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eBay Flash Sale: 16% Cashback Without Code, 10% Cashback With Selected Codes ($20 Cap Per Customer) @ ShopBack


Hey everyone,

Cyber Monday is finally here & to wrap up all the Cashback craziness, we've organised a massive Flash Sale with eBay!
It will be our final Flash Sale of the day, starting at 7PM AEDT with Up to 16% Cashback on offer!

Please be sure to have a read over the info below as I've tried to answer all the possible questions I could think of :)

9:20am update:
We now have recieved approval on the following codes: PLBF20 / PLBFSS / APBF25. (Original coupon post)
eBay have advised us that the code APBF25 could end earlier than expected, but as long as the code is visible on their site, it will be eligible for 10% Cashback.


Cashback Info

Offer: Up to 16% Cashback at eBay Australia:

  • 10% Cashback on Orders using any of the following Promo Codes: "PLBF20", "PLBFSS" or "APBF25".
  • 16% Cashback on Orders with No Promo Code.

Dates: Monday 29th Nov 2021 7PM-11PM AEDT.
Cashback Cap $20 Per Customer.

GYB's Notes:

  • You can use our eBay Gift Cards to pay for your order, and still be eligible for the Upsized Cashback Rate.
  • You cannot use any other promo codes (besides the one listed) to earn the 10% Cashback rate.
  • The use of any other Promo Code not listed on the eBay Merchant Page will cause your Cashback to be invalidated, as usual.
  • The $20 Cap Per Customer can be spread out across multiple orders if you wish.
  • Calculations for Maximum Cashback:
    Min. Spend with No Promo Code: $125 (excluding GST)
    Min. Spend with one of the Listed Promo Codes: $200 after discount (excluding GST)


  • Items with Best Offer accepted prices and Auctions are NOT eligible for Cashback.
  • Cashback Not Eligible for Gift card purchases, Charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Coins, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Travel & Purchases from Coles on eBay.
  • If anything from within a basket is unpaid, exchanged or returned, Cashback for the whole basket will be declined.
  • Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras.
  • Only purchases made through eBay Australia will earn Cashback.
  • Cashback is valid when Gift Cards are used as a payment method.
  • ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback.
  • If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites).
  • Return to ShopBack and click through to eBay Australia every time you are making a new transaction.
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited.

New to ShopBack?

Have a question/issue? Send an email to [email protected] or DM me directly and we'll help sort it out.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4049)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • So clarify how this works:

    Codes will only show up on items from 7PM.

    If the item that I want displays a possible coupon code of "PLBF20", "PLBFSS" or "APBF25".

    Then I will get 10% ontop cashback ontop of whatever discount ebay gives me at checkout?

    If there are no codes or coupons used, shopback will give me 10% cashback for all purchases between 7-11PM

    Sorry if this has been asked

    • +1

      Almost bang on, except:

      "If there are no codes or coupons used, shopback will give me 10% cashback for all purchases between 7-11PM"

      We will be giving 16% on orders with no promo codes :)

      • Yes sorry was meant to type 16%.

  • still don't know what to buy.

    • +15

      If you have to ask.. save your money

  • Hi gotyourback, please reply 😅

    • +1

      Oop, sorry I missed that!
      Will do now :)

  • +2

    So paying majority with Ebay cards (with 3% back) and small portion with Afterpay (to get the APBF25 code) will work and track?

  • +1

    well this is starting too late, the stuff io wanted in now out of stock.

  • Hi there Shopoff ! do you guys allow the code SHO50FF? for 5% off ebay plus

    • No we do not, only the codes listed in the deal post :)

  • let’s see if it tracks…

    • Please give eBay up to 7 days for tracking.
      If any issues, please reach out to me via DMs.

      • Hi GYB,

        How long for first choice tracking normally please?


        • +1

          Up to 48 hours :)

  • Ordered, hoping for fast tracking. :)
    Some of the orders still pending for tracking.

  • Got (this Fluke 15B+)[https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/202625400062] for $102. If shopback works out, It should only cost $91. Chinese version. No warranty. But, I trust fluke.

    • The brackets are the other way around for formating.

      • Oops. Now I can't edit :D

  • Let's hope it tracks.
    I purchased something from First liquor earlier this afternoon and hasn't tracked yet.

  • +1

    Got some Melbourne Moonshine Apple Whiskey

  • +2

    Remember to watch out for price jacking with the APBF25 code.

    I was looking for a 5950x CPU but it is actually cheaper to buy from a seller with the PLBFSS code (max $100 off) rather than the APBF25 code (max $300 off).
    You can get it for $979 from Computer Alliance with the code PLBFSS but the cheapest with the APBF25 code is only $999 from the seller gg.tech365


    • The other thing is that Afterpay needs to have some portion of the value, so you can only use your recently obtained free or discounted gift cards for a portion of your total order, not the whole sum of it.

  • Any recommendations for a quality charger for all the recent eneloops…

    Can't tell which charger to get or which is real / includes an AC adapter (was looking at various liitokala lii 500)

    • I can recommend Xtar VC4S.
      Had Liitokala before and it overheated and died with minimal use.

  • +1

    if only this was uncapped

  • I am so paranoid. Does paying with Paypal via eBay app make the "arrow to go back to shopback" disappear?

    • It should be fine :)

  • Hi GYB,
    Quick question, the seller is offering an automatic discount if purchase the same item more than one (its automatically applied at check-out)
    Will this invalidate the cashback?

    • +1

      If it's an automatic code, then it will invalidate Cashback.

  • mission accomplished! now waits for tracking.

  • Calculations:
    Min. Spend with No Promo Code: $137.5 (inclusive of GST)
    Min. Spend with one of the Listed Promo Codes: $275 before discount / $220 after discount (inclusive of GST)

    I don't get this, unless it's buying from overseas sellers that's the calculation?
    eBay cashback never calculates pre-gst for local purchases.

    So i bought $125 worth from EB games eBay, i get $20 cashback yes?

    • +1

      Oh you're right!
      Sorry I forgot about this.
      Let me update.

  • how long does it take to track the transaction?

    • +1

      eBay can take up to 7 days to track.

  • Some sellers offer discounts if you buy more than 1 automatically. Does this qualify for cashback? I cant even buy it at full price unless i make 2 seperate transactions

    • +1

      That'll be fine, as long as it's not an automatic discount code 😊

      • but it is automatic.
        i thought the No No is if we enter manually a code that not approved

        so ?

  • +8

    Just a warning guys - eBay can sometimes take a while to "process" orders and report a later time to ShopBack etc.

    If you're going to take advantage of this offer then I'd try and get your order in well before 11pm.

    I got caught out on Friday - I placed my order before the 23:59 deadline (the PayPal email confirms this) and the onscreen message confirmed that my order was being processed.

    About 10 minutes later (by this point Saturday) I got an email from eBay stating that the email was "confirmed". The date/time shown in my eBay (and reported to ShopBack) was the time of confirmation i.e. the Saturday. As a result I didn't qualify for the bonus cashback!

  • After clicking on the link on ShopBack app, it opens the eBay app but goes to a page that doesn’t load. I can hit back and go to another tab but am worries it won’t track because the page did not load. Does that matter? Or just the click of the link on the ShopBack app is enough?

    • I'm trying to replicate this on my phone, but all the links are working?
      Can I ask what link you're using to get this error?

      Also, as long as you land on the eBay homepage from our app you should be sweet.

      • +1

        I hit Continue to App and it opens the eBay app. But the eBay homepage doesn’t load

        • That's odd.
          Mine is working fine, and it seems to be an isolated issue.

          Could it possibly be a weak internet connection?

          • @gotyourback: Doing the same thing on my other iPhone. Internet connection is ok. Tried wifi and cellular. Maybe something happening in WA. I’ve jumped on the laptop and it’s working there so all good

          • @gotyourback: Getting same issue.

            Click on icon on ShopBack app. Takes me to eBay app but icon is just spinning and nothing shows up.

            Can I just ignore that and go to my profile page and then click back to home tab in the app?

      • Mine does the same. It lands on eBay app and I just get the spining load icon. I even uninstalled ebay app. Same thing. I resorted to using the computer

  • How long does it take after clicking shopback to hitting buy, for it to count? I struggled a bit in the check out area (due to afterpay)…. clicked at 7:04 but didn't make the purchase until half an hr later. Will that be an issue?

    • That shouldn't be an issue.
      If it doesn't track within 7 days, submit a claim and we'll sort it out.

      • thanks. cheers

    • I had the same problem with Afterpay, so had to clear it all and do the whole purchase again starting from Shopback. Hopefully it tracked!

  • Damn, my cart has items from different currencies. The checkout process done one batch for each currency.

    Do I have to reactivate the ShopBack tracking for each batch?

    Edit: re-doing for each currency just to be safe

    • +1

      Yeah best to do that :)

  • Order in and stacked with the $5 bonus for $30 spend that I joined a couple days ago, cheers OP

  • If Dell already has promo code on eBay, can I use this on the top of it?

    • +1

      Nope, only the codes listed are eligible.

  • @gotyourback I'm a bit confused with the T&C?

    Just saw this one the shopback website.

    "Cashback With the Use of "PLBF20", "PLBFSS" and "APBF25" Coupon [Capped at $20 Cashback, 1 transaction per customer. Valid for Orders Placed Between 7pm and 11pm AEDT]"

    Does that mean, it will only be tracked once? One transaction per person?

    But under GYB's notes it said "The $20 Cap Per Customer can be spread out across multiple orders if you wish."

    • +1

      Lol you beat me to the same question.


      • great (bargin hunting) minds think alike lol

    • +1

      Hey, sorry for the delay.
      It's definitely eligible across multiple transactions, but maximum $20 across all of them combined.

  • +1

    The Cashback Rates page says

    Cashback Without the Use of Coupons [Capped at $20 Cashback, 1 transaction per customer. Valid for Orders Placed Between 7pm and 11pm AEDT]


    1 transaction per customer

    However, it says in your post that

    The $20 Cap Per Customer can be spread out across multiple orders if you wish.

    Can you clarify that there can be multiple transactions?

    • Replies above :)

  • Op can you please answer this question?

    Just to confirm, if I purchase an item for its "Buy it now" price and it also has the option of a "Best offer" is that item ineligible for cashback?

    • +1

      Sorry, I thought I already responded earlier - my bad.

      Yes it is eligible when you purchase at the "Buy it Now" price.

      • Thank you! Didn't expect to receive a response this late, but you came through!

        • No worries :)

  • After spending amount to earn the $20 cashback are further eBay purchases attracting any cashback or is 0%?

    • Not until after the Flash Sale ends :)

  • Can the $40 eBay plus subscription voucher be used together with this? Cos it’s not loaded on the gift card section but on the voucher code section. Will it conflict with this promotion?

    • That promo will likely invalidate any eligible Cashback.
      I would advise against using it.

      • that's sad :(
        it's impossible to use $40 then, as it conflicts with everyone lol.
        anyway I'll give it a try or otherwise the $40 voucher will expire. Hope it could track

  • wife convinced me to spend on a new dreame vac, lets hope this tracks! I know to wait GYB :)

  • can i make multiple transactions? but capped at $20 per customer correct?

    • Correct :)

  • +1

    Minimum spend $137.5? What does this mean I'm confused

    • to get the cap $20 cashback,

      • $125 x 16% = $20

        • 125 ex GST = 137.5 inc GST

          • @ATangk:

            137.5 inc GST

            only for overseas purchases with GST added

            • @wekimekigugudan: Local purchases have GST added already in price.

              • +1

                @ATangk: eBay doesn't calculate pre-gst for cashback for local purchases

                $125 local purchase will be $20 cashback.

  • so if i want to stack with ebay's promo get $10 gift card on $90 spend offer,
    if i have multiple items in cart some eligible with PLBF20 code, some not (but when i tick the code, it applies),
    can SB system sort this all out ?

    • +1

      Just buy them separately, the eBay GC promo can be spread across multiple transactions.

      • Spend $90+. Spend $90 or more across eBay.com.au before 14 December.^
        ^Includes multiple transactions, excludes shipping costs & returns.

        oh ya… till 14 dec !

  • Bought from Vinomofo and using Ebay app but still not tracking yet. Paid with gift card and using PLBF20 code.

    I don't see any T&C about minimum spend in Shopback, so why GYB listed here? I just spent $189 before code.

    Am I missing cashback?

    • minimum spend to hit cap. i.e. maximum spend for value.

    • Sorry for any confusion, I've updated the listing to make it clear what those calculations were for.

      • youve written

        Min. Spend with No Promo Code: $137.5 (excluding GST)
        Isnt this including GST? It should be $125 ex gst.

        • Oh I see what you mean, I didn't update the calc.
          I'll do that now.

  • I pressed pay accidentally before entering the PLBF10 code and had to cancel my first order. Bought everything again. Would Shopback be able to pick up the second order and give me cash back?

      • You cannot use any other promo codes (besides the one listed) to earn the 10% Cashback rate.
      • Sorry, that was a typo, I was meant to type "PLBF20" which is a listed code to earn the 10% Cashback rate. Would Shopback be able to pick up the second order and give me Cashback?

  • Cinema room curtains ordered :) hopefully this tracks well

    • in more ways than one ;)

  • @gotyourback Are signup vouchers considered gift cards or coupon codes?

  • ok done
    made 1 item purchase in 1 transactions,
    each time start from shopback.com.au
    total 6 transactions (some using PLBF20 some not).
    paid with ebay giftcard and paypal.
    spent $92.99 (not including gst, shipping, or PLBF20 vouchers)

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