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[iOS] $50 Bonus Cashback with Your Next Purchase Using The Cheddar App (Capped at First 3,000 Users) @ Cheddar


Cheddar is a new brand and deal discovery app with fresh deals daily. Earn cashback on over 600 brands including Myer, Adidas, Bond, Kathmandu, Kogan, The Good Guys and so many more. Purchases made through merchant apps are ineligible for cashback. See Merchant Deal page for full T&Cs. Cheddar Terms of Use Apply.

We’ve upped the ante for Black Friday! Right now, Cheddar is offering $50 bonus cashback* with your next purchase to all users (capped at 3,000 users) who download the app and sign up.

To redeem, follow the below instructions:

  1. On your iPhone hit the link here to download Cheddar (or if you already have Cheddar downloaded, hit the same link and you’ll be taken directly to the deals)
  2. Sign up and make a purchase within 14 days to earn $50 bonus cashback with that purchase.
  3. Special offer will appear as ‘Pending’ until your purchase has been approved by our merchant partners which can take up to 90 days.

Or head to our website to find out more. Any questions, email us at [email protected].

Terms & Conditions

  • Only valid for users who activate a Cashback Offer in accordance with Cheddar’s Terms of Use within 14 days of joining Cheddar, limited to first 3000 users. Cheddar is currently only available to iOS users. Limited to one per user, and per device. Special Offer will be credited to your account once your purchase has been approved by our merchant partner, which can take up to 90 days, and will appear as ‘Pending’ until approved. Cheddar Terms of Use and standard merchant terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until 11:59PM AEDT 24/12/21 or first 3,000 users, whichever occurs first. Not valid in conjunction with any other Cheddar offers and suspicious activity may result in your rewards being forfeited.

  • This Special Offer may be varied or withdrawn at anytime. Users must use the activation link provided to be eligible for a Special Offer. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Cheddar is not liable for any defects or errors (including on the App or activation link) which occur in the processing of a Special Offer.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • If i signed up a few days ago and yet to make a purchace, do i qualify?

    Alao purchaces at myer with GC, do they qualify for cashback?

    • Hi @easternculture,
      Yes you are still eligible to activate this $50 bonus cashback.
      Purchases made with a gift card aren't eligible for cashback as per the Merchant T&Cs.
      Happy shopping!

      • Now i have a $10 bonus and $50 bonus . Which one would i get lol

        • Hi @easternculture,
          You are eligible for both bonuses with a corresponding purchase.

  • Any min purchase for this mr Mouse?

    • +2

      Hi @sqeeksqueek,
      No minimum spend required to activate the bonus cashback, happy shopping!

  • First 3000 users who registered today or who has done the purchase?

    • Hi @R14,
      First 3,000 users who hit the link and activate the offer today.

      • Nice already showing 50$. Will do the shopping

      • How do you "hit the link and activate the offer"? I've tried Safari and Chrome, but not seeing any $50 offers, or activation links other than the webpage that says:

        $50 bonus cashback on your next purchase.

        Open the Cheddar app

        Click the Open the Cheddar app link, but I can't tell if it was successful or not? Where would I see the $50 like R14 is saying they're seeing?

        • Hi aleayr,
          When you hit the link and open the Cheddar app, you will see a page that confirms the special offer.
          In order to check, navigate to your profile (furthest right icon on the bottom), and hit 'More Info'.

          • @getcheddarapp: It's a bit of a flaky user experience to be honest.

            I tried the exact same steps half a dozen times, and that confirmation page only came up once (the one with the "Explore" button). The $50 is pending now though, so that is something.

            Speaking of user experience - not being able to see a list of what stores I can buy from is a pretty big downside. I had to do random searches to try to find out who you actually offer cashback from. I doubt I'll stick around.

            • @aleayr: Hi @aleayr,
              Under our Search functionality, if you hit the Top Categories you'll be able to see a list of relevant offers under each.

              • @getcheddarapp: Appreciate your engagement and responses. I had found that but that list isn't exhaustive.

                For example, both "The Good Guys" and "Bing Lee" are on your system (I found after doing some searches), but they show up in none of those "Top Categories".

            • -1

              @aleayr: Half a dozen times? what were you doing? All I did was sign up through the link provided, looked at my account and the $50 was there!

              • +1

                @johnnytran: Respectfully, I'm glad for it worked for you, but your tone is pretty provocative.

                I'm not an idiot, I followed the instructions, and the $50 did not appear in the Profile section. The screen that you need to click in the app to activate didn't appear until I'd done it a few times. It did work eventually, and I didn't do anything differently. I'm glad it worked for you first time, but don't go round assuming others are doing it wrong just because it worked first go for you.

                • +1

                  @aleayr: The $50 offer still isn't showing up for me either, even after multiple attempts/clicks @getcheddarapp

                  Only showing the $10 offer.

                  • +2

                    @MiscOzB: I had the same issue, close the app (properly close/shutdown, not just minimise it) and then redo the steps above (click through link etc) and it should all work, good luck

    • Who register today. I have $50 pending already, no purchase yet.

  • Note
    Cheddar is currently only available to iOS users.

  • Any minimum spend ?

    • Hi @R14,
      No minimum spend is required to activate the bonus cashback, happy shopping!

  • +5

    Yikes. Search is sh*t.

    Search for Amazon or EBay, get a gazillion results without an entry saying that either is not on the app.

    Edit: also - searching “target” and I get Myer multiple times and even Pizza Hut? Come on!

  • Registered, see the $50 pending. Do I have until midnight to make a purchase and the $50 cashback will be guaranteed?

    • +1

      Hi @johnnytran,
      You have 14 days to make a purchase.

      • I just sign up but I don’t see any of $10,$25 or $50 in my account. Can you please help? Thanks

  • Lots of fashion-clothes etc. on this site. Fair enough.

  • Weird. It’s showing me only $10.

    Have 3000 people already clicked this link?

    • Hi @novicenow,
      This offer is still active. Can you please try this link?

      • I signed up using the “Get Deal” option above. Was that the wrong link? 😐

        • Hi @novicenow,
          The link provided should take you to a $50 bonus cashback. Can you try again please? In the meantime, I'll look into this pesky bug!

          • @getcheddarapp: Thank you. I already signed up with my email address so can’t sign up again with this new link. 😕

            • @novicenow: Hi @novicenow,
              This $50 bonus cashback is eligible for users who already have an account! Feel free to slide into our DMs and we can assist directly.

              • @getcheddarapp: Oh perfect thanks. I did it and was able to activate the offer. Thank you! 🤗

  • 40% cash back at Myer… what’s the catch…?

    • Hi @nathw,
      Terms & conditions relevant to Myer are available when you hit the offer to see more, happy shopping!

  • Did a transaction but how do we know if it got tracked? Should be pending but don’t see anything.

    • Would also like to know, just made a transaction through app but nothing showing yet either..

    • Hi @kc7 - so we can look into it this for you, could you please send details of the transaction, such as a screenshot of the purchase or receipt, to [email protected]. Thanks!

    • Mine took approx 30min to track

      • If you don’t mind me asking, what store was the order from? Thanks!

  • $2 Kogan Sim Card with free delivery for those wanting to maximise the $50 bonus.

    • ineligible: Kogan mobile

      • Oops :(

  • Done!

    Cashback reported in bank account.

  • Is 3000 spot finished?

    • Hi @kwj80430, the offer is still active.

  • I’ve given it a go, made a $150 purchase on UA, so lets see if this is real. Would be great to get 33% of that back.

  • I find Myer and see 40% site wide cash back and also another one is 50% cookware off plus 5% cash back. So just wonder if I buy cookware , it is 40% cash back or only 5% cash back?Really confused.

    • Hi @ausiebg, depending on which coupon you click and shop through that will be the discount and cashback you'll receive.

      • To clarify, if I buy the same item , but I click different coupon as shown in the Chedda App, the cash back will be different even under the same price in the Myer website?

        Take below as an example:
        I click through “ Myer. 40% site wide cash back”
        So I will get 40% cash back for the above item? Thanks for your prompt response.

        • I doubt if it’s 40% side-wide. It’s VERY confusing

        • Hi @aussiebg, that is correct, you will receive 40% cashback for the above item.

      • That is so confusing, should be a similar system being sitewide like SB/CR

      • It says 40% cash back side wide. Is this true? E.g. if I buy $100 cosmetics would I get $40 cash back? Can you please confirm? Thanks

  • Hmm so $100 item at Myer = free after $50, $10 and 40% cashback

    • Why I only have $50 pending? Would love to have $10 more lol

  • Made my first order yesterday with these guys with Myer and it hasn't tracked. Not a good start..

    • Hi @caramellokoala - so we can look into it this for you, could you please send details of the transaction, such as a screenshot of the purchase or receipt, to [email protected]. Thanks!

  • +1

    Created the account. Clicked on the link as described. Bought something from Kogan.

    $0 cashback. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi @and - so we can look into it this for you, could you please send details of the transaction, such as a screenshot of the purchase or receipt, to [email protected]. Thanks!

      • It also didn't capture the transaction?!!

        I was using the iPad

      • I did send the details. The problem is that I only have the receipt from Kogan. App didn't track the transaction, there is nothing in the app that is stating that I made a purchase from the app.

  • not working on iPad?

    • Use chrome . Doesnt work with safari

    • Hi @stephencheung609,
      We're iOS only at the moment, with desktop and iPad optimisation coming in 2022.

      • Correct me if I am wrong but iPad is an iOS device?

        • iPad is now iPadOS

          • @lostinsydney: So transactions on iPad are not eligible?

            Rep, could you please clarify?

            • @and: Hi @and, iPad transactions are eligible however, the UX will not be optimised.

  • +2

    100% cashback at Pizza Hut up to $15? I guess I’ll take this deal.

  • I signed up with the link above and my cash back is showing $0. So I need to purchase something for it show $50?

    • Hi @psygnosis, that's right. You'll need to purchase something to see the $50 cashback.

  • Bought through this deal and nothing showing. How long does it take to show up.

    Also the 40% cash back for Myer what are the exclusions. It says exclusions but then doesn’t list them

    • Hi @ausiemags, it can take up to 7 days for the cashback to appear in your wallet. As for the exclusions, check the Myer website for additional information.

      • I scan through Myer website, I cannot find the exclusion list for that 40% cash back. Please advise.

        And isn’t the cash back is offered by Cheddar?

        • Hi @aussiebg, I can confirm the 40% cashback is sitewide. Exclusions on gift cards apply.

          • @getcheddarapp: regarding 40% sitewide capped $40.

            1. is the capped per order or is per user?

            2. I bought a gift for my kid but just got my order cancelled probably due to out of stock, but the purchase cashback is tracked. so i gonna buy another one for my kid again, would my next purchaze can continue earn the cashback?

            • @aussiebg: Hi @aussiebg,
              The cashback cap is currently applied per order, and is only successfully tracked when the order is final (no returns or exchanges). Your next purchase will continue to earn cashback.

              Please note that in our Terms of Use there is a monthly cashback cap per user that may be applied if we identify suspicious activity.


      • Why would I check the Myer website the 40% cash back is through you. Is Lego excluded?

        • Hi @aussiemags, Lego is included.

  • for people who still got $0. try disabling AdBlock on your iPhone and click the link again. pending $50 will then show up.

  • Hello @getcheddarapp, how long will it take to track a cash back from Pizza Hut? Thanks!

    • Hi @hellousyd, it can take up to 7 days for the cashback to appear in your wallet.

      • Is there any way to see click activity or pending transactions so we know they're tracked?

        • Hi @ATangk,
          Click activity isn't a feature currently. If you are missing any cashback, could you please send details of the transaction, such as a screenshot of the purchase or receipt, to [email protected]. Thanks!

          • @getcheddarapp: And can we use coupons on Pizza Hut ?? As well pay in-store upon pickup ?? Couldn’t find this in TnC

            • @mountains: Hi mountains,
              Coupon use and instore payments won't qualify for cashback.

              For full T&Cs, see below:
              Cashback is eligible on pickup and delivery orders, including pre-orders. However, orders must be completed online and paid by PayPal, credit card, or debit card at online checkout (not in-store). No cash payments.
              Cashback is ineligible if used in conjunction with Zip Pay or other 3rd party promotional offers & codes, or if orders are cancelled or changed.
              Cashback is ineligible on Sunday & Public Holiday surcharge component.
              Cashback is ineligible on purchases made via the Pizza Hut app.
              Only valid orders from Pizza Hut will be eligible for cashback. Pizza Hut will decline any transactions found to be fraudulent.

  • So the “3000 users” refers to the people who saved the offer? Not the first 3000 to use the offer?

    • +1

      Hi @abc, that's correct.

  • +1

    Missing out coz I'm an Android user :( Please do all the same promotions once your Android app is available.

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