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[Waitlist] Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Overhead Headphones $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


be quick it is a lightning deal, blah balah balah

Update: 100% claimed. Join the waitlist and turned on notifications for a second chance to buy

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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        just pulling your leg mate, it's an awesome deal. thanks for sharing.

  • Amazing deal thx

  • Would like to know if XM3 is better than XM4. Anyone who has used both?

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      from what I've read the XM2 had the best sound quality, all gens after that was improvements to the mic and ANC.

      I see most comments day XM3 sounds better than XM4

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        XM3 sound better than XM4

        Theyre almost identical. Both need eq to actually sound nice. Only reason I would buy xm4 instead is for multi device pairing

        • Not buying neither just get Jabra cheaper and more cost effective on sound quality

    • hearded something about better codec support on XM3 while multi device support in XM4, can't remember exactly, I only have a XM3

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        Xm3 has aptX support. Xm4 does not. So, if you have an Android device, xm3 is better. For iPhone owners, xm4 is better.

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          I got LDAC on Android, so there is no much difference I think. I use this with Windows 10 and I am not sure about the codec it uses with my Edimax 7611 BT dongle

        • LOL. Iphones only support AAC and SBC. theres no difference if the xm3 support Aptx

          • @zjz93: That's right. But xm4 has better anc and multi device pairing. So, for iPhone users, xm4 is better.

            • @h2g2: That's true. I might have misunderstood you. Thought you meant that xm3 would be better due to the extra codec.

    • At this price XM3 no brainer

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      I've got both the XM3/XM4

      XM4 has this super annoying noise cancelling issue where opening doors makes a whooshing noise.

      XM4 has had quality control issues for me, having to return multiple sets (static noise issues).

      XM3 has been very good, had multiple pairs and recommend to everyone. $199 is a great prie.

      • How have you had multiple pairs of XM3s, let alone multiple both XM3 and XM4?

        I have XM3s from mid 2019 still going strong after daily use for most since then.

      • Why would you be wearing noise cancelling earphones when walking through doors? Wouldn't you want some kind of situational awareness?

    • Thanks everyone for your inputs. Ordered one.

  • Don’t forget extra $10 when purchasing AZ gift cards and paying via master card.

    • I panicked and missed it, I got this early access for prime and just ordered from phone and tried to post here

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    Dagnabbit…. I went for the $249 one.

    • get this and cancel $249 one, did the same

      • Mines already shipped and out for delivery. Is that still possible? Without seeming all douchy to the deliver driver by not accepting it etc.

        • Return it, even if you have to pay return postage you'd still be saving almost $40

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          Contact live chat and explain situation. I've had the difference refunded before. If one rep doesn't want to do it, try again.

          • @dreamstation: Keep in mind they have a record of previous chats too lol

            • @OCD Completionist: Doesn't matter? If one doesn't give you what you want, try another. I've done that before and succeeded. I mean if you ordered something and now it's $50 cheaper and you still haven't received it you should be refunded the extra.

              • @dreamstation: I've done this numerous times, it's a hit and miss depending on the rep. YMMV

                Have had much better luck contacting Amazon after hours and speaking with the 'ethnic' reps, the Aussie ones seem really up themselves and literally want you to kiss their feet before they even just think about it

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            @dreamstation: I just tried this and they told me they couldn't refund the difference. They just had me purchase again and refund once the first one arrives, lol

      • Aaaaand their gone.
        Thanks for the help.

        The Amazon guy was the same as below, wouldn't refund the diff, but was happy to cancel (too late, or let me chase refund after).

  • This is a great price I remember paying $550 for my XM1’s and being happy with my purchase.

    Before anyone asks I never had any of the issues reported with them but I only used them once for an overseas trip and never used them again, so they only got maybe 30-40 hours of light use.

    • The first and 2nd gen were prone to cracking. Thought mine was in the clear but after about 2 years they cracked. Sony was of no help so ended up forking out $40 and replacing the plastic part myself.

  • 5% cashback on shopback

    • I hope mine tracks

      • $9.05 tracked, noice.
        Also got the $10 prime credit.

  • How do these compare to XM4 or the Bose QC45?

  • I paid $250 brand new for my XM3's and I love them, they are comfortable, ANC is great and they sound awesome, especially after messing with the Sony app. The only complaint I have is that when no music is playing the ANC emits a very quiet white noise like the sound of the ocean in the background. But its really quiet and doesn't bother me much. For $199 new this is a no brainer.

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      I use it daily with my PC and got for $209 from Sony Seconds deal, ANC is great and can't even hear missus, this one is for her so she can work without my noise, lol

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      My unit is dead silent, no white noise. But I had a pair of AKG's that did have a static and it drove me insane, especially because sometimes I just have the headphones on without any audio playing. I reckon it might be a defect

      • Yeah I'm not sure, people on reddit have the same issue so I just accepted that maybe it was part of the deal.

  • +1

    Just got an offer from AMEX, shop $100 or more get back $20 twice for the following retailers: Amazon, JB, Kogan and HN. Limited to the first 40,000

    • do you need to do 2 x $100 transactions for the $40, or if you do 1x $200 they will give you $40 do you think?

      • It’s 2 x 100, so using 200 in the one go will only get you back 20

        • Yep just found the other thread saying GV will count
          So if I buy 2 x discounted GC (3%) for $100 each should be sweet

          • @cam83: Is that via SB? Because I’ll also do the same!

            • @MR-AM: I get them through AMMI/Suncorp rewards

  • What's the mic like on these?

    • I haven't tried it to be honest but from the reviews I read before purchasing its not great.

    • Better off buying a TRRS mic and connecting directly to your PC or phone with a cable.

    • Mic is not good.

    • ditto. unless you have a mic preamp, its barely useable for calling, receiving or using it for voice chat, either that or talk in a very quiet place.

      • Thanks all, for listening during my commute and poosibly be able to take calls while walking down the street, am I better to go with Bose?

        • Yeah if it's not windy outside, otherwise the other person would just be hearing the wind and not your voice. I have no experience with bose so I can't comment on them, other then them being supposedly more comfortable to wear.

  • Hi, can you use these with the ps5 instead of the pulse ones?

    • yes but would you want to miss out on the Tempest engine?

  • Ahh, I was holding out for the Bose 700! Should I just get these instead?! panic intensifies

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      At this price…. Absolutely pull the trigger. The XM3's will not disappoint (source: I have owned a pair for a year).

    • +1

      same here, hang in there

  • Are the earcups on these replaceable. I tend to replace ear ups quite often for hygiene purposes

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      They sure are. There's cheapo ones on eBay, officials ones from sony and even expensive saude 3rd party ones too.

    • Yes they are. Mine were no longer sealing after a couple years of heavy daily use and I replaced them with some I found online. Found I had to spend $50+ for decent quality ones though.

      • Any recommendations? Which one did you buy?

        • Unfortunately I can't seem to find or remember where I ordered them from. Sorry!

    • Yup

    • isopropyl alcohol. spray some of that and clean off with some tissue paper.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Was waiting to get Bose QC 35 II deal.
    Looks like, there isn't any.

    Pulled trigger!!

  • Damn, like an idiot I bought them at 249 yesterday

    I can't cancel that order now but Amazon rep told me to just order again and return the first pair.

    What's the chances if I just use the first pair and return the second pair as the $249 pair they'll notice? Just because I'm an impatient bastard.

    • Contact chat again and say no you aren't going to return the first ones they are the same item. Tell them you want the difference refunded. If one doesn't do it, try again.

      • Already placed the order but I guess I can try until they ship the lightning deal one?

  • Cheers OP snagged one

  • Finally time to replace the MDR-100ABN (which was a precursor to the original 1000XM) after 3 sets of earpads and a new battery. Thanks OP!

  • Was waiting for a Black Friday deal on these. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks for listing this one out along with the positive comments as it's music to my ears, made me pull the trigger on this one, looking forward to enjoying better sounds :)

  • Niice. My Bose headphones carked it yesterday. Couldn't be better timing, arriving on Sunday too. Happy days

    • I had a pair of QC 35 II when they were released and they randomly stopped working.. my XM2's however, used much more frequently is surprisingly way more durable.

      • Yeh I had the QC 35 ii also. Really like them but yeh the left speaker slowly died now they're cooked.
        Two work colleges have MX3's and rave about them, I love to mess around with eq settings.
        Hoping these at least last longer than 2 years.

        • XM2 has lasted me from 2017 :D might have scrathes here and there from me throwing it onto the table etc but it works like the day I got them!!

  • +1

    All gone. Glad I bought first and thought later :)

  • +1

    Been waiting for a while to get these, at this price I am one happy camper. Having tried a friends for two days I did not want to give them back as I was playing through my LG V50 which has a DAC that just lifts the music to a new level.
    Thank you so Much OP…Blah Blah Blah .. Blah

  • None left.

  • Waitlisted :(

  • +1

    Don't know what I even bought. Buy now, research later.

    With the Amazon $10 Mastercard promo, did we need to enter a code or is it automatic once you pay with Mastercard?

    • Automatic

    • +1

      You bought a great pair of headphones, very popular for good reason.

  • Awesome, been waiting on a deal on XM3s or XM4s :)

  • Cheers buddy, I grabbed a pair! awesome price!

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    Its back on I got one!

  • +1

    Curious, what do people do with this headphone? Using it for music , or..? I sometimes find its hard to concentrate while studying in front of computer , so will this one meet my needs ? Not a fan to wear headphone all the time ,, thanks

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