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Apple Carplay Wireless Adapter $124.95 ($100 off) Delivered @ CDPLAY2air


CPLAY2air adapter. I have used this for over 12 months in my KIA and it’s great.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Works well in my 2019 VW Tiguan too!

    • I have the same car so I am contemplating this. But I have always wondered what the WLAN setting is used for and i thought it may have been for wireless car play eventually..

  • Shame seems 2015 Nissan Pathfinder isn’t supported

    • Supported by what ?
      Wireless CarPlay or any CarPlay at all ?

      • This item particularly. If I plug iPhone in it works (albeit not great)

  • Just FYI there is a lag while using this (something I didn’t consider while moving away from a wired connection) not a dealbreaker if you want to move away from connecting all the time

    • Care to elaborate? Much of a lag?

      • It is noticeable. For example if you skip a song through steering wheel it take a second or two to change. Small stuff like this

        • Interesting.
          Not sure if this is the same with this model.p, but a review I saw online showed a 30 second lag to connection one you start your card. Both for wired and wireless operation.

          Anyone know if this one has these type of issues¿

          • @FredAstair: Mine connects between 8-25sec, mainly at lower end of time, delay is ~1sec when changing songs
            Worth the money, works well on 2020 Skoda Superb Scout

            • @mdcsooty: 25 seconds.
              Wow. Even 8 seconds sounds too long for me tbh

      • Almost unnoticeable and completely usable for me Hyundai Santa Fe

  • +1

    not bad for price. works ok with my rav4 hybrid.

    I have some disconnect, connecting issues time to time.

    updated version with 5ghz wifi is available for same price from aliexpress

    AU $108.81 41% Off | Carlinkit 3.0 Apple CarPlay Wireless Dongle Activator For Audi Proshe Benz VW Volvo Toyota IOS 14 Plug And Play Car MP4 MP5 Play

    • I got this instead of carplay2air but I bought it direct from CarLinkit.. You can swap the cable which is its second best feature allowing you to mix and match according to your layout needs. Wireless carplay in your brand new car with a wired entertainment system being the best of course. It can definitely be set up with at least five iPhones. Maybe more.

      It is not as good as my aftermarket wireless carplay Kenwood head unit in my other older car where you can swap out the head unit. Vast improvement all around. It takes about 50% more time to sync, more than another block down the street in travel. Or thirty five seconds compared with twenty two seconds. It doesn’t seem a lot but it is.

      Once it is up and running its fine though.

      The other problem is sometimes it gets hung up and doesn’t connect to the phone. This is resolved by simply unplugging the box from the car’s USB port and plugging it back in again. The kenwood always connects.

      Carlinkit it also has a Black Friday sale but it isn’t worth a post as it is only 5%. https://carlinkitcarplay.com/products/carlinkit-wireless-ada...

      Normal price is about $140 and so not much of a saving.

      • Given price wasn’t an issue, which one would you say is best?

        • I haven’t used a carplay2air. There are comparisons on line that give the guernsey to carlinkit 2.0 or 3.0. But I suspect that is mostly due to the removable USBc cable

          Or if you meant the kenwood, it is streets better. Also around $1k installed though.

  • $100 off? blah, look on ebay, i paid less than this months ago, for $100 i dunno why new cars don't have this as a standard feature…

    • agree, don't think this is a bargain as it's available everyday for this price or lower

  • Android at $154.95 -> https://cplay2air.com/products/carplay2air-wireless-adapter-...
    But as mentioned above on Ebay there are adapters that will do both Apple and Android for $75

    • Android Auto via cable??

      • I have been cabled using Android Auto in both my Mitsi and Subaru …. would be nice to go wireless

  • +1

    Horrible company to deal with support wise.

  • Was only looking at these the other day when looking at MagSafe charging options for wife’s car (incidentally any recommendations). Reviews seemed fairly good but wife is pretty intolerant of glitchy devices so wasn’t sure if was worth the hassle :)

  • Thanks OP, have been considering this for a while

  • +1

    any cheaper option?

    • the under 50 is wired version.

      wireless is around $60.

  • Supports 2018-2021 Mazda only?
    Has anyone tried this on 2014 BM Mazda3 with factory CarPlay installation? Wondering if there actually is a limitation on which models or not.

    • +1

      I have installed on mazda 6 2015

  • I have a Korean after market Apple CarPlay unit in my car.
    I wouldn’t bother with going wireless as it may not be compatible

    • These devices work fine with my 2021 Santa Fe Highlander screen.

  • +2

    I used one of these for about 12 months and can confirm there is a lag. It is most noticeable on things like Siri, which becomes a masterclass in frustration.. For just normal music/podcasts etc, it is OK

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    I use one in my 2019 RAV4 with my iPhone and find it works perfectly. No lag whatsoever, just a little slow to connect, sometimes. Mostly connects by the time I reverse out of my driveway.

  • They are coming up regularly on my Facebook feed as I've been looking for one for our Mazdas. The comments section is often full of unhappy users complaining of excess lag and connectivity issues and it gets cleaned up by the mods then respammed :-D
    I've got a couple of Mazda's (2019 CX-8 and 2020 - '3' - different generation infotainment screens and firmware) if anyone else has any 'genuine' Mazda feedback I would love to hear about it :-)

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