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[eBay Plus] LG C1 65" OLED TV OLED65C1PTB $2743.60 C&C / + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


The Good Guys black friday prices have gone live on their eBay store, killer deal for this TV.

This TV is also $2888 directly at The Good Guys.

Note: Bonus 3 Months of Apple TV+ via Redemption also.

For those without eBay Plus, you can sign up for a month for $4.99 to take advantage of this coupon.

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    • Ah well, win some. Lose some.

      I’ll see what comes up this week and maybe apply for price protection via card.

  • Im sure this has been asked many times.

    What viewing distance are people using with the 65..

    I am sitting around 2.5m away from screen.. currently have a 55…

    Interested in others oppions out there.

    Would 65 look too large and picture affected for sitting too close?

    • 65 is perfect. 55 would be below average at 2.5m.

    • I've got a 65 and view from pretty much bang on 2.5m away (front of the couch is a little closer). For 16:9 content it's basically at the perfect maximum size, any closer and I think it would be too big. For movies in a wider aspect ratio it could even be a bit bigger and still be fine. Very happy with that size for the distance.

    • Yes it might. It's up to personal preference though.

    • +1

      I was 6ft away from 55 and for a while have had 65 from the same distance. It is definitely not too big. In fact I probably would go 75/77 to get that full immersion. The difference between sizes is not that big and other people stating the percentage gap does not play out like that at all. Only looks good with full screen content. 55 to 65 is noticeable but wasn't that huge upgrade i was looking for. From 2.5m away I would definitely go 75/77inch.

  • +1

    Is it worth biting the bullet on this one or should I wait for the G1 to drop? (it's been down to 3300 before).

    Excluding the wall mounting difference, is the evo panel worth it?

    • +1

      Depends if you think 10% or less extra brightness is worth $600 (assuming the G1 gets down to around 3300). I've seen many reviews of the C1 vs G1 side by side and they couldn't perceive any difference at all picture quality wise

    • +1

      same, hoping for a G1 sale as well, be nice to see G1 it at 3300 again…

  • Is it possible to stack the 15% off JB Hi-fi GCs (here) and JB Hi-fi's price-matching in 2 days' time? Assuming stock levels remain.

    • +4

      If you have a time machine, then definitely.

      • Any deals on the time machine? All used Deloreans are so exxy….

        • Dunno, enjoying my shiny new C1 77 too much right now to care. :)

          • @Xizor: BUHAHAH! Nice.

            Tell you what, I reckon people will bring the empty cartons of C1s as proof for the Ozbargain chrissy parties this year.

            • @Naigrabzo: Didn't even know that was an actual thing (party). Wonder if you get banned/penalty box their as easily as on here.

              • @Xizor: Yes, they will make you wear your empty cardboard box as a full body hat and covid shield. Only C1 boxes apply. :) :)

                Nah seriously, there are some events although I have no idea what you'd talk about.

                Free Food tho….. ;)

    • Sure, they'll retroactively price match to include the additional 3rd party eBay discount..

  • Fudge. Do I go from a 75 X9000H to this? Decisions…

    65 so small…

    • +8

      Unfortunately, the only right answer for you is a 77 OLED.

    • I'm asking the exact same question.

    • No. Size matters.

  • Great price.

    Hopefully there will be a decent price on the 83". I'm not willing to pay more than $6k for one.

  • +1

    Just pulled the trigger and bought one, upgraded from my Hisense 65P9

    • Same here, but from 65P7

  • Daaaaamn getting very sharp pricing on these C1's :)

    I love mine, highly recommended!

  • +1

    I need a good deal for LG C1 55 inches.

  • OOS now

  • +7

    For those wondering, this TV will be $2888 at JB-HiFi, starting online at 7pm tonight (8am in-store tomorrow). They probably won't be able to price match ebay coupons but you can definitely stack with 15% off gift cards, which makes it a sweeter deal.

    Partial catalogue here

    • 77" C1 down to $5888? Thats dissapointing… Hard to read the model number but im aussiming its the LG C1

      • $4995 now

        • +1

          My credit card is in trouble

    • +1

      I think I'll definitely go for it tonight (I already have gift cards)!

      Seeing as Good Guys is OOS so quickly I don't think waiting to get the 15% gift cards on Wednesday will work out.

    • -1

      How did you get access to the catalogue

  • i did below steps and saved $200 more last time when sony 90X-75 was on sale. anyone want try soon before ebay deal become oos.

    Call goodguys support team or go to store and ask them to price match with ebay store, ask for free delivery as well.

    Just pay $50or something to hold the stock.

    This Wednesday 15% gift card will be available in coles deal so you can save more.

  • I paid 3400 for this in June a week after it came out and have no regrets!

    Shame 77 is so steep.

  • Sold out

  • Anyone know if they allocate to a local TGC store if choose you delivery with eBay?

    • Yes, I got a call from local TGG 10min after I placed my order wanting to schedule delivery

  • +2

    They must a shitload of c1 stock to clear?

    • must have been that order earlier mid year and stock to arrive in october. They probably didn't clear as many as they wanted to so it's taking up inventory space (and you know how big TVs are…)

  • +1

    I've been really happy with the BX model but this is a killer price

  • Good guys website shows as $3995?

  • +2

    This deal is back again, link has been updated :)

  • 2% CB via Shopback + $50 CB via Westpac rewards for anyone who wants to buy this through TGG directly instead.

  • Thanks heaps, OP. I've been waiting for a better price. It's been $3996 for the last few weeks. Saved $1200!! :D :D

  • What a good deal.

    If you guys have been waiting for a price drop on OLEDs… THIS IS IT.

  • This is an incredble TV. Love it for netflix, ultraHD blu ray and ps5/series x… hasn't missed a beat - still get a smile when I turn it on.
    If unsure if OLED is for you … watch Interstellar at this scene in the store and see how incredible it looks:

  • +1

    Called my local Good Guys store and they're happy to match the $2743.60 price and also throw in the 5 year Gold Service Extras. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

    • I asked for the same thing but they want to charge $360 extra for the 5 years :(.

  • Pull the trigger, got it at a local TGG price matched the eBay price.
    Delivery is at ridiculous $74, suggesting that oled can't be transported laid flat, has to sit upright.
    Any thoughts?

    • +1

      I have always seen these things transported upright so I assume the same spill has been told to sale people from the suppliers.
      $74 is a lot but if something goes wrong, its money well spent.

      • I thought that delivery price was standard for them now for any larger TV, Fridge etc

    • +1

      The screen is very thin (like just a few mms) and even when trying to set up it, it feels like i could break it anytime. So understandable standing up is recommended.

  • +4

    Guys, I just purchased this TV and ebay only allow maximum use $1500 worth of gift cards for this purchase. I bought $2500 gift card from shopback.

    Just share this for anyone that wants to use gift cards. Now I have $1000 gift card to figure out what I need to buy.

    • cheers i wish i had seen this before i bought 2k worth of cards :D however i wil defo spend the last $500 pretty easily

  • +1

    Just set mine and up and WOWZA
    I should have done this a long time ago!

  • -2

    I've bought 5 of these C1 TV's this week, running out of room where to put them.

  • +2

    I just bought this at $2,511 Harvey Norman. ($2700 and paid with 7% HN gift card instant cash back)

    • +3

      Receipt please!

    • Can I ask which store you managed to negotiate the price to $2,700?

      • The one in Preston. 77" can be sold at $4700 too.

    • how does instant cash back work?

    • +1

      Thanks for the tip. We tried this at our store and got it for 2745 and then 7% off with shopback HN gift cards ($2553). Really happy.

    • +1

      THANK YOU SO MUCH. I just called up HN Dandenong and asked for a price match based on your info and they matched it. $2700. The rep (Susannah) said she was happy for me to pass along her name for price matching. Good luck guys, and thank you again.

  • Bought this a couple of days ago, ebay store has been saying 20+ sold in the last 24 hours for the past couple of days. I read a whirlpool forum about the good guys ebay store being notoriously bad for selling items they have no stock for and am a little bit spooked that this won't ship for ages. Should I be worried about getting it shipped through ebay? Says it's shipping from Essendon (to Geelong). Could be going away on holiday too so might not be able to receive if it takes too long. What happens if no one is home for such a large item delivery?


    • I’m in the same boat.
      Bought on Monday when it was clearly indicated in stock when I placed order. However when I contacted the store 2 days later they informed me there’s no stock and they do not know when they will have more stock.
      I waited till today and canceled the order and have bought Sony A80J instead.

  • +1

    Got this baby at Harvey Norman with 4 years additional replacement warranty (Product Care) for $3098.

    The TV alone is reduced to $2699 and the product care is $399. Without any discounts, they are selling the TV for $2888 and with product care $3477

    With the 7% cash back from ShopBack, I’m effectively getting the Product Care for -$1 ($2887).

    Say what you want about HN but their Product Care is actually pretty useful and I have used before on small and large items such as a washing machine.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!

  • Can anyone help, is there a major difference between the OLED and this LG 65 Nano75?


    • Yes. A huge difference. Essentially, the C1 is the flagship and the Nano is their QLED IPS TV which has equivalent features, but not the A9 Gen4 chipset, so some of the gaming support is missing.

      The QNED or MiniLED “Nano” is sort of a half-step towards OLED, being equivalent with the Samsung QN85A IPS/ADS panels. The Nanocell or Nano is similar to the Q70/Q80A and X80/85/90J, except that it’s IPS based, or sometimes ADS IPS.

      It’s hard to explain briefly, but ADS (aka ADSDS) is an improved IPS, brighter, better colour and off-angle viewing distortion, but ADSDS is still IPS. (we don’t get all of the same models and sizes available to Australia, and we often get the ADS / IPS version instead of the VA panel in certain sizes and brands)

      The main issue for IPS is the off-angle distortion, which means that most people have to sit directly in front to not see a washed out grey image where it should just be dark or black.

      If you have an ideal room with a single seat or bed, IPS is fine. If it’s a living area, the black levels may be iffy to cloudy depending on the TV’s software/image processing hardware to reduce the blooming or crush the black detail.

      If you only really watch SDR content, the QLED and MiniLED IPS are great. But if you jump into HDR or Games, IPS can have noticeable distortion or blurring on dark areas, same with VA.

      With BF sales waning for Cyber-Monday, there aren’t many TVs with a similar performance, price or quality at the same level as OLED.

      You could step down to the Sony X95J or X90J for a Similar price. If you get a “big” TV, some of those problems just don’t matter much, so it’s often hindsight.

  • Ended up at $2,572 excluding the extended warranty. Pretty happy with the price!

    • How did you get lower?

    • How did you get that price? Pm if you want, looking at getting one asap lol

      • In short, they matched the eBay price of $2,743.60 and included the 5 years Gold Service Extras free of charge.
        When I asked about removing the 5 year extended warranty they took off roughly half of the normal cost, which reduced the purchase price for the TV to $2,572. Think I may have just gotten lucky.

        • Ah fair. This is from TGG physical store? Or price match at another retailer?

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