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Nintendo Switch Neon Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Digital Download) + 3 Months NSO $399 Delivered @ Amazon AU & Target


Price-matching JB Hi-Fi


  • Nintendo Switch Console with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & 3 Month Nintendo Switch Online membership!
  • Play at home - Dock your Nintendo Switch to enjoy HD gaming on your TV.
  • Play anywhere - Undock to seamlessly transition into handheld mode.
  • Play together - Flip the stand to share the screen, then share the fun with multiplay
  • Parental controls - Keep the focus on fun by using parental controls to manage how your family interacts with Nintendo Switch. You can manage Nintendo eShop purchases, limit sharing on social networks, restrict access to games based on their ESRB ratings, and more.

PS: Bonus $10 Amazon Gift Card when Checking out with Mastercard

Update: Also available from Target for the same price

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Now we wait.

    • What should I be waiting for?

    • +1

      Wasn't it unavailable up until just now? I assumed this was the actual deal, but you reckon they'll have a lightning deal on top of it?

      Seems weird that they'd hold of making it available, and then releasing it at a temporary higher price before the real deal. Fingers crossed, but I'm doubtful.

      • Last year that had a Lightning Deal.

        • Yeah, but wasn't that the initial deal when it was made available at midnight?

          • @fruxo: Nope, that was posted by me last year, ~10min before the lightning deal dropped.

            • @RichardL: Ah cool. I'll stay up a little while longer then just in case. Thanks

              • +1

                @fruxo: Why not grab one (just in case) and if there is a lightening deal grab the lightening deal and cancel the original?

                • +1

                  @jhaley3180: I already did that earlier (yet to pick up my click and collect from jb)

                • @jhaley3180: Even better if you use a card with no $ as payment method, have 7 days to update payment method.

                  • @Miss B: Is this why they haven't charged met yet?
                    Where is that info?

                    • +1

                      @bisaya: They charge you when they're ready to ship. Could be a few minutes or a few days (or longer, it will say when you order when it's expected to be delivered).

                      If you pay with a card with no funds, they try to take payment and when it fails send you an email telling you to revise your payment method. They'll try taking payment again periodically, but if they never can they cancel after 7 days. If you update the payment method or add funds and they take payment they'll fulfil the order.

                      I do this when I'm deciding if I want something but I think it might sell out or I'm still seeing if there might be a better deal.

                      I just found this out by Googling and then from experience.

                      • @Miss B: that's clever haha thanks for sharing.

                        and yeah I do have funds there, just 1st time using mastercard with amazon

    • We waited. Nothing happened! :'(

  • Yep just picked one up, thanks OP

  • Nice!

  • +3

    Don’t expect better deals, stock is an issue this time.

  • Target just updated to $399 as well, so definitely a lot of options for that price point now.

  • what you guys reckon is the go with the mario games. Are amazon going to drop them further?

    • There could be something on Monday though

  • +1

    Why would a xbox or ps4 owner buy this? For the handheld experience? For zelda or supermario? I am just looking for reasons to buy this, I guess.

    • +2

      i'm buying it for the family, i mainly game on ps4 and pc. 2 small kids want to play mario and the mrs wants ringfit

    • +2

      I have an XBSX I have just grabbed one of these for travel. Have 3 teenage kids and they have been asking for this for Xmas. We do lots of road trips.

    • +1

      For the Nintendo experience. Haven't got one myself but I see the appeal.

    • Same reason I also have the XSX and the PS5 - I like to experience all the things now that I can afford to!

    • +1

      There’s more exclusive games on Switch than the combined consoles: PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, S & X. And many of these games are great, offering experiences you can’t get on the other consoles.

  • Pick from JB with 15% off gc from coles

    • +1

      Can I find the same gift card in Coles now?

  • -1

    Is it oled latest model?

    • Standard Switch.

    • There are no OLED Switch consoles bundled with Mario Kart that I know of.

      • Its ok i bought oled model for kid as presale in september at kogan/klarna for $449. So thought price dropped now by this deal..glad to know its different model

  • +1

    Switch is showing its age. SMTV performance is so bad that it effects gameplay, while working absolutely fine if not better on a Emulator.

  • Just bought using MasterCard debitcard to get the $10 gift card, transaction still not showing on my online banking hmm. Is this normal?

    Visa was usually instant

    • Transaction will appear in bank account, once the item has been shipped out (or close to).

  • You can also use after pay on the JBHIFI one and get the $20 off.

  • +1

    $299 if you have brought Oculus Quest 2 and have $100 credit in your account.

    • Is that $100 Oculus credit available definitely available to use on this Switch?

      • +1


  • So is the real deal here just the 3 months of NSO, as the console should be 349 on sale and game 50?

  • +1

    When is that lightning 349 deal?

    • Last year apparently! :(

      Fire up the Delorean with the flux capacitor!

  • Better yet where's that OLED bundle. :(

  • Thanks OP, just ordered one for $379.05 using Target GC from Suncorp Rewards.

  • Anyone buy this to play the new Pokemon ? - Not sure what else would be good to get / try

  • Now $469 from Target and $429 from Amazon.

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