This was posted 5 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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9 Meals for $59 Delivered @ YouFoodz


Received code in an email for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

$6.55~ per meal

Email also had "30% off your order with code CYBER-30" but deal isn't as good.

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Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee get $30 credit.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    I remember when I first ordered in 2018 it was really tasty but then when I ordered again a couple of years later they really dropped the ball

    How is the quality now?

    • I only started ordering in the last 1.5 years or so, so can't really compare when it first started.

      I only order when there is 9 for $59 deals and size-wise, has been about the same each time. I think these are pretty tasty, but I only get a select few meal. Definitely worth trying at the discounted price.

    • Unfortunately its often like this. Companies start out with a good high quality product and then once they crunch the numbers…realize they have to cheap out and save wherever they can.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Still might get this deal, cant beat $6.50 a meal.

    • Maybe it has something to do with being bought out by HelloFresh?

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      something something retort something something

  • Thanks op. Going to try it first time. Forgot to click on the referral link and missed out on some free credits.

  • Can you order this deal if you've been a previous customer?

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      Yes you can. I ordered and I am existing customer.

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    Not happy with their quantity and have been getting stale tasting veggies in the meals the last few times I have had them.

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      The broccoli has always been bad but was inedible the last time I ordered from them back in July

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        I just seldom get any broccoli ones. The rest are really quite good atm.

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          Agreed. The broccoli in Youfoodz's meals usually tastes disgusting to me. Only on rare occasions I've found them OK.
          Relieved to hear it's not only my taste buds that find their broccoli bad…

          • @Alinnia: Broccoli. Oh yes, one of the deadliest plants on earth. Why, it tries to warn you itself with its terrible taste.

  • Getting the large meals worth the extra $1 per meal?

    • +1

      Depends but generally yes.

    • Normal meals are too small for me. Large is perfect.

  • Would be interesting to see if quality has improved since HelloFresh acquired them in July, quality was consistently average to terrible when last ordered (just before July)
    Complaint to their service team resulted in a discount voucher rather than a refund, which I didn’t bother using because the food was that average.

    Worth noting CYBER-30 does workout cheaper if including their more expensive “Signature Meals” range

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    Fking origami mate. shi-shing yeah shi-shing.

  • Tried once. Won't bother again. Half were edible. The other half weren't finished. You just can't make decent food this cheap.

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    I have been buying meals from the for a while. The quality has gone down the drain. Watery taste. I wouldn't bother again.

  • I find Youfoodz portions to be extremely small. Perhaps good for people aiming for calorie deficit but I was like not even 50% full after I ate their meal. The quality of their meals wasn't great. Not very tasty and fresh at all. I then got myself some My Muscle Chef and they are 10x better than Youfoodz. Definitely worth paying extra.

    • I found the same until they made large with decent variety. Now it's fine. I used to eat a box of shapes after the regular ones, but the large satisfies well.

  • Cashrewards usually tracks on these too -

  • -1

    There are/were some tasty meals there but I got bored of everything coming with broccoli or mixed frozen veg (peas/carrot/corn) to obviously keep their costs down.

    I tried Core Powerfoods instead when on a 1/2 price deal at one of the supermarkets. Limited selection but much tastier.

  • Hey OP, does it say how long it's running for? I usually order sunday for following sunday delivery fortnightly.

    • Just added it in -

      1 Dec 11:59pm

  • +1

    thanks. The Cyber 30 code works out cheaper if you are trying to hit the $85 mark to take advantage of the AMEX cashback. Food sorted for next week.

    forgot to add 4% cashback so bit more saving as well.

  • Managed to get 14 large meals for $81.98 ($5.86 per meal) using the code WELCOME-40 stacked with the AMEX $10 cashback.

    • Even for existing customers?

    • Did a similar order using same first time welcome code and AMEX offer. Fingers cross the meals are nice @ $5.68 per meal. (ordered a mix of regular and large meals)

  • Ordered 9 meals. Thanks oP

  • It Should be this price all the time IMO
    Cheers for the Code

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    Still working it seems.

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