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Joop! Homme Eau De Toilette / Eau De Parfum Range from (OOS $17.99) Now $23.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Ozbargainers will smell fine after these Amazon sales. Have created a list of well-priced Joop Products.

Eau de Toilette
Joop! Homme Eau de Toilette for Men, 200ml $23.99, Was $49.99
Joop! Homme Wild Eau De Toilette for Men, 125ml $19.99 Was $49.99
Joop! Go Eau de Toilette for Men, 100ml $23.99, Was $59.99
Joop! Go Eau de Toilette for Men, 200ml $23.99, Was $59.99
Joop! Jump Eau De Toilette for Men, 200ml $23.99, Was $59.99
Joop! Joop! Homme Ice Eau de Toilette 80ml $17.99, Was $30.09
Eau de Parfum
Joop! Absolute Eau de Parfum for Men, 120ml $27.99, Was $69.99

Notes on the differences
Eau de Toilette contains typical ~10% aromatic compounds Vs Eau de Parfum contains typical ~20% aromatic compounds. Eau de Parfum is more concentrated than Eau de Toilette and typically will last 2-3 times longer, hence generally the higher prices.
You should expect 1.5-3hrs from Eau de Toilette and 6-8hrs from Eau de Parfum before needing to reapply.
For people that apply multiple times daily Eau de Parfum will likely save you money in the long run.

Note: There seems to be postage restrictions in place for some regional areas

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +2

    Aaah my favourite 90s after shave. I feel like one of those old spice guys I used to poke fun at. 😑

    • Yeah, brings back memories.

      Once I was riding my motorbike and another, female, biker came up from behind me telling me she could smell me in the air. Back then I just gushed. Now it wouldn't happen again because I don't currently ride but more importantly I wouldn't drop $30 just to smell nice for others.

      • +2

        The warehouse night club on a Wednesday and the Metro on a Friday was Trance music swimming in Cool water and Joop.

        • +1

          And Lagerfeld.

    • +3

      Joop Homme and Tommy EDT just brings back so much nostalgia when I smell it. Better days

      • Personally dunno about better but definitely simpler.

        • In the 80's said that about 60's, in the the 60's said that about 40's. You got it.

    • I cant believe the got rid of black king.
      Was their best fragrance.


  • Username checks out…

    • +1

      I'd like to think we do more than just make teens smell decent.

      • +2

        Pro pic says this guy made bags in ASX

        • +1

          NYSE. Got away from the wall street bets crew early and invested in Uranium, Pharmaceutics, Defense. I've held for a year and made a lot more than inflation / ING's old interest rate, so I am happy. I will sell out soon and take all my lessons to start building a retirement fund.

  • +1

    thanks OP. got one.

  • +1

    Ah this takes me back to my high school years.

    • -1

      That's Secondary College to those of you with a confused look on your faces looking at the ceiling.

  • +2

    Just a little warning to buyers, joop fragrances are really weak and short lasting like Calvin Klein for example. The written hours by OP how long the fragrance will last has many, many factors. Mostly temperature, can't use winter one on summer, will die off within 30 minutes, if it survives that long. Joop is ok but my personal opinion thrown money. But for under $20 it's worth it for frequent reapplying over the day, better then sprays and are in similar price range.

    • +1

      Noted. I just tried to give some incite as many people don't speak French or understand the difference. I just gave the averages for the classes on offer "Eau de Toilette" & "Eau de Parfum" and there are more classes outside of these that I didn't add as there is no relevance. I've used Joop Homme and you can easily get a few hours out of it. I've also used Absolute Eau de Parfum, which I found I could still smell it more than 8 hours after applying. For me this was a little too long. All brands have their cheap range and their expensive range.

    • +2

      Back in the day when we used this stuff we only needed 10 minutes to seal the deal. So it actually lasts at least 20 minutes longer than required. :P

    • +1

      Which one do you recommend?

      • +1

        Depends when you wanna wear it. They're all different.

        • +1

          Stronger one

      • +1

        Just as a note, I do not sell perfumes, and the information I have is from my own research, university, and some odd branding info we get now and again.
        My personal rule
        1) For products I know and use: always go for the version with Eau de Parfum in the title, as long as it isn't more than twice the price.
        2) To try a new product: Eau de Toilette if Eau de Parfum is alot more expensive or I am not sure I will wear it.

        Eau de Parfum is concentrated. You can use less, and you'll still get a much longer lasting effect.
        From other brands I think I would use >3 times the amount of Eau de Toilette to get the same effect as Eau de Parfum (i.e. 300mL:100mL), therefore if the Eau de Parfum is less than 3 times the price, I will typically save $$$. Also, if you don't have to medically "scrub" your hands & wrist multiple times in a day you will see better, longer results.

        If you just want really nice smelling cheap (Eau de Toilette) then Joop! Homme (very sweet smell) is fine (price has gone up), otherwise if you're in your 20's, 30's Silver Scent $29.99 or Dunhill Desire Blue are both great under-rated options. You should be able to find both examples for sale for $29.99 on amazon or chemist warehouse from time to time.

        If you use Camel Camel Camel, I would setup a price watch for the options you like and wait until they go on sale. Lastly, if you live near a chemist warehouse, you can just go into store and use the sample bottles to get an idea of what smell you like.

        Eau de Toilette = Weaker (typical ~10% aromatic compounds), cheaper and only lasts a few hours, so must be reapply often
        Eau de Parfum = Stronger (typical ~20% aromatic compounds), more expensive and last 6-8hrs on average before the need to reapply

    • I'd disagree
      Yes its not the 48 hour nuclear bomb of old i still get a solid 12+ hours off joop homme that i bought last year which is good by any standards.

      But do agree, Calvin klein can suck a fat one, pretty much odourless alcohol.

      • I did mention in another comment that the figures are simply based on the perfumes class (aka Eau de Toilette). They fall into these classes based on the % aromatic compounds that are in the product. I love SilverScent, which is an Eau de Toilette class product, and I can get 4-5hrs out of it, if I'm not around strong-smelling substances (curry, smokes, certain patients for example). I also find indoors the presence last longer than being outside.

        I also believe you can get 12hrs. Joop homme has an extraordinarily strong smell on application (For an Eau de Toilette) and for everything I have tried in the Eau de Toilette class, it wouldn't surprise me if the standard hours were exceeded.

        Calvin klein has also gone downhill in recent years many of the products that were nearer to being Eau de Parfum are now weak Eau de Toilette. Their Eau de Parfum range is still great but expensive. Same story with Tommy. They designed cheaper versions for mainly middle eastern markets and then Chemist Warehouse started parallel imports (packaging in much the same). Myer couldn't charge $129 for local stock when Chemist Warehouse were charging $39.99 for what seemed to be the same product. Overtime the need to drive down prices, drove the quality and quantity of aromatic compounds down. It sucks

  • +1

    Joop! Absolute Eau de Parfum for Men now showing $65 for me. :(

    • Thanks. Updated OOS

  • +1

    My range lasts for hours - odour toilet.

    • La Merde Signature Adaptation by TravelBug
      "For the unforgettable impression"

      Finally used that Cert IV in marketing for something. hehe

  • +1

    90s? High school?
    I still use it now… and it NEVER fails to receive at least one 'interesting' comment when out. ;)

    P.s. (Original) Homme 200ml now at $40.24 at time of commenting.

    • I always find people stories interesting. Guess I'm becoming a boomer.
      Thanks for price update notification. I have checked and updated all products accordingly

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