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Extra 10% off in-Store & Online @ Chemist Warehouse (Exclusions Apply)


I was down at my local Chemist Warehouse and asked if there will be a 10% off sitewide promo for Black Friday like previous years. Was advised yes.

Expect the usual exclusions.

Don't forget cashback if shopping online.

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Free Shipping on Orders over $50 (Was $99) @ Chemist Warehouse
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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +20

    Current sale ends 25th, so some products will increase price from now.

    • +5

      Some is an understatement

    • +6

      Checked a few items I regularly buy and oh boy I hope people check the before and after prices before jumping in thinking this is a must have bargain.

      Eg. Natures Own 60 tablet sleep advanced was $29.99 usually, now it’s gone up to $34 something before the 10% off so you actually pay more if you buy today.

  • +2

    I don't know their usual exclusions — will perfumes be discounted further?

    • Interested in the answer to this too. My perfume/cologne will be even more cheaper than all competitors if so

    • +1

      Previous deals like this, fragrances were the thing to buy & some discounted vitamin brands also.

      But obviously check on the day

  • +1

    My recent online orders have taken weeks for them to dispatch (plus then the usual delivery delays), good for in-store though.

    • Also click and collect or doordash delivery

      • +1

        I find that none of the stores nearby ever have my entire order in stock.

        Kinda done with these guys, will just stick to SuperPharmacy - not always as cheap but at least I can get what I need! They also don’t have silly restrictions on OTC medications like one box only (and not stuff people were hoarding last year, or anything that could be dangerous).

  • Nice.

  • -1

    was hoping for a good price for Armaf Club De Nuit Sillage Eau De Parfum but no :(

    100% will pickup another 2 bottles when it hits $39 again

    • I prefer the intense

  • +11

    waiting for Tightare to drop us an increase cashback promo :D

  • +10

    Some products have already increased price, more expensive than usual even after 10% off.

    • Agreed! The perfume i had my eyes on is more expensive now better wait for the sale to end.

  • +1

    theres is an additional 10$ cashbak from CBA card reward

  • +1

    I guess it all depends on what you're buying. But the sale could be redundant if its for eg vitamins which frequently have half price certain brands. I'm assuming they'll remove these 50% off's just in time for black friday?

  • what do you stock up usually?

    • -1

      Usually toilet paper or mouth freshener

  • -1

    I was down at my local Chemist Warehouse

    Wow Bots now started conquering CW (physical location) too

  • -1

    Prescriptions excluded?

  • +1

    Nothing yet…

    • +2

      The sales is on already, but the website doesn't have a banner advertising it yet.

      If you click into a product, you'll see the BF price

  • It says it applies to fragrances but when checkout the discount isn't present.

    • +1

      The fragrances are actually more expensive (or mostly same) than their regular price (which is on sale anyway). I keep an eye out for more than a few.

  • It doesn't work for me. I am trying to purchase Lancome Idole Eau De Parfum 75ml.

  • doesn't work yet it seems

  • It's weird none of my pricehipster alerts have informed me that anything I buy from Chemist Warehouse is on sale.

  • Perfect timing…. need to get something today!

  • already disappointed. saw Byredo Gypsy Water $70 off, click to buy and it's OOS. sad days

  • Annoyingly fails to include high end perfumes >:( Was really looking forward to picking up YSL Libre at a good discount :(

  • La Roche Posay sunscreens jacked about 7 dollars more than every day price. And they dare show a black friday banner on their products. Tsst

  • Item I was looking for was $34 during the week, today it's now $36 after '10% off'. I'm sure some items are legit discounts but it's neg from me.

  • +1

    It's not much of a sale, isn't it?
    For a lot of things, the price has been jacked up.
    Some items ended up even higher price than before even if you apply the 10% off.

  • So is there meant be to 10% taken off the price when you check out? Or does the listed price of each product already include the 10% off?

  • +1

    I was annoyed to find Elevit was 10% off on the website in the morning, but by the time I went in store to pick it up, they said it was considered pharmacy medicine and hence excluded from the sale… and the website had since lost the 10% off and gone back up to the price it was before. Even with a screenshot to prove it staff said nothing they can do since prices are fixed.

    • That's annoying

    • Did you do a click & collect or did you just go into a store to buy them off the shelf?

      • Just went in to pick off the shelf (although technically it's behind the counter). In hinsight should've done C&C but didn't envisage prices changing and I was rushing out of the house in the morning.

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