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Glorious Model O Minus Wired Matte Black $59 & Free Shipping @ PC Case Gear


PCcasegear have a 25% off Black Friday sale on Glorious stuff at the moment. Great deal if you've got a mouse bungee and don't like the Orochi V2 shape. Free shipping on Glorious mice at the moment as well. Link to sale

The wireless minus models don't seem to be part of the sale.

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  • No model d wireless either unfortunately.

    Can't work out which to choose. I think I palm grip so I assume the model D will be the best for that

    • Don't think even the actual glorious website had the wireless D on sale.

      And I cancelled the rest of my order because postage ended up being like $45-55USD

  • +5

    definitely go wireless for an extra $40.


  • Have used a few razer and logi mice. The Model O is definitely up there amkngst my favourite.

  • the swiss cheese of mice, but how does it taste?

  • +1

    Bought it for 90$ a while back. the wireless version was not introduced back then. The shape is great and the cable is very light. Trust me, you won't notice there is a cable dragging with it even without a bungee.

    Anyway, Im not impressed with its build quality. can hear some squeaks here and there when pressing side buttons.

    Model O- has the lowest back bump compared to any mouse. Something to consider if you are a claw gripper.

    This is a great tool if you want an idea how it looks like.

    • I fingertip a G102, I guess the hump is irrelevant to someone like me. Would you say the weight difference is a game changer or anything?

      • +1

        Yes weight reduction will be pretty noticable at first. But "Shape" is the most important factor if you are trying to improve in games IMO. I changed to Model O- from a Logitech 305 (similar shape to 102) . O- is noticeably longer and thinner than 305. But this is a good thing if you have narrow hands. My hands are wider (19x10.5cm)

        102 has angled sides its so easy to fingertip, especially when lifting. you will find it a little difficult to fingertip the O- at first because it's longer. it touches the end of my palm.

        After trying it for 2 weeks I decided not to use it as my main. (I perform better with My Deathadder V2 mini claw gripping and 305 fingertip-claw) Technically O- is the better mouse with better switches and sensor. but the shape is more important than other factors.

        • Good info, thanks

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