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[Afterpay] Nest Hub 2nd $57, Fire TV 4K Max $39, PS5 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart $39 + Post (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi (1st Purchase)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Damn it… bought the fire stick 4k max for $59 earlier this week like a complete chump

    • Return and rebuy it. Simple!

      • Too much work to set up Kodi again

        • If no SN on the receipt, then buy again and return with old receipt.

        • Or buy this one and use your old receipt and refund it.

        • Or if you need anything else from JB then just buy it now with this promotion. It's single use only so you will end up saving $20 in total in the end anyway.

  • -3

    Fire stick 4k MAX is showing as $59 for me.

    • Take 20 off if you use afterpay for first time

  • I have to sign up to Afterpay? Does it do a Credit check?

  • Signed up to afterpay and had order not approved? I only attempted to order 50 dollars worth.

    • me too. dont know why Sorry, we're unable to approve your order.

      • Yes, my account says I can purchase 600..bit annoying as I was keen to get some 4k blurays
        Edit: looks like others are having same issue on main deal page. Choosing delivery gets rid of problem

        • Yes I got the same message but managed to order when choosing delivery instead of click and collect

  • Great, got a Chromecast TV

  • Might be having a blonde moment here, but is it $20 off your first Afterpay purchase, ever? Or $20 off your first Afterpay purchase with JB? I've used it plenty of times before but never with JB.

    • +4

      $20 off your first Afterpay purchase with JB

      • Cheers!! 👍🏻

  • So for those new to afterpay would it be better to sign up using the $30 off $50 spend referral bonus and use that instead?

    • +2

      That’s $30 off on your next order after making a $50 first order

      • No worries thanks for clearing that up

  • Sweet just got the Fire TV 4k max, not sure if they increased the afterpay promo but I got $30 off, email from afterpay confirming 4 payments of $7.25

    • maybe you got the refer code when register

  • Is it worth $39 to upgrade from regular 4K to 4K max?

  • Excellent… Thank you OP.

  • Can I get iptv smarters on firestick?

  • Anyone have 2 nest hubs in the house? I already have 1 and couple of Google homes

    • I do, max hub in kitchen and one in bed room, just bought one for the kid room, this price is hard to pass, my kids love to play around with it. Their room has Lenovo smart clock but it is slower response than hub

      • In the bedroom, does the screen turn off whilst not in use? I'd. Hate for it to be constantly on and chugging electricity.

        • +1

          yeah, screen off whilst no light

          • @V13tbargain: I use a salt lamp and a night lamp too, on occasion, for bed time and before we wake up. I would hate to see the blue light from this interfere with my brain's downtime settings. Let's give it a whirl, see what happens. If not, off to the kitchen.

  • Is anybody else frustrated with these deals when you just wanna pay with your own money

    • +1

      Use the deals from eBay that DealBot posted. You can use your own money with it.

  • Not sure if it is going to work but I just used the spend $50 get $20 back reward from commbank on the Nest Hub 2nd generation at BigW coupled with the 15% Cash Reward. If it works, it will be $50 in total.

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