Good Value Sim Only Mobile Plan for Huawei Y6s (4G) $20-25 Per Month?

Upgraded very old phone with this Y6s and now need a medium size plan. Have been on TPG but im noticing that theyre rates arent as competitive as before?
also noticing quite a few complaints in re: service…so im totally out of the loop on current providers and mobile tech in general. whos good & who should i sign up with?

also was this phone an ok purchase for $150? i just need 4G and mainly will be using it for browing, youtube, streaming audio services etc. will it do the job?
will running Android 9.0 (Pie), EMUI 9.1 be an issue / do i need to upgrade to 10/11 before using the phone..? cheers for any advice


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    Just scour the grocery stores for the cheapest. If you got time on your hand then you pay around 15% of normal advertised rates.

    • so aldi coles woolies? any eg. of good deals currently available?

      • any store, once I had GRL and never knew what it meant. Saved me heaps!

        • GRL?

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            @franco cozzo: stood for girl mobile but gone. Lebara was easiest to transfer number, voda the hardest.

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    Woolworths Mobile 20GB $25 p/m (Telstra Wholesale network). Includes data banking up to 300GB + 10% off one shop every month (after 45 days of linking an Everyday Rewards Card).

    $25 cashback if you sign up through CashRewards

    You could also use my referral code which gives us both a $20 WISH gift card. DM if interested.

    • that seems exxy considering that i can get 45gb for $25 or 25gb for $20 from tpg

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        Depends on how much you spend at WW I guess. One shops savings could potentially pay for your phone plan that month.

        • oh so another 10% off at woolies…didnt know they do this. so $10 off a month on a $100 shop? something to consider…

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