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Plex Pass Lifetime TRY₺617,24 (~A$69.66)


No need for a VPN, simply apply two codes from previous deals and change the card country.

  1. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription and purchase a monthly subscription for free by using the code "AD-ONEMONTH" from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649435

  2. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription, and cancel the subscription.

  3. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription, upgrade subscription; Enter the code "LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT" from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665533
    Select Turkey from the country, don't worry about the postcode, Aussie postcode works fine;
    Click next and it will redirect you to the payment confirmation page.

  4. On the confirmation page, double-check the amount to pay is ₺617,24 TRY, click next to pay.

Just paid with my Macquaire debit card, ₺617.24 TRY charged for $69.66 AUD


For those having Selected country does not match Credit Card country errors, try this alternative procedure by cnwhite82

  1. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription and purchase a monthly subscription for free by using a free month code "AD-ONEMONTH or HDHR01MONTH or TECHWITHBRETT30" - Make sure you put in your CC details with the country code of turkey.


  3. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription, select upgrade subscription; Enter the code "LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT" and use the same credit card as step 1.


If you are still getting a wrong country error after tried the above step, you can also try this method mentioned by gamerkonks https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11398973/redir

If you are getting a "Code not valid" error, please make sure you are NOT using a VPN and try to repeat the steps in browser's incognito mode

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  • What’s the benefit of pass vs poor person free?

    • +1

      A big one is being able to sync your media to mobile devices to play it offline – I had connection issues the other day, and would have loved this ability. I also love being able to skip TV show intros, like you can do on Netflix.

      • Thanks for that.
        Are you able to use your log in on multiple devices?

        • Yes – it includes mobile app activation (a huge benefit in its own respect – no more logging into your Google Play for other family members!):

          Enjoy free access to the mobile Android and iOS apps on us! Also for members of your Plex Home.

          You can even have multiple associated profiles/accounts a la Netlix:

          Invite full Plex accounts (not just managed users) of family members to be a part of your Plex Home, allowing easy switching between accounts, and restrict what content you share from your server.

          I used to think these features weren't really worth it, but the convenience – at this price point – definitely is IMO.

    • Not much really. 'Supporting the developers' is the main thing that gets mentioned. You feel a bit better about life?

      It uses the hardware encoding of my NAS is the only thing of interest to me, but it seems to work fine as it is already so…

    • +1

      Hardware transcoding, and syncing content.

      The hardware transcoding is a huge deal, unless they’ve allowed the free tier to use it now too. It lets your 4K HDR HEVC file gets transcoded to your mums piece of crap old 1080p tv, that supports only the most basic h264 stream, flawlessly. And it uses all of about 5% of the CPU on my Intel 10400 because the iGPU does all the heavy lifting. Try do that with software transcoding and watch your poor CPU/electricity bill take a hit.

      • I assume you get a piece of hardware with this deal then?

        But doesn't a $49 Firestick 4k do hardware decoding?

    • recording free to air TV via NVIDIA Shield TV

      • How does one go about this? I can't see that option anywhere…

        • I got a Silicondust HDHomerun TV tuner connected to the NVIDIA Shield and using Plex as the TV guide. Recording saved to SD card in NVIDIA Shield.

          • @viirgon: Aha, right. And that's using the Shield as the server, not just the client? My plex server is on my NAS. Will look into this more though.

            • @NigelTufnel: I think the Shield is a better Plex server than most NAS, which usually has a weaker processor.

              • @viirgon: Not in my case (particularly running the 2017 Shield). 2019 Shield would narrow the gap a bit.

            • +1

              @NigelTufnel: I'm doing what viirgon is (HDHomerun, Plex running live TV and DVR) but using a Synology NAS as the Plex Media Server and to store and record the media to.

  • Ty! Worked well (:

  • +10

    I don’t know what Plex is - but now I have a lifetime of it. Hope it’d be worth it. Any tips on where to start?

    • ozbargain spirit, buying first 😊

  • The only reason I can see needing this is for love tv on my htpc. Im currently using WMC.

    Does that work in Australia?

    • Yes if you have a network TV tuner e.g. HDHomerun.

      With Plex Pass you can use Plex for live TV and DVR (and the DVR removes ads).

      • Thanks I jumped on it and discovered it works really well.

        Very happy. I was under the impression that htpcs were dead. Glad there's still support for them

  • Cheers fella

  • Just bought yesterday for $119 😭

    • Same here… i jumped in too early. 😢

  • There was an error creating the subscription, make sure you have JavaScript enabled

    Existing user. Cancelled sub, cannot use?


  • Hi guys
    It show this message
    "Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (AUS)
    Please correct and try again."

    I was trying to pay using nab and ing debit card.

    Am I doing something different here?

    • +1

      In the first instance, where you use AD-ONEMONTH, select Australia.

      Then, after you cancel and upgrade, select Turkey.

      Worked for me.

    • I do it differently as AD-ONEMONTH doesn't allow me to change to turkey but using "HDHR01MONTH" work.
      I do it like this.
      1. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription and purchase a monthly subscription for free by using a free month code "HDHR01MONTH"
      2. Make sure you change from Australia to Turkey, (since it free it work regardless of what country)
      3. Now go to your account then select upgrade. Apply "LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT" select lifetime to apply 25% off, you probably also notice it in Turkey the first time done. hope this work for you as it work for me. :)

  • +2

    First couple comments from this deal are a worry

    • +1

      I've been using plex for years, and I feel like there has constantly been talk of plex shutting down in the near future. The dev's have never been super on top of fixing bugs (they spend their time doing whatever they want. Usually UI changes), so them ignoring things like that isn't good, but doesn't surprise me. I can't see them shutting down personal libraries, as then they will lose their entire user base that is apparently now their product. They're just going to have less focus on improving that aspect of plex, and push people towards their ad-based/cable-like services.

      But… I finally paid for plex pass this year to add users, so undoubtedly now they actually will shut down.

      • Emby on the other hand seem pretty quick to fix things from what I have noticed.

      • Clearly someone who doesn't bother to read the plex labs blog or the changelogs.
        They fix a lot of bugs, and spent years cleaning the source code to improve stability and compile times.
        They are in it for the long haul if you pay attention to what they are doing instead of absorbing conjecture from the reddit forum.

        • +1

          Yes, can't say I read the changelogs religiously. But I visit the plex forums for any issues more than the subreddit and haven't been overly impressed with the commitment of dev/mods to help users.

          I agree that I think they're in it for the long haul though, but I can see their focus changing with what they see as profitable.

  • This is an amazing price. Paid a lot more than this several years ago.

  • +1

    Getting error:

    Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (AUS)
    Please correct and try again.

    • In the first instance, where you use AD-ONEMONTH, select Australia.

      Then, after you cancel and upgrade, select Turkey.

      Worked for me.

    • +1

      I had this and had to use a different card

  • +1

    Black Friday deal of the year contender this one!

  • Everytime I've tried casting Plex to my tv it stutters or has no sound

  • Thanks op. Finally got one!

  • Probably a decent deal but for anyone with a Sony smart TV don't bother with plex via android. Ongoing bug for the last couple of years means you can't go onto the next episode without going back to main menu.

    • No problem with my Sony TV

    • +2

      Just buy an Android TV box or an Apple TV. Smart TVs are dumb.

      • +2

        Agree buy a shield and never look back!

      • +1

        I just switched to Emby - twice as fast and never any issues.

    • If your tv is old (4-5 years plus) then havingsomething like chromecast or fire tv is a must.

    • +1

      Just get an NVidia shield of an even cheaper android tv dongle.

    • +1

      I've had that same bug running Plex on Apple TV 4K…

  • +4

    I'm on the fence… I'm not a fan of the devs and I don't do music or live TV, so there's not really want additional features I'd use. I wish there was something more so I wouldn't feel empty handing over money. I use Emby mainly and Plex for a couple of things…what killer feature is worth paying for?

    • +3

      If you are happy with Emby there might not be a reason for you to change.
      I've tried both and use Emby.

      • +2

        But I want it, I want there to be something so I can say at some point 'I'm glad I got that deal', but I've got nothing. Like this is an awesome deal for those who use those additional features….but I've got nothing.

        • Hardware transcoding, skip intro, ability to download media for offline use, ability to share your media with external users.

          As you don't use live TV/DVR if the above are not attractive you probably won't get value unless they release useful features in future. They do add features pretty regularly.

  • Doesnt work for me either. Getting this error:

    Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (AUS)
    Please correct and try again.

    Tried Visa and Visa debt cards. No luck

  • 71.09 via ANZ

  • +2

    Worked for me just now using revolut card.
    Charged 71 though.

  • +1

    Thanks OP worked for me.
    $70.10 Coles

  • $70.10 - thanks!

  • CBA card didn't work. ING did. Cheers.

    • ING error, selected country does not match credit card country. Any idea would be helpful.

  • Worked for me fine using my Macquarie debit MasterCard.
    Charged me $70.10

  • +4

    71.92 via Revolut, cheers !

    For those getting a card country error - I got that when signing up for monthly before cancelling. Just used Aus as the card country for the monthly. Then when upgrading, selected Turkey for country. Slightly different checkout flow between the two.

    • +1

      Cheers mate, that did the trick for me.
      $69.02 on 86400 bank

  • Wow great price

  • Got the lifetime last time there was a deal 25%, I don't regret not waiting. This is a great deal. Love plex.

  • Thank you Turkey ;)

  • +1

    Downloading episodes is cool, skipping intro is cool and multiple users to hide PRON is also not bad…

    I'll support the devs, been using it for years now tried it for one month before but got rid of it.

    $70.10 with commbank

  • Thanks OP
    $70.1 via Up

  • +9

    Living my digital life in Turkey and India is saving me a fortune!

    • +4

      One of the many benefits of Özbarğain

  • I really wish they’d provide hardware transcoding for the pi 4 :-( only thing stopping me from getting Plex pass

  • Well Played Sir….just worked for me…FYI Had my VPN set to Turkey for Part 3 :)

  • bought it and instantly regretted it because there's not much that i need from Plex

    • I thought the same but ozbargain spirit tells me that it would be useful one day..lol

  • https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/reasons-do-not-need-plex-pass/...

    Kinda wondering now if I just wasted $70…

    • You need it if you want good 4K HDR support..

      • Not really, get the right player and everything direct plays

  • Thanks for that, it worked.

  • Thanks! $70.10 Citibank

  • So what content you guys putting on plex?

  • Balls, my current account is setup to pay through iOS - tried cancelling it but it will only let me reenable it in iOS again which doesn't let me use any discount codes.

    • Update for anyone with the same issue: I emailed Plex support, they said they I can change to pay Plex direct, but I have to wait until my Apple subscription expires and then setup a new Plex Pass subscription directly with them. I only set the bloody thing up a week ago so I'm pretty annoyed.

  • Tried ING, 86 400, Citibank.. keep getting the error:

    "There was an error creating the subscription: Selected country does not match Credit Card country"

    • Yea 28 Degrees card is doing the same:
      There was an error creating the subscription: Selected country does not match Credit Card country

    • I did get the same error, but after closing the browser then tried, it worked

      • Thanks. Still no joy though.

  • Thanks OP
    $70.10 via WankBest Mastercard

  • "There was an error creating the subscription: Selected country does not match Credit Card country" getting error using Up MasterCard :/

    • Getting this error too.

  • 69.02 on macq

  • Considering this however only benefit I see is the tagging local photos.

  • Looking at the list of features I can't seem to justify paying this much at all, at least for me. Sure if you wanna support the devs and think of it as a donation then that's a different story altogether but just a few extra features don't seem to be really worth $70 let alone the original price.

    I can't remember the last time I paid this much for a non-game software.

    • Webhooks would be the main one for most people - allows you to hook it up to things like trakt.tv or dim your lights automatically when movies start.

      • Yea I'm sure many do take advantage of these features and get their money worth but for a large majority of users (including many in this thread), it might be best to not impulse buy and save your $70.

  • Tried Westpac, Wise, Zip. Didn't work: There was an error creating the subscription: Selected country does not match Credit Card country

  • I'm getting the "There was an error creating the subscription: Selected country does not match Credit Card country" error.
    I don't have an option to upgrade, just an option to "Add a recurring payment method or upgrade".

    You have a shiny Plex Pass
    You will not be charged again.
    Your Plex Pass is active until December 23, 2021. Add a recurring payment method or upgrade to avoid any interruption in your Plex Pass.*

    • Did you work this out?

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