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Sony 65" XR65X90J 4K Google TV $1999.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Requried)


You can ask for price match @ Sony, currently is at @2078, but you will get a free remote
With 4% cashreward, it would be $1919.99 with a free voice control remote at Sony store

75" XR75X90J is $2,899.99, $2,783.04 if you can pricematch at Sony and get 4%cash back + free remote worth $69

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  • Can jbhifi do a price match??

    • I;m afraid no, they will say this is membership price. You can join Costco membership then cancel anytime, they will refund the full amount

      • So if I already have costco membership then I can go to JB to do price match?

    • Yes you can I price match at jb to get cash back on items that Costco don’t
      I just show Costco price to verify

      • it's very depends on who you talk to. But why would you do that if you've membership with Costco? 15% giftcard??

        • Cash back at jb
          Costco discount the item insted of cash back
          I use jb to match n still get cash back

  • Looking for 75” deal..

    • I just got the 75" XR75X90J direct from Sony using a price match to Costco $2899 (avoiding any membership fee) less the 4% Cashback plus the Free Remote + Free Delivery offer from Sony = Happy Days!!!

      Only caveat is that the stock is only dropping 3rd December, but hey if its before Xmas I'm all good.

      • good to know

      • Does the tv not come with a remote as standard?

        • Does the tv not come with a remote

          No remote?

          You can get 75" from TGG eBay for $2900.25 with code PLBF5

        • +2

          a standard remote + extra remote

          • @ntt: Sony used to give two remotes free

          • @ntt: What's with the extra remote Sony is giving out? Is it 2 units of identical remote or 2 units of different remote? 🤔

            • @BargainHuntahh: to be honest I don't know, but I reckon it will be 1 standard and 1 with voice control.

              • @ntt: Thats really strange to even think Sony would have a separate voice remote when they could have had it integrated into a single one. Oh well can't complain too much for a free stuff 🙂🙂

    • Currently 75” is 2995$ at most retailers and after negotiating with JB at a few stores, best they offered was 2906$. Anyway TGG said they can do it for 2850$ over the phone however at store they agreed for 2600$ with free delivery
      Also JB didn’t have stock and delivery estimate was approx 2-3 weeks, yet TGG had stock and was delivered this morning (order placed on Wednesday evening)
      I’m from south-east Victoria and I guess you should be able to get this bargain by negotiating at TGG

  • For those interested in the 55inch that's $1599 instore at Costco. Ringwood VIC

    • you can try ask for a price match @ Sony too

  • How does Sony do their price match? I was on chat, and they said they would forward my request to a representative and then ended the chat, but took my details down prior

    • +1

      Just go to the listing page of the model you’re interested in and there will be a request price match button, that will lead you to fill out a form. They usually get back to you by email pretty quick; in my experience if they reject the request the first time around, you can just reply to the email with additional screenshots attached and they will more likely approved the request then.
      So after your price match is approved, they will ask you to create an account with them if you haven’t already, let them know your account username and then they will apply the price match to your account, which will show up when you add the item to your cart.

      • +2

        It will be a lot quicker if you have/create and account first, add item to cart then request price match. When they approve, you will get a notification email and your cart already updated to the new price.

  • This or Samsung QLED?

    • I'm wondering aswell

  • how u get the cashback? Through shopback? Mine says 2% on shopback.

    • User name checks out

  • Thanks OP for this deal, got them to successfully price match
    What are the chances cashrewards will do 10% cashback for Black Friday?

    • you're always welcome. I wouldn't risk waiting if I were you, the stock is already very low

      • +1

        Good tip, I checked again and it's already in backorder while I was waiting for the price match to go through 😢great price still, worth it

        • I'm waiting it to reach 1700, but seems like not anytime soon

  • Will the cashback work if the item is already in your cart? (due to the price match placing into your cart automatically)

    I'm also seeing 8% cashback with CR at the moment, would this be applicable to a price matched product?

    • interesting question. I think if it doesn't work, you can contact cashrewards team to rectify manually. By the way, it's 10% if you linked ANZ with it

    • It should be tracked, the $1999.99 price match was automatically added to my cart and I was able to get it tracked on Cashrewards for a total of $1999.99 - $145.45 = $1854.54 + free remote.

  • Anyone know if its possible to cancel an order? For full refund from Sony?

    • why? Try to call them maybe

      • Saw people say bad glare problem… and view not great on side

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