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Bowden's Own Wheely Clean 500ml $12 (Was $24) C&C / + Delivery @ Repco


Great price for a quality Australian made and owned wheel cleaner.

Free Ignition members can get free delivery over $50 spend.

P.S. This stuff smells quite strong as it reacts with the iron in the brake dust though according to Bowden's, and I quote, "it no longer smells like arse".

From Repco's product page:

No acids, not corrosive or caustic and pH balanced
Safe on all wheel types including clear coated, polished alloy, chromed, painted, steel, carbon, anodised, billet, magnesium, matte finish, and even plastic
dipped/coated wheels
Epic for high performance and European cars with heavy brake dust issues
Quick to use. Just spray on, quickly scrub and then hose off (pressure washer is strongly advised)

Note: Club discounts don't apply to already discounted items.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Is there a section on Repco website for all the black friday sales?

  • Good find OP. This is a good product. Used a few wheel sprays and I do like this one the most.

  • +4

    That's a wheely good deal!

  • +3

    I still have 3 new bottles from previous sales, guess I'll get another bottle. Stuff works really good.

  • How much better/different is this than just coating wheels in degreaser, scrubbing with a sponge and pressure washing off?

    • Cant even compare the two

  • If the wheels are ceramic / wax coated will this remove the coating ?

    • +1

      Ceramic coated (real ceramic applied by a professional detailer not a spray on DIY fake ceramic) shouldn't be affected as it's a PH neutral formula.

      Waxes it may potentialy strip them.

  • +1

    Bowden's Own Shagtastic Wash Pad - BOSHAG
    is also half price at $11


  • Great find! Was waiting for this one to come down in price. Will get price beat at SCA :-)

    • Let me know if they do!

    • was planning to do the same, but no stock around for the 500ml

      • Yes, indeed. Looks like the smaller size is being discontinued. Hence, I just ordered 3 from Repco.

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