Auspost Courier Cursing at My Partner (in Arabic) with Every Delivery?

About a month ago my partner (works night shifts) was awoken by our regular Australia post parcel courier (not the one who delivers mail). He waited for about 10 seconds and started to walk back to his car and threw a card on the ground. She came outside and apologised as she was sleeping and got the package. He basically accosted her and told her it's not his fault and she should have chosen safe drop — even though the parcel said signature always required. He was very verbally aggressive.

This was all captured on video and we reported it, and Auspost said they "addressed it" but didn't ask for the video or respond with anything other than a form email . Since then every single time he rings the doorbell we think he is cursing at us but cant tell. Like I would understand if he does it once, but literally every time he just yells it out when ringing her doorbell.

I was hoping that someone who speaks Arabic could help us out and maybe someone who also works for Auspost lol. It seems like he is also listening to the news or whatever, but literally whenever he rings the doorbell he says what I'm pretty sure are not very nice words (eg calling her a wh*re or b-tch). I don't think he is talking to anyone else (which might be an excuse but you still don't curse if you're working), but it also sounds like he's listening to the radio so at first i thought he was getting excited over sports or something.

In addition to this, he basically chucks the cards on our front porch and they blow away (35 seconds in) so we don't always know if we have a parcel. You can see in the first part of the video where he just throws the card on the porch, when the mailbox is right by the gate. And literally always walks on my grass lol, but really that's the least of the problems.

It's got to the point where she's told me she doesn't feel safe opening the door. We are worried about retaliation for reporting this. Luckily our cameras record to the cloud, in 4K and always have a LTE backup lol.

Anyways those of you who speak Arabic please have a watch and let me know what you think……..

I have redacted his face for privacy which was harder than it seems.

This is a youtube compilation over several days:


AusPost has reached out and been very understanding and they were also horrified and aghast. They apologised and I have been informed the driver has been suspended this morning, then they let me know just a short while ago that he has been terminated as of this afternoon.

They couldn't have been more apologetic and I appreciate their help. They didn't even ask me about removing the video, but I think it's the right thing to do so I have made it private as the matter has been resolved.

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    You're right - sharmoota pretty much means "slut" in Arabic

    • Yeah I googled it but I wasn't sure so I've been asking the community hah.

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        From my limited years living in Middle East, this is a general swear word used mostly by Egyptians (I think?). It's not targeted but can mean anything from bitch to "for flicks sake" as a general curse word.

        Your partner shouldn't take it personally but it's still unacceptable behaviour and absolutely something you should complain to AusPost about.

        Unprofessional behaviour throughout, especially the card toss. Disgusting.

    • My friend teaches me "salad mutard"

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    My Arabic is a bit scratchy but he mutters something about your mother being an astronaut and your toilet is very sexy.

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      I wish I had a Toto. Maybe at the new house we will get one.

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    Maybe share that video with auspost.

    • We've emailed and called and just get a call centre rep. The local post office is looking into it but tbh who really knows where the authority lies here since they might be contractors?

      With the first problem we got a canned response about covid and that they would look in to it and the "incident" was closed.

      • Possibly a contractor. Is the van red or white?

        Sweet G4 pros đź‘Ť

        • +5

          Thanks they were worth every penny. The original 4K footage is just amazing. It's overkill, with an NVR pro 24TB and a RTSP stream to cloud storage. Thank god for NBN FTTP.

          White van.

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            @meowsers: Great setup. White vans are used by AP contractors most times. Have you sent PMs to AP social media?

            • +1

              @Twix: i'm more impressed with the cam lol

              • +1

                @capslock janitor: If you really want to see the quality I've uploaded just a view from today in full resolution also demonstrating the zoom feature. The cameras are often used in banks and high security areas:


                Click on the little gear icon in the bottom of the youtube player and select 4k quality (2160p). Then you'll see the true capabilities. You can see how terrible my grass and footpath is.
                But in reality you can read labels on packages etc. You can even see the ants.

                They are around $750 each and you need the proper back end NVR/ Unifi system. I wont go into detail with how many cameras I have at our properties but we have incorporated Unifi, and hybrid thermal cameras into the overall strategy. This happened when someone stole our robotic lawnmower last year.

                • @meowsers: How do these compare with say HIK Vision cameras?

                  • @mhz: From my perspect HIK vision is good quality but I find all the NVRs software lacking. The hardware on the G4 pros is solid though and I think the build quality is a bit better. Some people had issues with condensation but that settles once the camera is unboxed and used for the first time.

                    In addition I have security concerns surrounding the origin of the product. While anything can be hacked I prefer to stick with networking and camera suppliers like Unifi, Cisco, Avigilon Pelco that have been vetted.

                    For the home user it wont much matter, but if you connect anything to the internet be prepared for its eventual/possible compromise as we saw with the recent Eufy "glitch" where people could see other peoples' cameras.

                    • @meowsers: Yep, I have Eufy cameras at the moment cos I'm in a rental but have previously used HIK. I personally saw the glitch happen in front of me on my phone. I was looking into someone else's carport from another country. Eufy's are severely limited and the AI is very hit and miss.

                      Which NVR do you use on the backend?

                      • +2

                        @mhz: The issue with Eufy and Arlo is that they rely on AI to detect motion and arent always recording if they are the wifi ones.

                        If you are just looking for a good wired home security system some of the Swann ones at Costco arent complete garbage but if you want prosumer hikvision or dahua are okay.

                        Because I'm using Ubiquiti products I use an NVR pro which has raid redundancy. This connects to a Dream machine pro and the cameras also have an RTSP stream to a Synology NAS. The synology NAS also handles the non ubiquiti thermal camera. The synology NAS uses cloud sync to an AWS S3.

                        The Dream machine pro uses a FTTP gigabit WAN1 with a redundant failover to a 5G/LTE router on WAN 2 from a separate provider. Looking at upgrading to Starlink for that WAN2 redundancy to replace the 5G. I do a lot of work from home so always on connectivity is essential.

                        I'll leave others to judge whether this is overkill for a house, and no I'm not a drug dealer lol. I just like technology.

                • @meowsers: dayum, i want these cameras at my place too! how much for full setup?

              • +1

                @capslock janitor: You should see the priceless faces some make when motion is detected and the blue LED circle starts spinning around as they keep moving.

          • @meowsers: Did you install the security cameras yourself? How many cameras? (i didn't see your video before you took it down) Brother-in-law is thinking of putting something in at his place.

            • @danyool: see above. Yes DIY.

              It depends on your budget. I'm happy to discuss more. I'm not a pro or anything just have done a lot of research.

              • @meowsers: Wow. That is great quality!

                Does your one constantly save all recording, or just when it detects movements? How much HDD space is it using, and how are you managing that, eg keep for a month or anything?

                Also, how's night quality? Can they pick number plates?

                • @danyool: It’s always recording.

                  It rolls over (about a month) on the NVR pro so depending on how much storage you have is the retention time.

                  However I have a NAS as a backup (and file server) which copies to the cloud as well.

                  Yes they can pickup number plates but not an application for me. If you want number plates there are cameras that will do ANPR.

                  Night quality is outstanding even without the optional IR booster due to the 1/2” CCD chip.

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        Companies only care when it goes on social media and other people start to see it.

        • +1

          yep make it public on YT

    • +5

      Share it with A Current Affair and watch them scramble to fix the situation. If that were my partner copping that I would be confronting the courier myself!

      • +3

        They will hide out in OP's living room, and secretly tape the whole interaction from the abusive postie. "You are on TV, shalamoota!"

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    Sounds like the parcel guy got your written feedback to Austpost. (Re: what others have translated what was said).

    Sounds like their code of conduct isn’t working…

    Report to A Current Affair might be more effective.

  • Yeah, he’s saying sharmuta

  • Maybe at the new house we will get one

    problem solved…

  • +32

    At one point in the video it sounds like he says “hurry up whore” - yalla yalla sharmoota..
    this is after he rings the door bell and before he disgustingly throws the card at the wall.
    Keep pushing aus post till you get him fired. Disgusting behaviour regardless if his a low paid worker or whatever. You wouldn’t like it if the guy in maccas drive thru said it when you took to long to order this guy shouldn’t be able to either..

    • +1

      Atleast he rings the bell. My local just yells parcel and lobs it at the door.

  • +33

    Sorry but with my knowledge of Arabic this is definitely an insult.

    Contrary to what has been said above about how it could mean other things, this is clearly targeted at her.

    I would be offended and piss on him next time.

    • +21

      Username checks out

  • +12

    Sounds like a personal gender specific grudge against your partner from the sound of things

    You should probably be worried

  • +13

    That card flick alone should be enough to get a written warning.

    Many moons ago i worked for a similar company doing parcels. They let a lot of things slide for lazy/dodgy employees but thats unacceptable. How are you supposed to know you have a parcel if it blows away because he was being a sook?

    Send a link to your YouTube post with your auspost complaint and it will likely escalate things as they will be aware its on social media.

    • +2

      You worked for Couriers Please?

      • Nope, one in cahoots with auspost.

        But they are all the same, they couldn’t give a damn about you or your packages or parcels and throw literally everything when out of public sight.

        They only care when their reputations are publicly shamed

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    You need to hire someone who speaks Arabic for the day you are expecting a delivery and for them to give him his own back, saying how disgusting it is. Guaranteed it never happens again after he shits himself.

    • +14

      "you need to hire someone who speaks arabic for the day" Lol do you think real life is like a sitcom or something? 🤣

      • +1

        No, real life doesn't wrap up neatly in 22.5 minutes.

        • +1

          idk if the culture are afraid of grannies but get an Arab grandma open the door and let loose!

    • Great idea!

    • +8

      He says it 5 times in a period of a minute. Imagine how many times a day he must be calling his radio a whore in that case.

  • +7

    Mind if I tweet it?

  • +22

    Tweet them.

    I had footage of the postie’s motorbike getting caught on my letterbox as he drove off from dropping a letter in, it pulled the letterbox over and smashed on the ground.

    Got no proper response until I tweeted the footage and next thing I know they’re asking for my contact details and the local area manager called me to meet at Bunnings to pay for an exact match for me.

  • +7

    Watch True Lies….

    • +3

      Yeah Arnie can speak "(perfect Arabic)", but not perfect English…

    • +7

      Hahaha that’s how I kind of recognised this word. I kid you not. It’s when the art dealer gets slapped by the terrorist.

      • -7

        might need a content warning for that .. physical abuse

        • apologies for my micro aggression but i think when i put It’s when the art dealer gets slapped by the terrorist. that it would have been clear enough

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    maybe order some stuff, take the day off of work and confront the guy directly … "i've got you on camera, swearing at my wife, if you come here, you need to show more respect that you would for your own mother or i'll be reporting you again (or breaking legs)"

    • -2

      OP has the driver swearing and no-one else is present…….Maybe he just hates his job…..

    • maybe hates his mother

  • Honestly I would sternly confront him directly (maybe not the best idea), or at least keep pushing Auspost to do something.

    • +1

      the conduct alone asks for formal channels. i aint his boss

  • +3

    Pigs Head at the front door??

    • That made me chuckle.
      He might think it's an old Halloween prop, or just someone who loves Lord of the Flies.

  • +3

    Geez I'd be getting a restraining order, as he has already shown aggressive and retaliatory behaviour, and is using sexually charged language towards a female.

    And I'd be purchasing more of those cameras.

    • why more?

      • To get more coverage in case of further retaliation.

  • -2

    Download a translator on your phone. Type in a few descriptive words in Arabic, and play loudly via Bluetooth….

  • +27


    AusPost has reached out and been very understanding and they were also horrified and aghast. They apologised and I have been informed the driver has been suspended this morning, then they let me know just a short while ago that he has been terminated as of this afternoon.

    They couldn't have been more apologetic and I appreciate their help. They didn't even ask me about removing the video, but I think it's the right thing to do so I have made it private.

    • +11

      That guy is going to be swearing even more now…

      • +6

        Good thing he doesn't know anything about OP like where his name or where he lives. Oh wait…

    • +3

      Thanks for the update.
      Can you PM the link to the video? I'm quite curious as to how good/bad his behaviour was.

      • +2

        whispers so OP cant hear it you can find it in revision history

  • +3

    I want to watch the video

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