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Gaming PC with RTX 3070 Ti 8GB, i5 10400F, 16GB RAM, 500GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD $1999 + Delivery @ Techfast


Seems like a ripper deal:

Intel Core i5 10400F processor
RTX 3070 Ti 8GB LHR graphics
Gigabyte B560M DS3H motherboard
16GB 3200MHz RAM
500GB NVMe m.2 SSD
750W 80 Plus Gold PSU
MAG Forge 100R Case

AMD version available at $2088

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +5

    Did u just steal Luke’s thunder?

    • +31

      The thunder was offered freely

      • more thunder tomorrow Luke? like 5600x bundle with 3060ti or 3070?

        i5 10400F in your bundle sounds a bit sad…

        • 3060 Ti is all done, no room to move on them unfortunately. 3070 is done for now too

          • @luketechfast: this is it folks, grab these babies whilst you can, gpu will skyrocket early next year before spectacular crash of gpu price (not crypto price) after eth goes to pos.

            market will be flooded with useless ex-miners cards. imo.

            • +3

              @non-LHR: What comes first?

              Nuclear Fusion Reactor or Proof of Stake?

  • -2

    no 3080 non LHR deals anymore?

    • +5

      Allocation is grim on LHR, and non LHR isn't being manufactured at all anymore.

  • +11

    Since I didn't post this, it's important to take note of the notes regarding the 3070 Ti cards being offered.
    From the website:

    • The card marked [IN STOCK] indicates that the graphics card is in stock with us, meaning the PC will proceed into build and will be subject to the regular peak season estimated handling time (see Build & Shipping Times tab for more details.
    • The card marked [DECEMBER] indicates that the graphics card is scheduled for delivery in December. This means that the PC will be finalised when the graphics cards arrive. There is no guarantee that this PC will arrive with you in time for pre-Christmas delivery, and in purchasing this you agree to this understanding. A full refund will be available to [December] card orders at any time prior to assembly, upon request.
    • The card marked [PRE-ORDER] indicates that we have secured future allocation of this graphics card, with delivery to come at a later date. This is currently estimated for late December, but is subject to manufacturing and international delivery schedules outside our control. This is a true pre-order, and you are effectively locking in this price with delivery to come at a later date. It is likely that this PC will arrive to you some time in January 2022, but this may change, and in purchasing this you agree to this understanding. A full refund will be available to [Pre Order] card orders at any time prior to assembly, upon request.
    • Hey Luke, any chance you may be able to share some insight into what brands / models these gpus would be? Not worried about mini or not, but I do find some of the models to be rather ugly.

      • +1

        Almost certainly Gainward Phoenix

        • Ahh fairo, will more options open up for the December and pre-order shipments? Or will they all likely be gainward phoenixs'

          • @Tachicuddles: That's the card in stock, coming in December and will be coming in Dec/Jan. I've setup the quantities accordingly so they'll disappear if/when sold through. We don't have confirmation of allocation from other brands as yet, so safest to assume Gainward.

    • +7

      Any chance of a 3070 mini?

      • +51

        If there was I wouldn't tell anyone

      • +7

        buy it then check in a years time

      • +2

        Opened thread for this. Wasn't disappointed.

    • Thanks for this! Would you be able to give an estimate for the arrival time of the [DECMEBER] stock? Like 50% chance to arrive before Christmas?

      • +1

        The stock itself will be coming in weeks 2 and 3 of December, most likely. System dispatch pre Christmas? Pretty good chance. Arrive at destination before Christmas? Possible but probably not likely.

  • Does anyone know if there is really much of a difference with the AMD compared to the Intel or is it negligible?

    • -1

      For the 3070Ti which does not need the highest end CPU, both Intel and AMD wont bottle neck the GPU, it's the 3080Tis and upwards you really need to get the highest performing CPUs.

      • +2

        this highly depends on the resolution you are intending to game at - 1080p will be bottlenecked, 1440p slight, 4k minimal/no bottleneck

        • So amd better for gaming/ general performance?

  • If I ask for a mini will I get a mini? Or will I have to call Luke directly?

    • +7

      the funny on that ran out weeks ago

      • +2

        Cheer up

      • Thats most of the jokes on ozb. Camry, high yield blah blah

    • +1

      You will have to make a separate post about it 10 months after you buy it

  • How does this compare to a 6900 XT?

    • +14


  • What's the difference between 5600x and 5600g? Thanks in advance

    • +1

      5600g has built in graphics but half the L3 cache at 16MB, making it worse is some games if you have dedicated graphics.

      • Doesn't the 10400f have 12MB L3 cache, so the 5600G has more at 16?

        Edit: misread your comment sorry, not comparing it to Intel

    • +1

      5600g has integrated graphics, 5600x doesn't. 5600g also doesn't perform as well as the 5600x.

    • 5600g is roughly between a 3600x and 5600x in performance.

  • Hey Luke, any chance of a 3080 deal before X-mass?

    • +2

      Almost none. Maybe next year if/when allocation improves

  • Would the stock cooler on the intel suffice or would I need to upgrade ?

    • 3070 Ti pushes CPUs hard. Thermals will be significantly improved with a better cooler. We know lots of people like to add their own either liquid or air coolers after purchase, so are offering with stock. A higher tier cooler is a strong recommendation.

      • +1

        Hi Luke, for the cooler its mentioned as 240mm All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler. May I pls know what brand it is, thanks

        • We’re using Deepcool Gammax primarily

  • +3

    $2k with a 3070Ti, we really seeing hope here that GPU prices are coming down gradually …

  • -2

    wow is this actually better than the great ARSECRUSHER deal?

    • The ARSE 3070 is non LHR, much better for minecraft than 3070 ti LHR, and $500 cheaper than this.

      • +2

        Mining or minecraft??

        • Aren't they both the same when it comes to your energy bill?

          Tempted by this deal tbh… Although my 1070 is still performing well playing FFXIV at 1440p

    • Nope.

  • Just copped one. Absolute killer deal. Looking forward to it.

  • This good enough to play vr games on ?
    Is this good value ?

    • +2

      3070 Ti is selling $1800-2000

      Sell the card and keep the rest?

      • Doesnt this price depend heavily on the quality. Would have thought this cheap price is indicative of shitty parts

        • Shitty parts at its best. 10400F paired with 3070 Ti is like putting V12 engine inside 1990s daihatsu charade chassis.

    • I bought this specifically to play VR. Should play every VR game super smoothly apart from Flight Simulator at max settings.

      • Just ordered aswell just want this for VR games aswell

  • When you bringing the 3090's?

  • just to clarify the RTX 3070 Ti 8GB is not a mini ?

    asking for a … ahem ….. friend

    • What's the go with people asking about the mini?

      • OzB joke around a certain poster in the forums

  • BPC is the better deal as includes

    3080 vs 3070ti
    11400 vs 10400f
    2tb nvme SSD vs 500gb
    280mm AIO cooler vs stock cooler
    850w EVGA gold Modular vs unspecified likely gigabyte 750w modular
    Arguably nicer case.
    RGB ram
    Z590 vs b560

    for 2699

    • +8

      700 is a big difference! Both great deals IMO

      • +1

        it is worth the 700, imo it is the better deal

        • +1

          I agree it's worth 700! I bought the 3080 system myself from BPC. But if your budget is 2k this is a great option

        • +1

          But theres probably another deal somewhere thats 700 more than the BPC one which people would consider better value… and another one for another x00 on top of that thats better… etc

          you have to draw a line at your budget sometimes.

          • +2

            @pharkurnell: No
            The 3080 is 1k cheaper than pcpartpicker. It's insane value

          • @pharkurnell: Yeah if you can find me a 3090 system, which would be the only equivalent jump up from the 3080 system for 3300 dollars I'll delete my account on ozbargain.

        • Yep agreed. I don't consider 700 to be a huge difference considering the difference in the cost of the parts used between the 2. People on a budget are better off with a 3060ti build for around the 1700 mark.

      • Yeah if it was only 450 difference I think I would pounce.

    • +2

      If only it was in stock :(

      • yep :(

  • +2

    I'm tempting to get this.

    I have seen some youtube videos and benchmark between 10400f and 5600g.
    Is this correct if I say 10400f is better value for money than 5600g ($100 difference)?
    Any good discussion about this?

    • +1

      It is better value, but you aren't buying one individually. You should set the price to what you think it's worth and compare both parts list, and work out the value yourself, rather than 'savings vs RRP'

  • +2

    just fyi the psu is specified as MSI MPG A750GF 750W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply which is a tier A psu , 150+ brand new, far from a cheap psu in these systems.

  • +2

    Worth it to go for the AMD option?

  • -1
    • OS + wifi + HDD + …… = $2500ish…. will wait for further down…
    • Do you need HDD? Why not just taking the 1TB SDD for +$89?

      Asking as a newbie, I thought SDD is much faster than HDD hence you just need the former.

      • +1

        They must want more storage.

    • +2

      "OS" I thought we were on OzBargain??

  • Ahhh bugger, just bit on the 3070 deal a few days ago. I knew I should have waited!

    Is it just a better PSU and the graphics card?

    @Luke, can anything be done about it?

  • Hi,
    I don't know much about building PCs, so please advise:
    - do I need a liquid cooler?
    - do I need to upgrade anything else, like motherboard?

    • +1

      Upto you mate.
      I'm going to see what mine is like before I upgrade to water cooling.
      I'll swap the ram out to 2x 16gb sticks at 3600mhz as well.

      You could buy those later down the track and sell the existing parts once you've made a decision.
      Most people only use 1 PCI slot so the b550m mobo is good unless you want the bells and whistles

  • +1

    Does this have wifi?

    • u talk my language

      • +1

        If you upgrade to the top mobo option it will have onboard wireless

  • Would this one or the 5600G version be a significant upgrade for gaming, premier Pro. Currently got i7 7700 rtx 2080. Thank you

    • I suggest you search for comparison videos on YouTube.

  • Was going to pull the trigger on this but thinking of getting this 3080 one instead https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/kp-ps-blackfridayspecial-...

    Any opinions on whether I should max out the upgrade options?

    • looks like it's sold out?

      • +1

        Surprised it didn't sell out sooner. Thankfully it was added to an older BPC post and didn't make top page so there was time for people on the fence to think for a day or two.

        • BLAM! Pulled the trigger on this deal. Hopefully will not regret not having the 3080. At least I've saved 700 dollary-doos.

  • nice, 2K is almost the price for the RTX 3070 TI alone when buying from one of the larger stores: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-price-availability-20112021/
    thanks for posting.

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