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Ryobi 36V 4.0ah Battery 2 Pack ( 2 x 4.0ah) $299 @ Bunnings


Go easy on a me as i am a first time poster / long time lurker, but i was in Bunnings on the weekend and saw some cards advertising a 2 pack of 36V Batteries for $299. I didn't think much about it and i didnt take a picture, but the hubby said it seemed like a great deal when I got home. I decided to check the price of a single battery on Ryobi's site. It wasnt on the Bunnings site when i checked. A single 36v 4.0ah pack is $249 ! Seems like a bargain to get a second battery for only $50, and appears to be widely available in Vic. We have had their mower for a few years and brushless whipper snipper and love them, but one pack seems to be on its last legs and is out of warranty so we decided to take the plunge. You definitely can use the extra packs when lazy and let the grass get too long.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Its always weird how they price their batteries. Often its always better to buy a kit of a tool that you can add to your collection. I was going to buy an 18V skin only Jet blower the other day and then when i went to just buy the Battery and Charger it was $149. It was only an extra $50 if i bought it as part of a Kit. I will wait for another bargain kit to pop-up to mainly get an extra battery but also an extra tool for the collection.

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      Yea, a 36V 4.0Ah batter + charger alone sells for 299, while the 36V powerhead kit with the same battery and charger is also 299. So, if you just want the battery, buy the kit and sell the rest.

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      Something to be wary of is that they are now selling HP tools but don't provide you with HP batteries in the kit (6 or 9 amp), you'll get a normal 4 amp battery.

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    Just on the topic of Ryobi 36v range, I got a good tip on the weekend when I was buying the 46cm lawnmower 5.0ah kit.

    They have the 5.0ah kit for $629. If you search around the different bunnings though there is a new version with a bigger battery (6.0ah), bigger catcher (60L) and apparently slightly improved design for the battery holder (old one couldn't even fit a 6.0ah). It rings up at the same price and is listed as the same product.

    To spot one of the new kits, look out for one with the new packaging (Black background, white letters for the logo, much more minimal design). It'll say on the box that it has the new specs.

    Hope that helps someone, I had to try 3 different Bunnings to find one after the shop assistant in the first one gave me the heads up.

    • Do you have a picture or link? It may be time to get a new mower!
      Is it this one?
      Ryobi site says "Coming Soon" and $699 :(

  • Will the battery deteriorate over time if i don't use them and just hoard them in my shed? I alreayd have 2 36v batteries but thought of getting this in case one of them starts to lose its charge.

    • One of mine just died after 2yrs 5mo, just refused to do anything, so yeah have jumped on this deal to keep me stocked :)

      • Did the battery just die and you hardly use it? I don't want to buy them and just hoard them and a few years down the road find out they no longer work. Plus the warranty may be over by then.

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          Found this in the manual from the one i purchased. I hope this helps.

          RYOBI battery packs have been designed to provide
          maximum trouble-free life. However, like all batteries, they
          will eventually wear out. Do not disassemble battery pack
          and attempt to replace the battery cells. Handling of these
          batteries, especially when wearing rings and jewelry, could
          result in a serious burn.
          To obtain the longest possible battery life, follow these
          storage instructions:
          ■ Remove the battery pack from the charger once it is fully
          charged and ready for use.
          ■ For battery pack storage longer than 30 days:
          ● Store the battery pack where the temperature is
          below 38°C and away from moisture.
          ● Store battery packs in a 30–50% charged condition.
          ● Every six months of storage, run the battery with
          a tool until cut off by pack’s program control. Then
          charge the pack as normal.

          • @GoHawksGo: With the one plus batteries I just got two superchargers for my 8 or so one plus batteries so i didnt have to do the above.

            However my Mower battery I use when I need to mow and generally charge them up fully before leaving them.

            Their instructions are stupid, how the hell do I get them to 30%-50% what do they want me to do mow other peoples lawns?

        • I use them regularly as i have a mower, hedge trimmer, line trimmer and blower vac,

          Yeah mine was out fo the 2yr warranty unfortunately :( and yeah it just died

          • @devilzAngelz: check again i think it 3 years, go swap for new one, i swap mine when ever it fail :-) . ryobi / bunnings have an excellent warranty service that why i buy them .. tool 6years (when registered) and battery 3 years

            • @huu: Hey mate, thanks very much, i did notice this on the new box that i got today, however my first set is an older version, and it was only 2 years, not 3, this 3 year thing only applied to the newer models.

              i've also tried going to bunnos and showed it to the guys there and they said, yeah that particular model was only 2 years.

              i could be wrong, but too late now, i've disposed of the old one that's dead :(

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                @devilzAngelz: We also had an old battery with rubber on the outside of the battery, which was 2 year warranty. The newer batteries seem better and have the longer warranty, an added bonus to this deal IMO.

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      If you are not planning to use them now, its best to wait until you need them as they will degrade over time even when not used. Or do what GoHawksgo has written. Read about Li Ion batteries, if maintained properly, can last for a long time though.

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      If you already have batteries, then buy these and just start using them alongside your existing batteries right now.
      Each time you take out a tool, grab the NEXT battery and keep cycling around…

  • Thanks OP, got myself a pair :) Cheers,

  • Hey mate which 36v whipper snipper did you get? I need one but not sure which one to get as there's a few with different names. I just want a basic snipper to reach the edges where my mower can't hit.

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