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[eBay Plus] Switch OLED Bundle $499, Dell 32" Monitor $299, AirPods 3 $219, Chromecast TV $79.95 Delivered @ eBay


ebay have kept the best items last for the Black Friday daily sales.

Credit to Press Start -





Additional info from Techradar. Note - the price stated here for the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) has changed. I'll post the updated price later.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +27

    I'm loving some of the RRPs eBay are quoting… Google TV $139? Switch OLED $609. Please.

    • +1

      It's 'eBay Price'

    • +19

      Jack's breezing through town again. He shoots from the hip and takes down anyone he can.

    • +28

      RRP = Regular Ripoff Price

    • +5

      It’s questionable that they’re even allowed to do this without breaching ACL.

    • +2

      That 609 is switch + a game.

      • +1

        Math checks out if you consider RRP:

        • Nintendo Switch (OLED) - $539
        • Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold - $69.95 (even though realistic price is ~$30)

        $539 + $69.95 - $608.95

    • +4

      Cant stop yawning at the deals eBay has come out with.

  • Google Chromecast 4K with Google TV 500 $139 $79.95 42%
    Assuming this the version with free Nextlix bundle for this price.

    • +3

      I doubt it. They are just over quoting all the RRPs. Does anyone other than Google sell the Netflix bundle?

    • Way too optimistic :)

  • What's the model of the Dell 32" monitor?

  • +4

    Based on the 'eBay Price' provided, the seller of the Google Chromecast with Google TV 4K is most likely ninja.buy (which could potentially be Grey Imports).

    • Hey there, the Google Chromecast with Google TV 4K is indeed local Australian stock with the MPN - GA01919.

  • +23

    Is it just me or are these "best deals last" a bit of a yawn fest?

    • all black friday deals are pretty meh

      too many shops struggling to get stuff from china :(

  • +5

    What happened to the 15% off sitewide deal???

    • +1

      I will put a question mark on the "sitewide" until I see so.

    • 👆👆👆

    • +1

      Was removed due to "insufficient details of upcoming deal".

  • +7

    Has anyone reported this as a competition?

  • +3

    Will JB hi-fi price match the switch?

    • +1

      Likely not, since its from eBay. Not to mention it might get sold out rather quickly?

  • Seems like the best deal for airpods and google tv unless I'm missing something?

    • Google TV has been slightly cheaper before, and much cheaper if you've been able to use Latitude Pay.

  • +7


  • Which is better? This Chromecast or Fire TV stick 4K max at $59?

    • I'll go for the Fire Stick 4k Max at this price.

    • +1

      I've had Fire TV stick 4K.
      I have Google TV now.
      I'd pay $20 extra for the Google TV.
      Or you could buy it with Netflix bundle if you are already paying for Netflix.

      • Why's that?

        • I find Google TV UI experience is better/smoother overall. It also comes with Chromecast built in.
          I had enough with my Fire TV stick 4K when I had to install another app to get a simple mouse pointer going with my Bluetooth mouse.

          Also, $59 for the Fire TV stick 4K is not the cheapest ever, as I've seen them go low as $43 (maybe it's not the Max model).

          • +1

            @nashB: $59 is for the Max model and is historically the cheapest it has been. The wifi 6 makes it a future proof device for me which will ultimately last longer than a Google TV, but each to their own.

    • +3

      No Chromecast ability with the Fire TV, deal breaker for me.

  • +4

    Pretty good I guess if you actually need something, but thats not really the spirit of ebay plus sales, is it now?

  • Can’t figure it out, but does anyone know which Switch colour is this deal? White or Neon?

  • +3

    Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) $219 is good
    but if you got the 15% off Giftcard from Coles or Woolies (via flybuys points or everyday rewards points)
    and Apple is giving $35 giftcard https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665486

    This will theoretically brings the AirPods3 to ~$202.15
    ($279 * 0.85) - $35 = $202.15

  • the "Portable Charcoal Outdoor Barbecue Set" better not be the same crappy $30 ones available now.

    • It sounds like it could be the same one

  • Was thinking to renew eBay Plus, but not so sure about it now. And worse, they removed paypal digital gift cards store.

    • Likewise, was thinking about renewing eBay but not so sure with theses deals.

  • If Nest Hub 2nd Gen is $89 as per TechRadar…literally all stores inc Google are doing it for $79…

  • Thanks OP. Is it just me, or are these just a bit dud? Or maybe I was just expecting too much? Probably skipping the rush, unless eBay have a couple of other tricks up their sleeves.

  • +2

    Airpods should be $99 IMO

    • -1

      username checks out.

    • They were seling the 200$ ones for 100$ this time its not even a 100$ deal.

    • -1

      I got airpod 2 for $99 last round.219 is not the best price.

  • Do we know which Xiaomi Mi vacuum it is?

  • +1

    DJI FPV combo is the winner here!

  • some good deals

  • So where are the PS5’s? Or was that a bunch of fluff?

  • +2

    When do the deals start. At midnight tonight or 8am tomorrow

    • +1

      I would like to know this as well. Hopefully tomorrow because I don't really feel like staying up for pretty weak deals.

    • 7am AEST Friday.

      Edit: Actually, I have nfi. Other times say 10am AEST.

  • Genuinely tempted to downvote

  • Yeah dunno about 'kept the best items last'…

    I'm pretty sure some previous regular eBay Tuesday deals have been way more appetising!

  • +3

    Thanks to @dealbot for posting.

    However, what a piss-weak offering from ebay this year.

    • +1

      There is more than this. Above is just what has been released through the media.

      • -1

        Fingers crossed they redeem themselves with something decent!

  • Any deals for the Nintendo Switch non-OLED version ?

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the Switch is the white or neon?

  • Whereabouts are the DJI Air/mavic deals? 🥲

  • +1

    does this start at midnight tonight

  • No deals to me. So disappointed with eBay.

  • What time is deal going to start :) thanks

  • looks like no good deal.

  • Should I buy a Switch as a gift or an Xbox Series S ? The recipients are two kids about to enter high school, age 10-13
    Nintendo games look a bit bland and expensive compared to the Gamepass. However, the Xbox games are a bit less kid-friendly. Mario / Sonic games look fun and simple to play.

    • The recipients are two kids about to enter high school, age 10-13

      Depends on the type of kids they are but these days kids have been hopping on Youtube etc etc younger than ever and know all about game streamers etc. Switch is definitely more casual where as the Series S with Gamepass will give them a plethora of games, lots of them kid friendly too but not quite as much as the Nintendo family friendly games. Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft are available on both platforms and those attract a huge amount of kids, but I think the Series S would be better served for them personally!

    • Whichever one you can get your hands on…..

  • +2

    Can't see the nintendo oled deal, do I have to join ebay plus to be able to view the deal?

  • No PS5?

    • +1

      Possibly…they recently announced a pretty pricey Series X bundle, wouldn't be surprised to see something similar for PS5

  • +2

    Do you think I should get the Airpods or wait a bit longer?

  • +1

    Can somebody just tell me if the OLED Switches are available anywhere tomorrow?

  • When is the Black Friday sale starts?

  • +2

    can't find any deal on ebay as per the thread?

  • Apple Homepod mini were on special too but sold out now (300 units) , does anyone know how much they were?
    Also Nest Hub Max $250
    Fossil decker silver watch $74.50

  • Wheres the Dell monitor for $299? The one linked comes up as $399 after discount.

    • I reckon the sale starts at 10 am as usual.

      • Ah gotcha, will keep an eye out

    • Yea… cannot find it as well

  • Is the Mi Vacuum a robot vacuum or stick?

  • +1

    also wanting to know when does it start

  • +1

    Anyone manage to find the Nintendo Switch OLED deal on ebay?

    • +2

      Can't find it either!

      • +3

        Switch up right now!

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