • Is it still available, would greatly appreciate it if someone could send me a barcode:) thanks.

  • Hi anyone assist me and do it as have Android phone grr

  • Someone please help me on iPhone? Please

  • +3

    Can Ferrari use E10 ?

    • Methylated spirits only as per fuel cap.

  • Hi, can someone help me with this on iOS?

  • I am available until 9.30am (syd time) if people need someone to lock in this price for them.

    its still available I just did it

    • not sure how to pm you

  • +1

    showing as 165.9 now

  • +3

    All over red rover. 165.9 cents now

  • E x p I r e d.

  • Thanks op. missed it :(. anyone still have a spare?

  • Damn missed it..Can anybody help ?

  • Anyone tried to fill two cars on one transaction?

      • Thanks mate

    • -1

      I got stung today. Normally we replace the pump, which I've done before. This was fine at the first 7 11 (had to do 2 rounds, due to 2 different fuel types in 4 cars) but at the second he refused to honour the discount by combining the 2 totals at the same pump. So missed out on a discount on one car, so mad because both filled up over 30 litres each! I had already filled up, so no way to avoid it.

  • +2

    Research concluded. Results to me made known soon.

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