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McDonald's: $1 Large Fries (New Users) @ mymacca's App



  • Redeem this long running deal unlimited times with multiple accounts.
  • Takes 3 minutes to create account. Easily generate the deal 100% of the time.
  • You receive an in-app code, so staff won't refuse this deal.
  • Couldn't find this advertised anywhere on Macca's website or literally anywhere on the internet. Try this deal quick before Maccas fixes it.

Instructions for code

1) Sign Up for a new account

  • Requires email verification. Channel your inner OzBargain spirit with this hack so you don't have to make new emails. When you enter email in signup, add "+1" before the "@" in your email to trick Maccas into thinking it's a new email. This +1 email will redirect to the original email inbox. Works for any number.

  • E.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] will be identified by Maccas as separate email accounts, but all redirect to the [email protected] inbox.

2) Log in and log out

  • The deal won't immediately appear, so relog.

3) Log in again

  • $1 large fries deal code will usually appear now. If not, try relogging till it pops up.

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  • +4

    Time for my 4th account

    • +4

      Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.

  • Pretty sure the deal reappears if you delete your account and sign up with same email again too

    • didnt know that worked. good tip too!

  • +1

    I miss the 1 dollar medium coffee for new users.

    1 dollar large fries doesn’t really appeal to me.

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