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Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset - Carbon $19 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Found this deal (not sure if its clearance) while browsing through Harvey Norman website. Hope its useful.

Note: First time posting a deal, so not sure what else to include in description.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • it is on clearance. It says it when checking for store stock

  • Damn that's cheap.

  • Bought one, thanks

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    these are awful people, please don't buy them. don't get tempted by the price

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      LOL, please tell us what's better for $19?

      these are perfect for kids who do not need expensive headphones for home learning/gaming.

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        How about price matching it at JB.

        I don't need it but this price makes me want it………send help

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        LOL theres a reason they are this cheap. I went through 4 pairs in 3 months. kids will go through them even quicker….

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          The reviews are putting me off getting one does my son

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          yeah but did you pay $19 a pair?

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          You still have not provided a better alternative for $19

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            @Axelstrife: You people are hilarious. No need to be offended that the price reflects the quality. you can ignore me and all the reviews and find out for yourself. There is a reason they are this cheap. Your kids will love them for a week than cry that they break within a month. Have you considered that maybe there is not a good alternative at $19 and you shouldn't use that as your reasoning for buying them?

            The mic pics up the noise from the headphones rendering them useless as it creates significant feedback. the build quality is awful. and they are not comfortable at all.

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              @telf22: So you paid much more than this and unfortunately had an issue within the warranty period and felt the need to complain on a deal that's substantially cheaper got it.

              The reviews sure don't show them to be that bad with 3.8 stars from 999 Global Reviews, and remember every one of those reviews sure as shit did not pay $19 AUD

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                @Axelstrife: Wow, did you buy some and then feel personally attacked by my comment about these headphones? Grow up, also I paid $25 for them. But if you think that paying $19 for them makes them the worlds greatest headphones, be ignorant and enjoy :)

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                  @telf22: Someone's neg happy, i'll believe reviews of 999 people over 1 disgruntled bad experience any day of the week and the reviews don't agree with you and that's not even accounting for the people who are happy and don't leave reviews which is commonly more than those who had a bad experience and angrily leave bad reviews.

            • @telf22: Fair enough, but I’m curious as to why you bought 4 pairs if they’re so bad.

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                @ak47wong: I bought one pair, the other 3 were new replacements through the warranty :)

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          Make up your mind on whether the problem is the headset or HN.
          I have had the same headset for 3 years, for work and gaming.

          • @Feedthetroll: if you've used it for music, how do you find it performs?

            • @shxhshzhz: I think that would depend on how much of an audiophile you are… I am not in particular so I would rate it about 7/10.

        • well it seems to have a 2 year warranty on it 🤷‍♂️

    • Grabbed two pairs, one as a cheap gift and one as a spare in case one of our current ones pack it in.

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    Nice first post OP !!

    Ignore the negativity, they sneak in with the humans

  • I just picked 2 of these up as I saw the deal earlier and they are not very good at all, the sound is like being underwater, very muffled and distorted. Would not recommend. The store I picked them up from still had the original $79 sticker on them and didn't have them noted as being marked down - I would have never bought them if they weren't cheap, but to think that some unsuspecting people could have paid $79 for these is outrageous.

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