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[PC, Prime] Free - Frostpunk, Football Manager 2021, Tale of Monkey Island, Journey to The Savage Planet @ Prime Gaming


The rest of December’s free games from Prime Gaming have been announced.

Prime subscription required to redeem.

  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
  • Frostpunk
  • Journey to the Savage Planet
  • Football Manager 2021
  • Morkredd
  • Spellcaster University
  • Youtubers Life
  • Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
  • Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack

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  • +29

    Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack 🙏🥳🤗

    • need moar +!

      • +1

        What ever happened to the IP?

        I see stuff happening with Sam and Max but want more Monkey Island

        • +10

          I think they started selling fine leather jackets and made more money that way.

  • +1

    I just started a 30 day Prime trial yesterday. How do these free games work? Are they free forever, or just while subscribed (like PS+, GWG, etc)?

    • +10

      Free forever. You're given a key on a third party service like Origin or GOG.com.

      Because Amazon is ridiculous.They sent me a $30 apology voucher because they incorrectly listed something about a $5 item in a $50 order, where I was already using a 50% discount offer (i.e. they ended up effectively paying me $5 to send me $50 of things that I wanted, in multiple shipments). But they sell so much stuff they can afford to behave this way.

    • +1

      Not all the games are keys for other services by the way. Ones through the AAA publishers such as Origin/EA, Ubisoft are basically always a key to their launcher but some other bigger titles will be a key on steam, epic, GOG. The indie titles are usually on the prime gaming account but a far as I know as long as you add them you can play them while your membership is expired. Honestly though prime membership is probably the best value you can get what all the platforms you get, especially if you do yearly

      • +1

        I cannot recall a key for Steam from Prime.

        • +1

          Now that you mention it I don't think I do either.

  • +11

    I played the bejeezus out of FrostPunk when they gave it away on Epic. Actually bought the DLC , which I guess is the idea of giving away the base game

    • +2

      Frostpunk is soo damn good.

  • +8

    Is Monkey Island any good? I've never heard of it.

    • +17

      How appropriate, you fight like a cow 🤺

      • +1


    • +4

      It's a master piece in humour.. well atleast it was when I played it several years ago. Quite refreshing actually takes you away from your life troubles for a little while.

      • +12

        I guess you haven't look at his username when you replied XD

      • +3

        My mate and I christened his new 75" TV + $3000 Sound system by playing Monkey Island 3 using ScummVM on a laptop

    • cool we have the same number suffix as our usernames!

    • +5

      I know you're joking because of your name but as a serious response I thought the Tales of Monkey Island series was only okay.

      Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 are still unmatched for point and click games imo. I'd much rather get those old games for free than the Tales Of series.

    • +3

      "Guybrush Threepwood? That's the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard!"

      "Well, what's your name?"

      "My name is Mancomb Seepgood."

  • +1

    Can't see Football Manager 2021

    • +4

      These are December's games - so wait 8 days.

    • That's convenient, I can't manage football viewers in 2021.

  • +1

    Youtubers life…Is a game?

  • +1

    frostpunk is amazing, what a deal.

  • Hopefully this giveaway of FM21 includes the Touch version. It was super disappointing that the middle-tier (in terms of complexity) Touch was not included in Game Pass, which only provided the full-fat version and the very stripped-down "Xbox Edition" (playable on PC despite the name).

    As to why this is important, it's because the Touch line has been discontinued as of FM22, with the name now essentially just shorthand for "Nintendo Switch Edition".

    • +1

      For those who don't want to check the Epic launcher on whether this ended up being true, the Touch edition is indeed included, huzzah! Was worried for a moment because the webpage made no mention of it even after clicking the Claim button.

  • isn't FM is now up to FM 2022?

    • Yeah, released a couple of weeks ago and was a day one Game Pass release, so not necessarily useful for people wanting to start a fresh save. However, this freebie would be handy for people who perhaps played FM21 on Game Pass and wish to continue with their current save, because of the inevitability of old versions eventually being removed from subscription services and from sale generally.

      • +1

        Or the people playing an older version and not willing to fork out for a new game with a few updated features and player stats. Don't get me wrong, I know it takes a lot of work to get all the parts involved for FM but it's not a price point this Ozbargainer is willing to pay (while free to own definitely is)

        • Yeah I'm in the category of only buy every 2nd year. Just not enough changes year on year.

          FM 2021 is probably my favourite edition yet, it is so balanced and the tactical engine is so good compared to the last 2 years.

          • @zeggie: My last was 2019, so I'm willing to jump back in on 2021, but without achievements, I'm put off by playing on the Epic store at the moment… I heard they were putting in achievements, so I'll play the long game and wait for that while getting it free… /r/patientgamers

  • I must have lost so many games in the last 2-3 years. I never opened the page to grab any AAA games, I always used the Prime Games app where only minor games are available…

  • What time do they usually drop?

  • Hi, is this included in prime membership, and in the search bar I typed football manager 2021 but it did not find any results.. am I doing something wrong.. thanks so much for posting.

    • Someone mentioned wait 8 days, also I think US is a bit behind or ahead of us, forget which

  • Still not available

    • +3

      "LATER TODAY" above the title and below the OP:

      From 1 Dec 9:00pm

      Although from past experience there usually is a lag, sometimes by a few hours. For some reason I think it should actually be 10pm.

  • +6

    Still not available

  • So noob question - I have Amazon Prime, does that mean I have prime gaming too or do I need to sign up and pay for the gaming component too?

    • +2

      Prime Gaming is included in your membership :)

      • +1

        How did I not know this! thanks bud!

        • Dont forget to check it monthly.

  • Cant find NFS. Is there another link?

  • still nothing

    • +2

      Looks like they are available this morning yay!

  • Hi just wondering if anyone may have a spare Hot Pursuit game code they could PM me if possible please.

    Just want to play multiplayer with the wife but only have one copy. So thankful anyway just to have one copy.

    And no stress would prefer it go to someone that doesn’t have it first ;)

    Thanks to the OzBargain community for keeping up with these great posts 👍

    • +1

      Hi mate, just shot you a PM :)

      • Just replied 🍻

      • Thanks heaps 👍 now for some multi player with the family 🔛

  • Claimed

  • -1

    Just a question about prime in general. If I have already linked my mobile number to the prime gaming login (I haven't redeemed any prizes) would I still be able to use this number for more free trials? Accidently redeemed my prime membership on the 1/12 so i wont be able to receive next months deal if i use it

  • +2

    Here's some keys I don't need since I already own them (Highly recommend Frostpunk)
    Frostpunk (GOG): Z6LR8F5BF015DC67BB
    Journey to the Savage Planet (GOG): 6UK72E1E6FB9B8709E
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Origin): AY9H-WP4Z-279K-GA6L-UCVM

    • Thanks a lot mate. I've redeemed Journey to the Savage Planet.

    • +1

      thanks, I've read mostly positive reviews about Frostpunk, so I redeemed your spare Frostpunk key on GOG, thanks!

  • Anyone have a spare Journey to the Savage Planet i hear its a great coop game but my friend doesnt have prime so i only have a copy for myself. If someone plans to not use yours i can guarantee a good home for it. Thanks :)

    • +1

      PM sent. Enjoy!

      • Thanks so much he will be thrilled :)

  • Anyone getting this error message

    "There is a problem with your game's setup. Please reinstall the game"

    I've reinstalled 3 times and doesn't seem to do anything…

    • fixed: If anyone in future comes across this problem this YT vid fixed it for me :)

  • Does anyone possibly have a spare key for Journey to the Savage Planet of possible please.

    Just wanting to play coop with the family.


    • you still need key?

      • +1

        All good as I just re checked my PM and I did get one 👍

        Thanks heaps for checking 😎

        Cheers and Merry Christmas 🎄

      • If you have spare key. Can I please have it for my nephew. Thanks

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