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Bowden's Own The Big Green Sucker Microfibre Towel $19 (Was $40) C&C / + Delivery @ Repco


Absolutely great price for this towel, cheapest it's ever been.

Free Ignition members can get free delivery over $50 spend.

The Bowden's Big Green Sucker is the fastest and easiest way to dry your car, manufactured from super soft, super thick microfibre weave with micro-soft edges to protect your vehicle from errant dirt and grit particles left behind after washing. This giant 400x700mm drying cloth can hold a massive 2.5L of water before needing to be wrung out making the job of drying your car so much faster.

The luxurious 1200GSM fabric is fantastic for keeping remaining grit and dirt away from your paint surface, ultimately reducing swirl marks. For even better performance and results pair this cloth with Bowdens Boss Gloss as a drying aid.

  • Super absorbent microfibre towel that literally sucks water into its fibres, so you can dry in half the time.
  • Ultra soft and thick fibres minimise any chance of dirt or grit micro-scratching your paint when drying.
  • Bright green colour, to easily see dirt in the cloth, and not wipe it back into your paint.
  • Nice big 40 x 70cm in size
  • Holds 2 and half litres of water in its fibres, that's some serious sucking.

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As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Does super cheap price match?

    • +1

      Yep, can either price match over live chat or in-store.

      • How do you get to online chat
        I only see, send an email, on contact form. No answer on phone

        • If you go here you should be able to see a "Need Help?" button down the bottom right. Click through the prompts and that should connect you to the live chat team.

      • Thanks for that. Have a few loyalty credits I'll use at supercheap 👍
        Supercheap online rep mentioned they are having delays with their online coupon system, so might take a bit for the email to come through….

    • +1

      They should beat the price by $1 from past experience

      • these days they often price beat by between 1 and 10 cents :/

        • $18.50 is what I paid instore

      • Just got my coupon code 6 hours later. Can confirm, I received $0.50 discount for each towel

  • +6

    can definitely recommend this towel - it truly sucks, literally!
    though 4 times the price of the humble kmart drying towel, it saves you the time and effort to swap from towel to towel.

    • +2

      Agreed - definitely lived up to hype. I can do my MUX in one go; no wringing.

    • Seconded. Worth every cent

  • +3

    No offence, but this really sucks!

  • Great price for a great towel!

  • +2

    Does it work on body?

  • +3

    Wheely clean is also 50% off at $12

    • How does that compare to plain old CT-18?

      • CT 18 is the shiz. Great product.

    • +1

      Love wheely clean, and doesn't smell like cat piss anymore (though my wife still hates it)

  • +3

    Excellent price. The best drying aid in the business. Everyone should have 2 of these

    • +2

      I'm contemplating getting a 4th at this price…

    • +1

      Unless you plan on drying more than one vehicle, I find one is enough. Why two? Redundancy?

      • +4

        Yeah just so you can rotate them and/or do more than one car in a day. I wash mine with the rest of my microfibre i
        on their own so not in a position to wash them often

      • I have the mothers premium drying towel and it has been great. I'm assuming this will be the same quality of towel and will probably get one of these.

        If you get dirt on your towel it's done, so wouldn't mind having a back up just in case I drop or drag the other towel on the ground or something.

    • I found the twist loop towel is working even better:

      Using both the green sucker and the twist loop towel.

  • Thanks, been waiting for this!

  • how long does the sucker normal last for?

    • +2

      It's one tough sucker but I guess it depends on how frequently you wash your car. If anyone's wondering yes I am a rocket scientist.

  • Is it compatible with iPhone 12 though?

    • Says compatible with iPhone 5 so yeah you should be fine.

  • +1

    Costco microfibre towels work well.

    I must have been unlucky with my green towel.
    It left lint everywhere:(

    • first few washes, mine did the same and then it stopped, not too sure whether I got a bad one or just how it's meant to behave

      • It stopped for you? Perhaps all the loose fibers have been plucked out lol.

        I did some research(had the same issue) and I believe it's because there may be uneven surface on your car. Could be tree sap or leftover residue.

        This product might only work well on smooth surfaces without contaminants which is annoying as it's not easy removing them.

        • +2

          You absolutely should be removing all contaminants anyway. Wash, strip, clay, cleanse/compound, seal

          • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Your telling me my old ve commodore had a better surface then my new Aurion 🤣.

            Anyway to combat the lint?
            Can I throw it in a wash and dryer to try and remove thode fibres?

            • +2

              @iNeed2Pee: Chuck it in the dryer with no heat, just air only. It will get rid of the lint and it fluffs up all the fibres again too.

              Don't ever use heat on these types of towels, it will destroy the microfibre.

  • Genuine question. Half the price for 20, better value?
    Yes they're smaller, but we bought a 20 pack of these about 3 years ago. A dozen on rotation in the kitchen, a couple for car washing/drying, a couple for inside the car.

    I guess this Bowden's is 5x the gsm, fair play.

    • +6

      Not comparable at all, this one is made for drying. It is heavy, can easily dry a car without being wrung out once.

      • +3

        i have the sucker but saying it can dry a car without being wrung once is a cop out , unless you drive a smart car that is (you know those 1 seat ugly looking vehicles)

        my hot hatch has ceramic coat which greatly aides in the drying process as well as a hydrophobic coating on top , as there is not a huge amount of water on the paint left over after a wash however it has to be wrung out after its done 2 sides not including the glass and the front of the car , which leaves the roof and the rear and the glass all around. it would be a little more tedious if i had a full sized sedan or SUV but still way better then using standard microfibers alone.

        its absolutely impossible to properly dry the car fully with just the big green sucker alone , by the time i have completed the aforementioned even if you wring out the sucker its still damp so when you go over an already wet panel ..yes you absorb the water but after you have gone past it there is still water reside left on the painted panel and its not completely dry.

        after years of using Costco microfiber towels because they were great value and better quality then a lot of other products out there and then upgrading to the big green sucker it had halved the time i spent drying the car which is huge but i have recently stepped up my game and treated myself to a big boy blower as an early xmas present to myself so i can halve the time again and won't need to worry about wringing out cloths or washing/drying them or even purchasing more down the track and actually be left with a completely dry car.

        yes the sucker is an amazing product but it doesn't work as well as you say it does.

        • Use the mothers premium drying towel. I have a full size suv and can dry it off with a single towel without wringing. That's with a wax sealant on the surface though so most of the water just runs straight off it.

        • K

        • I've got a VE commodore and can easily dry it with one green sucker, either inefficient method or cleaning/maintenance of the cloth would cause your problem.

    • Those Morgan's towels are mega thin and no good to dry your car. I use them to wipe wax and to clean and dry tires and wheels. You can use 10 of them on your paintwork but you'll end up with streaks all over your car.

      One of these drying towels will dry off a full size SUV with a single towel without even having to wring it. Completely different product.

  • +1

    100% will be getting another.
    I have a big green sucker and three chemical guys happy ending towels.
    Easily dry two cars, blow em out with a dryer and then finish off the drips with the happy ending towels.

    My big green sucker is now 3 and a bit years old, gets washed once a week with all my other microfibers and chucked in the dryer for 30 min to fluff up.
    Still dries like day one.

    • What do you use to wash your microfibre?

  • Nice find

  • +2

    Literally can't even wring any water out of it after drying the car. Not sure where the water goes? Some kind of black hole for liquid

  • Bought the Green sucker and microfibre cloths.

    Also get 2% through Cashrewards

  • +1

    Brought the wheely cleaner for $12 as well! haha

    • Great find 500ml bottle at Repco ,770ml at Supercheap …… got them priced matched for The 770ml bottle at $12👍

      • For the added bonus. Well done.
        Paid for with discounted gift cards and cash back for the complete package

  • Cheers doweyy. Great find.

  • +1

    I bought one from SCA a couple weeks ago but haven't used it yet. Is it worth getting a second? I have a small SUV.

    • +1

      at this price, yes. Once it hits the ground or gets some grease in it, use the spare one.

      • +1

        Good point, cheers

  • How many do we need for a big SUV like CX-9? One or two?

    • +1

      One is easily enough for my dual cab.

    • +1


  • +1

    RAC members get a further 5% off.

  • Thanks Op. already have one and it’s awesome. Getting another.

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Bought one finally. Always wanted one but couldn’t justify the price. Thought I’d give early new year present to my car.

  • +2

    Fastest way to dry my car is driving a few times around the block. It also gets rid of water from the brakes.
    I’m not fussed about dry water spots though.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks, ordered 3.

  • I will never not read this as Broden's Own

  • I find it’s hard to dry itself.

    • +1

      I throw it in the washing machine for a rinse and spin cycle, pretty dry after the spin, then air dry.

  • Thanks for posting! Can't wait to try this out!

  • Anyone got experience with this compared to the Meguir's equivalent? Aside from the Bowden's having 200 gsm more - they look the same.

    • Meguiar's is no where near as good, get bowden's one for sure

  • +4

    I wonder how many more ridiculous comments we can tolerate about cheapo microfibre cloths being remotely as good as the Bowdens Own product? Shut the hell up and for the princely sum of $19 you can own the best.There,I said it….

  • +1

    Do you machine wash these after use?

    • +1

      Machine wash with a microfibre or delicate wool wash. Don't use normal washing powder and never use a fabric softener. You can tumble dry on a cool heat setting.

  • So does this replace the good old chamois?

    • There’s no going back once you go green.

  • site crashed lol

    Error 1020 Access Denied
    This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

  • can anyone please recommend a water spot remover? thank you

  • +3

    I have one but personally prefer these instead:

    They don't hold as much water as the BGS but I find they are a lot easier to handle due to being thinner and less plush, the plushness makes them stick to the paint more than glide.

    For the price you can buy 4 or more which takes care of any issues with water holding capacity or getting it dirty.

    • Thanks might give one a try

  • Thanks OP :-)

  • Thanks OP.
    Ordered this morning. Had them delivered in 50mins. Cant best that.

    • How did that work?

      I put delivery as well. Will I receive very soon?

      • How close are you to the store?

  • For those that want to save 60c and/or don't have a Repco nearby - I manage to get a pricebeat ($18.40) from SCA via chat on their website.

    • +1

      Doing it right now, but got it down to $18.50. More than happy with it!

  • Bought 2… and other things as well

  • What do you use for cleaning the wheel and tyres?

    • +1

      I use Bowden's Own "Wheely Clean" and their wheel brushes. The wheel brushes were a gift and they've been great. Wheely Clean is probably the best wheel cleaner I've tried and I buy it every time I see it on sale as it tends to run out pretty fast. Only downside is the smell.

  • Price matched the washing pad via Live chat and the idiot emailed me a coupon for 11.49. wtf?
    Why would I buy from you for more when Repco sells it for 11?

  • Thanks, bought 2 and the wash pad.

  • +3

    Stack with $5 bonus Cashrewards. Total cost $14

  • Yeah, SCA were a dud. Live chat, quickly connected. Asked for price match. Took 5 minutes to: yes, ok. Then some more questions, each time 5 minute wait, before they said they'd issued a voucher code via email.

    That was 2 hours ago, still not received. Ordered REPCO instead. Thanks for the tip with the $5 CashRewards bonus!

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